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General Election Tuesday — Absentee Ballots Piling Higher And Higher


Columbus voters will go to the polls Tuesday to determine who will be the city’s mayor for the next four years. On the ballot will be incumbent Robert Smith (D),  Columbus Municipal School Board member Glenn Lautzenhiser ( R ), and business owner Bo Jarrett, who is running as an independent.
Ward 2 incumbent Joseph Mickens (D), will face Republican challenger Susan Mackay in the race for Ward 2 councilman. Mickens defeated Mackay by fewer than 10 votes in 2009. Mackay was the sitting Ward 2 representative at the time of the 2009 election as she filled the spot vacated by the death of her husband, Doug Mackay.
Absentee ballots are a highly coveted item among candidates this year, with more than 200 absentee ballots cast in the May 21 Ward 4 runoff. An additional 196 absentee ballots have been submitted in the upcoming Ward 2 election. They can be cast over the phone, by mail or at the office of City Registrar Brenda Williams.
When asked if the number of absentee ballots (approximately 20 percent of all ballots cast) in the Ward 4 runoff was high, Pamela Weaver, Communications Director for Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman said, “Yes, the number of absentee ballots is high comparatively. Around 5.6 percent was the state average for absentee ballots from the Nov. 6, 2012, general election. In the 2009 Columbus Democratic primary election, 346 voters cast an absentee ballot, with a total voter turnout of 995.  In the 2009 Columbus Republican primary election, 33 voters cast an absentee ballot, with a total voter turnout of 1,130.”
Dr. Marty Wiseman, director of the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development at Mississippi State University, said candidates in recent years have turned to “get out the vote” tactics, which includes paying people to secure absentee ballots.
“People are realizing that it doesn’t matter  many favorable responses you get when they ask for a vote,” Wiseman said. “What matters is getting the votes in the box. When someone tells you you are running a good campaign and they are going to vote for you — you may as well count that as a vote against you. So, a lot of people are now pushing the boxes to get the absentee ballots because until that vote is in your hands, it doesn’t count.”
While absentee ballots in the Ward 4 runoff were allegedly going for $20 each, Wiseman said a large number of absentee ballots usually means that someone is getting paid.
“Kemper County had a large number of absentee ballots a few years ago and the people we being paid for them,” Wiseman said. “What happens is the candidate promises a certain amount of money for each absentee vote they are promised. The guy goes out and usually watches the person vote and then drops the ballot in the mail. Then, he gets paid from the candidate. When you have an usually large number of absentee ballots, people are usually paying someone to get those votes.”
While getting out the vote isn’t an illegal process, Wiseman said the need for absentee ballots could be eliminated in the future.
“We are one of the last states to not have early voting,” Wiseman said. “It would stop the gathering of large numbers of absentee ballots because people could vote earlier. You could even eliminate the need for absentee votes.”

*The following categories of registered voters are eligible to cast an absentee ballot in Mississippi elections:
1. Members of the Armed Forces, spouses or dependents of such members;
2. Members of the Merchant Marine or the American Red Cross, spouses or dependents of such members;
3. Disabled war veterans who are patients in any hospital, spouses or dependents of such veterans;
4. Civilians attached to any branch of the Armed Forces, Merchant Marine, or American Red Cross and serving outside the United States, spouses or dependents of such civilians;
5. Persons temporarily residing outside the territorial limits of the United States and the District of Columbia;
6. Students, teachers, or administrators whose employment or studies necessitate their absence from their counties of voting residence, spouses or dependents who maintain a common domicile outside the county of voting residence with such students, teachers, or administrators;
7. Persons who will be outside their counties of residence on election day;
8. Persons temporarily or permanently physically disabled;
9. Persons sixty-five (65) years of age or older;
10. Parents, spouses, or dependents of persons having a temporary or permanent physical disability who are hospitalized outside their counties of residence or more than fifty (50) miles away from their residences if the parents, spouses, or dependents will be with such persons on Election Day;
11. Members of the Mississippi Congressional delegation, spouses or dependents of such members;
12. Persons required to be at work on election day during the times at which the polls will be open. (Miss. Code Ann. §§23-15-627 and 713 (1972))

*Courtesy Mississippi Secretary of State Office

The following is a list of City of Columbus absentee voters  for the June 4 Municipal Election.

Bigelow, Jean N          Work
Bishop, Janell C          Outside
Brown, Vanessa              Work
Gardner Breauna         Student
Glenn, Dashonna C     Outside
Hudson, Tamicka R.   Outside
James, Estelle S    Outside
Jones, Irma N    Disability
Jones, Marion C    Disability
Jones, Steven A    Disability
Kennedy, Moody D    Disability
Medore, Janice Egger    Disability
Medore, Sam    Disability
Newell, Charles D    65 or Older
Nicholson, Jessica    Outside
Patel, Kristina P     Student
Sibley, Dan A    Disability
Snapka, Betty K    Disability
St John, Sammie E    Outside
Walker, Gwendolyn    Outside
Wright, Wilda R    Disability
Wright, William H.    Disability
Younger, Sarah H    Disability
Baity, Pearlean    Disability
Baker, Stephanie L.    Outside
Bardley, Wilda Mae    Disability
Barry, Bessie Will    Disability
Bluitt, James Lee    Disability
Body, Carlos Rayshun    Disability
Body, Jessica Renee    Disability
Brooks, Martha    Disability
Brooks, N S    Disability
Buck, Arthur J    Disability
Dismuke, Timothy L.    Outside
Dismukes, Betty Ann    Disability
Dora, Kerry L    Outside
Dora, Michelle L    Outside
Douglas, Mark L.    Outside
Duck, Belvin Lewis    Disability
Eddins, Betty L    Disability
Epps, Jimmy L    Disability
Epps, Winnie    Disability
Farmer, Ella Wee    Disability
Fox, Sugi Kamar    Outside
Friar, Mystic J    Disability
Gavin, Johnnie L    Disability
Golden, Charles    Disability
Golden, Larry D.    Disability
Greenlaw, Mary Lee    Disability
Greenlaw, Sheree M.    Disability
Griffin, Dan H. III    Outside
Griffin, Deandre L    Outside
Griffin, Louise    Disability
Griffin, Nettie    Disability
Gunter, Doris    Disability
Guyton, Demario L    Outside
Guyton, Lecreasher L    Outside
Hairston, Howard    Disability
Hairston, Myrtle    Disability
Harper, Jeffrey D    Disability
Harris, Annie L    Disability
Harris, Chuckey B.    Disability
Harris, Katie Leella    Disability
Harris, Shirley Ann    Outside
Henderson, Johhnie    Disability
Henderson, Ruby M    Disability
Hendricks, Tommy    Outside
Hughes, Petina Marie    Disability
Hughes, Petina Marie    Outside
Imes, Elizabeth H    Outside
Imes, Tanner E.    Outside
Johnson, Antonio L    Outside
Johnson, Daisy L    Disability
Jones, Carleeon Q    Outside
Jones, Dorothy J    Disability
Jones, Ella J    Disability
Jones, Henry Lee Jr    Outside
Jones, Homer Jr    Disability
Jones-Hinton, Doris    Outside
Little, Barbara J    Outside
Little, Torrey Lajuna    Outside
Mason, Ebbie B    Disability
Mason, Joe N    Disability
Mayberry, Mae Rose    Disability
Mayberry, Tommie J    Disability
McBride, Icey Bell    Disability
McCarter, Walter J.    Disability
Miller, Elizabeth E    Outside
Miller, Jan Russell    Outside
Minor, Stevie Alcurtis    Disability
Moore, Demeshea L    Disability
Morgan, Marilyn B.    Disability
Morgan, Nathaniel    Disability
Morris, William    Outside
Nabors, Levi Marie    Disability
Nabors, Lou J    Disability
Neal, Mary S    Disability
Neal, Charlie J    Disability
Neal, Mary S    Disability
Neal, Rufus Lee    Disability
Orr, Mary A    Disability
Parker, Tawoyna Neal    Outside
Petty, Evaughn    Disability
Richardson, Emma G    Outside
Richardson, Thomas     Outside
Roberts, Larry    Disability
Roland, Barbara    Outside
Sanders, Genet    Outside
Sanders, Jasmine G    Outside
Sanders, Thelma W    Disability
Satterfield, Adavius L    Disability
Satterfield, Brandie    Disability
Sharp, Victoria    Outside
Sherrod, Beulah Pearl    Disability
Sherrod, Curtis    Disability
Sherrod, Curtis Jr    Outside
Shumake, Josie S.    Outside
Simmons, Roberta    Disability
Smith, Tisha    Disability
Snell, Leon    Disability
Springer, Sallie    Disability
Stewart, Rosetta    Disability
Taylor, Evelyn    Disability
Tillman, Charles A.    Outside
Tillman, Odessa    Outside
Tillman, Ralph    Outside
Weatherspoon, K.    Outside
Weatherspoon,Wanda    Outside
Williams, Brenda L    Disability
Wilson, Bennie W    Disability
Haycox, Barbara Jean    Outside
Haycox, Lovell G    Outside
Hudson, Ann L    Disability
Hudson, Charles    Disability
Jefferson, Glenn    Disability
Lewis, Betty Golden    Disability
Mays, Doris    Disability
Reed, Elvie H    65 or Older
Smart, Constance    Disability
Smart, John Louis Jr    Disability
Smart, Nekendric A.    Disability
Smith, Orlando R.    Outside
Armistead, Nathan Jr    Disability
Baldwin, Earlie G.    Disability
Bishop, Marcell T    Outside
Brewer, L C    Disability
Brooks, Lewis    Disability
Brown, Jimmy L    Disability
Brown, Katie Amos    Disability
Brundage, Ethel    Disability
Bush, Elijah    Disability
Carr, Silvia D    Disability
Clayton, Melvin    Disability
Cockrell, Bernice    Disability
Colvin, Mary L    Disability
Conner, Mary Piper    Disability
Cunningham, Rodie    Disability
Davis, Albert D.    Disability
Deloach, Ben W Jr    Disability
Deloach, Carteshia L.    Disability
Douglas, Willie Mae    Disability
Ely, Barbara F    Disability
Fairley, Josephine J.    Disability
Fairley, Robert Lee    Disability
Ford, Tashonda F    Disability
Gillard, Emma J    Disability
Golden, Shawn A.    Disability
Golden, Zimeka L.    Disability
Gregory, Mack    Disability
Hargrove, Rosie Jane    Disability
Harris, Barbara A    Disability
Harris, Larry    Work
Harris, Latasha Ann    Disability
Hawkin, Derek T    Disability
Hayden, Harvey L    Disability
Hayden, Sarah Jane    Disability
Hickman, Daisy B    Disability
Hopkins, Reico A    Disability
Jackson, Jimmy, Jr    Disability
Johnson, Mary L    Disability
Jones, Cebell    Disability
Jones, Sam E    Disability
Knight, Sara Jean    Disability
Lashley, Clorisa I.    Disability
Latham, Gloria Jean    Disability
Latham, Roosevelt    Disability
Leonard, Dorothy M.    Disability
Leonard, Frank J    Disability
Lewis, Mary Ree    Disability
Lyons, Dorothy Jean    Disability
Malone, Sandra F    Disability
Mattix, Betty Lee    Disability
McCarthy, Bernice    Disability
McCarthy, Debra Ann    Disability
McCarthy, Lavontay     Disability
Miller, Demitris L.    Outside
Mitchell, Jerry L.    Disability
Mixon, Millie Jean    Disability
Mixon, Willie George    Disability
Morton, Lorenzo R.    Disability
Murray, Marlous    Outside
Parr, Shalondra N    Disability
People, Gracie    Disability
People, Riley Jr    Disability
Philips, Minnie    Disability
Powers, Eric J    Disability
Rice, Clara C    Disability
Robinson, Diana    Disability
Robinson, Joe W    Disability
Robinson, Shirley    Disability
Roby, Mary Nell    Disability
Scott, Alice Faye    Disability
Shannon, Sarah T    Disability
Sherrod, Martin L    Disability
Shields, Willie J    Disability
Stewart, Jim    Disability
Taylor, Jamie J    Outside
Taylor, Jessie Will    Disability
Taylor, Mary J    Disability
Verner, Renee C    Work
Walker, Geneva C.    Disability
Walker, Wiley H    Disability
Wells, Debra J    Disability
Wells, James C    Disability
Whitfield, Arthar J.    Disability
Whitfield, Susie    Disability
Williams, Barbara A.    Work
Williams, Joseph A.    Outside
Williams, Shanteria     Disability
Young, Magnolia    Disability
Young, Willie B    Disability
Hayslett, Cynthia H    Outside
Hayslett, Fred Miller    Outside
McGahey, Patsy M.    Disability
Meek, Bob Wade    Outside
Noah, Sarah C    Work
Allen, O W    Disability
Armistad, George J    Disability
Baker, Javonte J    Disability
Baker, Josephine    Disability
Baker, Tillman Jr    Disability
Bankhead, Alphonso    Outside
Bell, Barbara A    Disability
Bennett, Mary Ella    Disability
Billups, Annie Pearl    Disability
Billups, Eva Lou    Disability
Billups, Tesheeba S.    Outside
Billups, Tesheeba S.    Outside
Blakely, Lubertha    Disability
Blunt, Mortez    Disability
Boyd, Ann                      Disability
Brewer, Huella    Disability
Brewer, Virginia H    Disability
Bridges, Mildred    Disability
Brooks, Susie S    Disability
Brown, Lizzie    Disability
Burgin, Hattie E    Disability
Burgin, Walter L    Disability
Bush, Dewayne         Disability
Bush, Mary L           Disability
Bush, Viola               Disability
Butler, Carolyn J      Disability
Butler, Janice            Disability
Carr, Shirley J           Disability
Carter, Bridges D     Disability
Chapman, Eugene    Disability
Cheatam, Jimmie Jr  Disability
Cheatam, Mattie       Disability
Cook, Mary Etta       Disability
Corder, John             Disability
Crumble, Priscilla     Disability
Currington, Roosevelt  Disability
Davis, Joseph           Disability
Davis, Phyllis    Disability
Davis, Willie E    Disability
Deloach, Rosie M    Disability
Dinwiddle, Mattie     Disability
Dora, Tracey Ervin    Outside
Edwards, Emma Jane    Disability
Ennis, Valerie C    Disability
Ervin, Brenda Lee    Disability
Fisher, Mary Lee    Disability
Fulton, Robert James    Disability
Gandy, Lue Ellen    Disability
Gandy, Velerie    Disability
Gause, Harvey C    Outside
Gavin, Stella C    Outside
Gavin, Mary Helen    Disability
Gavin, Robert    Disability
Glenn, R B     Disability
Gordon, Scott    Outside
Gore, Lottie Mae    Disability
Gregory, Eliza R    Disability
Gregory, Roosevelt    Disability
Hairston, Keshia R.    Disability
Hairston, Mary E    Disability
Hall, Cendie Will    Disability
Harkins, Willie Pearl    Disability
Harper, Elsie    Disability
Harris, Annie W    Disability
Harris, Emma L    Disability
Harris, Marcella W    Disability
Hawthorne, Inez    Disability
Hawthorne, Jimmy W    Outside
Hawthorne, John H.    Disability
Hayden, Albert Lee    Disability
Hendricks, Francis R    Disability
Hendricks, Willie H.    Disability
Herord, Tyrone    Disability
Hill, Bobbie J    65 or Older
Hill, Henry L    Disability
Hill, Justin D    Outside
Hill, Shirley    Disability
Hinton, Allen Jr    Disability
Holland, Rosie Lee    Disability
Holmes, Clarence Jr    Disability
Hudson, Linda    Disability
Hughes, Louise Anner    Disability
Jackson, Cheryl R    Disability
Jackson, Vatarine    Disability
James, Edna    65 or Older
James, Moses    Disability
James, Virginia Ann    Disability
Johnson, Magnolia J    Disability
Johnson, Overia    Disability
Jones, Florinteen    Disability
Jones, Henrietta    Disability
Jones, Jerry Lee    Disability
Kinsey, James F    Outside
Legrone, Alisha D    Disability
Lewis, Albert    Disability
Little, Mary R    Outside
Lowe, Nellie Jean    Disability
Lowe, Thomas T    Disability
McCottrell, George    Disability
Mixon, Xavius M    Outside
Moody, George    Disability
Neal, Viola C    Disability
Nelson, Anthony D.    Disability
Nelson, Evon    Disability
Norton, Eric D    Outside
Page, Tommie    Disability
Parks, Marquez L.    Outside
Perkins, Ida Lee    Disability
Perkins, Ike David Jr    Disability
Petty, Geraldine H    Work
Pippins, Darla Jean    Disability
Porter, Joe Earl    Disability
Porter, Sabrina T.    Disability
Pratt, Annie M    Disability
Redmond, Ruby Jean    Disability
Richardson, Daisy     Disability
Roberts, Mary    Disability
Robertson, Andrew Jr    Disability
Robinson, Doris Ann    Disability
Robinson, Ruby Lee    Disability
Ross, Willie D    Disability
Rush, William F     Outside
Sanders, Donald    Outside
Smith, Danny Lee    Disability
Smith, Jake    Disability
Smith, Lurene    Disability
Smith, Marilyn     Disability
Stearling, Paul    Disability
Stearling, Ruthie    Disability
Sterline, Luster    Disability
Swanigan, Lorine    Disability
Taylor, Billy D    Disability
Thomas, Herbert C    Disability
Toney, Rosie Mae    Disability
Trayham, Lurene J    Disability
Trimuel, Rosa M    Disability
Valentine, Ada    Disability
Walker, Lois Ann    Disability
Walker, Michael C    Disability
Washington, Martha    65 , Older
Weatherby, Sanders Jr        Work
Webber, Louvenia     Disability
Weston, Willie Lee    Disability
White, Ruby Mae    Disability
Wiley, Robbin E.    Outside
Wilkerson, Patricia A.    Disability
Williams, Annie G    Disability
Williams, Jamie    Disability
Williams, Julia    Disability
Williams, Lillie M    Disability
Williams, R L    Disability
Williams, Sallie Mae    Disability
Williams, Tommie    Disability
Wright, Betty     Disability
Wright, Maebeska V    Outside
Carpenter, Molly Jane    Outside
Carpenter, Nancy L.    Outside
Frazier, Chellye    Disability
Frazier, John T    Disability
Gardner, Keith T    Outside
Erby, Dennis    Outside
Fenton, Essie    Disability
Guyton, Kristie L.    Outside
Harris, Flozell    Disability
McGee, Mary Ann    Outside
Moore, Dalon R    Student
Moore, Dorothy L    Disability
Prude, Frank    Disability
Prude, Frederick, L    Disability
Prude, Willie B    Disability
Smith, Robert Earl    Outside
Stewart, James    65 or Older
Stewart, Pauline    Outside
Taylor, Alfred L    Disability
Thornton, Sadie Bell    Disability
Brown, Bertha H    Disability
Brownlee, Sally R    Disability
Bryant, Bessie C.    Disability
Hughes, Christine B.    Disability
Killingsworth, Linda    Disability
McCrary, Annie S    Disability
Mitchell, William H    Disability
Rush, Eloise    Disability
Smith, Rozalia E    Disability
Sumemrville, Inez    Disability
Williams, Arthur C.    Disability
Williams, Hattie S.    Disability
Abrams, Gregory D    Disability
Bailey, Ellis    Disability
Ballard, John Jr    Disability
Barry, Gladys A    Disability
Bell, Annie D    Disability
Billups, Dorothy Ann     Disability
Billups, Sammy D    Disability
Bishop, Arvetia    Outside
Bishop, Rayburne    Outside
Bluitt, Willie    Disability
Bowen, Edith L    Disability
Brewer, Nedra Ann    Outside
Broady, Willie Mae    Disability
Brown, Orangelean    Disability
Buckhalter, Mary    Disability
Clay, Jimmy Lee    Disability
Clemmons, Mattie S    Disability
Conner, Nico    Disability
Conner, Samantha    Disability
Corrothers, Kameron     Student
Davis, Allen    Disability
Davis, Clara    Disability
Davis, Ricky Donnell    Disability
Davis, Sam L    65 or Older
Dora, Ella R    Disability
Fisher, Dwayne    Outside
Follins, Bertha    Disability
Foster, Mattie L    Disability
Fox, Deangelo    Outside
Frierson, Lisa Glass    Outside
Gardner, Tyrone    Outside
Glass, Daisy Will    Disability
Glass, mary F    Disability
Goodwin, Rebecca K    Disability
Gordon, Margaret A    Disability
Gordon, Seth    Disability
Greenlaw, Teresa    Disability
Greenleaf, Mario    Outside
Griffin, Beulah M    Disability
Griffin, Geraldine F    Disability
Gunn, Bessie    Disability
Hackett, Jimmy E    Disability
Hamilton, Lorenzia Jr    Work
Harris, Bobbie A    Outside
Harris, Irene    Disability
Henderson, Patty J    Disability
Henderson, Willie M    Disability
Henley, Kevin L.    Outside
Hickman, George    Disability
Hubbard, Dorothy    65 or Older
Hubbard, Sergio M    Outside
Humphries, Willie J    Disability
Jackson, Justin Jurrell    Disability
Jethroe, Mattie S.    Disability
Jethrow, Eddie Jr    Disability
Jethrow, Mirk L    Disability
Jones, Betty J    Disability
Jones, Johnny    Disability
Jones, Joyce L    Work
Jones, Sarah Jane    Disability
Kyles, Walter J. Jr    Outside
Kyles, Whitney H.    Outside
Lang, Emma    Disability
Lang, Lee Roy    Disability
Latham, Annie B    Disability
Lavender, Wanda J    Outside
Leech, Deloise    Disability
Leech, Don    Outside
Lewis, Eliza B    Disability
Lowery, Mary P    Disability
Lyons, Deloris    Outside
Macon, Kenya K    Outside
Malone, Lucille    Disability
Martin, Ike                            Work
McBride, Luella H.    Disability
McCarthy, Johnny B    Disability
Miller, Gussie H    Disability
Miller, Marquisto    Outside
Miller, Willie G    Outside
Mitchell, Jimmy    Disability
Mixon, Bennett    Disability
Mixon, Charlie Will    Disability
Mixon, Irene    Disability
Moody, Willie B    Disability
Moore, Thomasine B    Disability
Morris, Gary    Disability
Morris, Lizzie L    Disability
Mullins, Mary Jean    Disability
Murphy, Nicole    Disability
Murphy, Ollie Mae    Disability
Oneal, Flora M    Disability
Parr, Mercetia C    Disability
Parr, Selena    Disability
Philips, Annie B    Disability
Phillips, Lizzie M    Disability
Phillips, T C     Disability
Pippins, Daisy Mae    Disability
Porter, Juliet    Disability
Porter, Tommy Lee    Disability
Presley, Dorothy    Disability
Reed, Cyntana A    Disability
Reed, Robert Earl    Disability
Reeder, Floyd L    Disability
Reynolds, Lucketa M.    Outside
Roberts, Alvin C    Outside
Roberts, Maureen H    Disability
Robinson, Freddie E.    Outside
Robson, Jennie L    Disability
Rogers, Lillian R    Outside
Sanders, Anthony    Outside
Sanders, Cassie W    Disability
Sanders, Margaret    Disability
Sanders,Martha Duck  Work
Sanders, Roy Lee    Outside
Scott, Willie B    Disability
Sherrod, Joseph    Outside
Shields, Tabasan R.    Disability
Shields, Walter    Disability
Slaughter, Ruthie Lee    Disability
Smith, Annie M    Disability
Smith, Ervin V    Disability
Smith, Joanne D.    Outside
Smith, Kevin B    Outside
Smith, Rebecca    Outside
Stevenson, Annette    Disability
Stevenson, Emma L    Disability
Stewart, Charlie B    Outside
Stewart, Emmett Jr    Disability
Stinson, Earline B    Disability
Stinson, James    Disability
Stringfellow, Ethel L    Disability
Tate, W M      Disability
Taylor, Miracle L    Disability
Thomas, Bessie Mae    Disability
Thomas, Mary Louise    Disability
Thompson, Brett    Outside
Thompson, Martha S    Disability
Trimuel, Jeffiers Lue    Disability
Trimuel, Miller    Disability
Turner, Pecolia A     Disability
Walls, Dorothy Mae    Disability
Washington, Jennie A    Disability
Weaver, Glennie    Disability
Wells, Arsenio Juan    Outside
Wellsm Minnie P    Disability
Williams, Anthony    Outside
Williams, Erica    Outside
Williams, Jeffrey M    Outside
Williams, Johnny    Disability
Williams, Polly    Disability
Williams, Zaccheus     Disability
Winston, Amanda Lee    Disability
Wright, Irma J    Disability
Young, Castella W.    Outside
Alexander, Arthur D    Disability
Alexander, Lavenia     Disability
Baker, Alexis Brianna    Disability
Baker, Nellie R     Disability
Beard, Helen Louise    Disability
Boyd, Clyde    Disability
Brooks, Margaret    Disability
Brown, Tosha L     Outside
Bush, Mary Burnett    Disability
Calloway, Willa Mae    Disability
Chandler, Marie S    Disability
Clay, John                       Disability
Cockrell, Travis O    Disability
Colvin, Lenward    Outside
Conner, Jerry Jerome    Disability
Covington, Mary Jean    Disability
Cruse, Evelyn Franks    Disability
Cunning, Mary S    Disability
Davis, Alvin    Disability
Davis, Dorothy    Disability
Davis, Gloria Jean    Disability
Deloach, Beulah M    Disability
Deloach, Mary Alice    Disability
Deloach, Tomekia    Outside
Dunn, Eddie Lee    Disability
Ervin, Richard    65 or Older
Fearce, David Lee    Disability
Fenster, Martha Ann    Disability
Follins, Joe    Disability
Gardner, Maggie V    Disability
Gardnder, Rachel B    Disability
Gillis, Evelyn V    Disability
Gordon, Willie    Disability
Gore, Annie    Disability
Grassiree, Bobby J    Disability
Grassiree, Butler Jr    Disability
Grassiree, Desi A    Disability
Grays, Rodney    Outside
Guyton, Debra D.    Disability
Guyton, Jessie L    Disability
Guyton, Steveie    Disability
Hairston, Ben    Disability
Hairston, Christine    Disability
Hairston, Mary J    Disability
Hairston, Rosell    Disability
Hall, Ricky Earl    Disability
Hall, Tony       Outside
Hampton, Sallie E    Disability
Hardy, Larry    Disability
Hardy, Lillie V    Disability
Harrell, Lucinda    Disability
Harris, Arter M    Disability
Harris, Dorothy J    Disability
Harris, Karen D.    Disability
Harris, Willie L    Disability
Hernandez, Brenda     Disability
Hicks, Corine    Disability
Hodge, Anna    Disability
Hodge, Luther Jack    Disability
Hodges, John E    Disability
Holt, Catherine    Disability
Howard, Laura L    Disability
Jackson, Travante V    Outside
James, Avee J    Disability
James, Tyrone V    Disability
Johnson, Alice R    Disability
Johnson, Bobby L.    Work
Johnson, Linda    Disability
Jones, William James    Disability
Jordan, John H    Disability
Jordan, Rosa Ann    Disability
Kyles, Regina R    Outside
Lash, Johnnie W    Outside
Leavy, Frankie L    Disability
Little, Jeannie Ann    Outside
Love, Cora H    Disability
Lyde, Rosie Lee    Disability
Lyde, Tommie Jr    Disability
Mangum, Maggie M    Disability
Martin, Edith M    Disability
Mason, Nancy Mae    Disability
Stewart, Wash    Disability
Strong, Oberia    Disability
Summerville, Anna     Outside
Treadwell, Ann F.    Disability
Turner, James Lee    Disability
Turner, John H    Disability
Walton, Bennie    Outside
White, Charles    Outside
White, Daisy P    Disability
Williams, Callie R    Disability
Williams, Otis    Disability
Williams, Ruth M    Disability
Williams, Willie M    Disability
Wilson, Bobbie Lee    Disability
Wilson, Mary A    Disability
Brown, Walter R.    Outside
Eaves, Doris Beatty    Disability
Reynolds, Elaine J    Outside
Reynolds, Robert E.    Outside
Ash, Lee                      Disability
Banks, Thaddus    Disability
Bush, Hattie P    Disability
Bush, Mattie L    Disability
Coleman, Jammie L    Disability
Colvin, Sandra    Disability
Conner, Georgia Mae    Disability
Conner, Mary M    Disability
Cotton, Susie L    Disability
Davis, Daisy Mae    Disability
Davis, Demetris D.    Disability
Fenton, Celeste    Disability
Gardner, Kimberly     Outside
Garner, Valerie R    Disability
Garner, Willie Lou    Disability
Hairston, Larry D    Disability
Harris, Carolyn H    Outside
Harris, Emma    Disability
Harris, J C                      Disability
Harris, John E    Disability
Hawkins, George    Disability
Johnson, Sarah L    Disability
Jones, Isola    Disability
Jones, Joe L    Disability
Lang, Elizabeth    Disability
Lowery, Annie    Disability
Macon, Rosie L    Disability
McCarthy, Sue White    Disability
Mitchell, Lula B    Disability
Moore, Rosie B    Disability
Phelps, Roy    Outside
Poe, John A    Disability
Porter, Freddie    Disability
Ross, Robert Lee Jr    Disability
Sherrod, Alfrod    Disability
Thomas, James David    Outside
Thomas, Walter C    Disability
Underwood, Mary    Disability
Weatherspoon,Bernice   Disab.
Wilder, Patttie W    Disability
Williams, Katie L    Disability


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