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West Alabama Gazette: Clash At City Hall — Police Chief Questions Mayor On Ordinance

Millport Police Chief  Charles White

Millport Police Chief
Charles White

By Wayne Moody
Gazette Staff

MILLPORT — The Millport Town Council met Monday night for a regular meeting with several items on the agenda.
Following approval of the minutes of the last meeting and accounts payable, the Yellow Dot Program was discussed. Citizens are urged to go by city hall and pick up a form, fill it out and have their picture taken. The applicant will then be given a sleeve to put the information in and their picture will be on it. It can be put in the rear window of their vehicle. In case of emergency, this will alert emergency personnel of their medical history.
When Mayor Icie Wriley asked for departmental reports, Police Chief Charles White said, “I don’t have anything, really, other than what me and you discussed on the phone today, about a problem with Earl Shaw. I had a vehicle towed today and apparently I did an ordinance wrong. You told me I lie to you all the time, which I don’t lie to  anyone about anything. I don’t have any reason to lie and also you said I was still doing things wrong. I would like to know what I lie about and what I do wrong.”
Wriley responded, “Well, I talked to him (Shaw) and I discussed the ordinance. He was under the impression that he had been banned from doing business with the town and I assured him that he was not. I explained to him the problem with the current situation.”
“What was the problem with the current situation,” White asked. “I stopped a guy who had three misdemeanor warrants with me, three felony warrants from Pickens County and I also charged him with a felony charge today. This guy was in this vehicle. The owner was 25 miles away. I don’t have time to sit on the road when I’m having trouble out of a person like that.”
Wriley responded by saying, “The problem is you didn’t follow the ordinance.”
White asked, “What does the ordinance say?”
‘You have a copy of it,” said Wriley.
“I understand that, but I must not understand what it says,” said Chief White.
“It’s been recorded and taken care of,” Wriley replied.
“So you can’t give me any answer” asked White. “What am I suppose to be lying to you about? What am I still doing wrong?”
“I didn’t say you were lying to me,” Wriley said.
“That’s what Earl Shaw told me you said,” said White
Wriley continued, trying to clarify the situation.
“I explained the situation to Shaw,” she said. “I explained the fact to him that he was the city’s preferred tower. I explained to him that his participation today was no fault of his.”
White said, “So what I’m asking is if I’m doing an ordinance wrong how am I suppose to correct it if I don’t know that I’m doing it the wrong way?”
“Well,” said  Wriley, “We need to review the ordinance and all that it says. White have you got the ordinance? You have a copy of it and I have a copy and we’ll talk about it.”
(The WAG called Earl Shaw Tuesday morning to get his comments. They are as follows: “I was told to return a car I had towed earlier to the city hall. Once there, I asked for payment for two wrecker bills (one for picking it up, one for bringing it back). Mayor Wriley wrote me a personal check for payment but asked me not to cash it until she could bring me a check from the town.”
Shaw said the mayor hold him he is not to be called for towing in the city limits by Chief White until White goes by the rules they lay down for him. Shaw said he was told by Clerk Lynnette Ogden that the car was towed illegally. Wayne Moody)

In other business the council:
• Heard a Library report by Linda Ferguson who said the library took in $160 from the sale of books. They are gong to donate the rest of the sale books to the Berry Library.
• Heard a Street Dept. report from Kyle Shaw. Among other things included on his report was cutting the walking track and park, patching a hole on Co. Rd. 27, starting the Christmas decorations and assisting the Water Dept. in their work.
• Heard a Water Deptartment report from Robbie McAdams. He reported repair of four water leaks, checked all fire hydrants for leaks, marked valves along all right-of-ways, pulled pumps on Chickasaw Dr. (they were burned up) and bush hogged the lagoon.
• Approved Tax Revenue Enhancement Agreement.
• Approved re-appointment of Joy Rittenberry to the Library Board.
• Approved a quote of $24,000 to replace roof on heavy equipment building. There was only one bid received.
Sheila Gilpin asked to be on the agenda and said she had talked to the Ethics Board. They told her she had every right to speak. She said she has been told to move her bus off city property and that Mayor Wriley had called her boss in Birmingham.
Sheila said she had a meeting with the mayor and clerk Lynnette Ogden and she and Lynnette had words and Lynnette called her a racist. Sheila told Lynnette that she was not a racist, that she drives a school bus and has a daycare and is not a racist.
Wriley told Sheila that she was told to move the bus and that her five minutes to talk had expired.
Sheila told  Wriley she would be back to the next town meeting for another five minutes.
The council meets each second and fourth Monday at 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend.


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