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Packet Allstar Subdued by Property Owner

Jimmie White

Jimmie White

A Packet AllStar found himself on the wrong end of a beat down Wednesday morning after allegedly burglarizing a home on Carolyn Drive in New Hope.
Jimmie White Jr., who once stole an ambulance from Baptist Memorial Hospital Golden Triangle and drove it to Macon — just because “Jesus told him to” — was arrested Wednesday and charged with trespassing.
“I have had several run-ins with this guy coming on my property,” said Jerry Bruce, who held White. until he could be arrested by deputies with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office. “I even have a ‘no trespassing’ sign in my yard because of this guy.”
Bruce, who lives at 132 Carolyn Drive., said his wife, Rachel, daughter of former deputy and current private investigator  Randy Robles, woke him up around 7:30 when she heard a neighbor panicking.
“I thought (White) was in my yard, but he was actually kicking in the door of my neighbor’s house,” Bruce said. “I saw him coming down the street carrying some stuff and I asked him if he had ‘stolen all he needed” and then he came running at me.”
According to Bruce, Smith came on to his property and charged at him.
“He came in my yard and I pulled a gun on him and put a bullet in the chamber and he just went crazy,” Bruce said. “He came at me and I threw the gun down and I hit him in the face and then he really went crazy. I hit him a few more times and we finally locked up and I was able to slam him down on my driveway and I locked my knees around him and restrained him until the cops got there. He said he was going to kill all of us, so I choked him while I was restraining him.”
Once the deputies arrived, Bruce said White really started to resist.
“I was helping the cops because he was resisting,” Bruce said. “They tazed him and it didn’t even phase him, so they tazed him again with the claw-tazer. It took three cops to bring him down.”

(Jerry Bruce, the hero of this story, is my cousin. I am proud of him for defending his family. Jeff Clark)



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Why did Bruce “throw down the weapon,” disarming himself in the process? Pulling a gun and chambering a bullet sets the stage to kill or be killed. Blacks aren’t afraid of “the man” anymore. And when “open carry” goes into effect on July 1st, there will be more “testing” of the will to kill when threatened with bodily harm by an assailant choosing fight over flight as was in this case. The Castle Doctrine and “open carry” will change the dynamics of self defense in this state, and all that the victim needs is one “star juror” in the jury box. Scrap metal terrorist beware!!

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Nothing heroic about Bruce’s actions when faced with bodily harm to himself and family members. Bruce has got to be the NRA’s posterboy for what NOT to do when attacked by a crazed black man who chooses not to be a “run,” but to stand and fight. Most likely Smith was armed with a knife.

  3. Darion Adair

    He shood have shot the guy one less troublemaker in Columbus I moved 400 miles away from that place its shamefull how such a beautifull town has become such a cesspool to live and raise a family

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    This is a case of Reconstruction Redux Deja vu all over again. It will never get any better with politicians humping for bloc votes, and not one WASP sitting on the US Supreme Court. We are doomed! Jim Crow laws may have been draconian and “unjust,” but they did keep the peace for almost one-hundred years. The demographics of Mississippi and the other states of the old Confederacy will look like the mulatto republics of the Caribbean in another fifty years. Then Asians will rule the world.

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    For those still interested in the history of our State, the [pivotal] Battle of Champion Hill commemorative event is being held today at the battleground. Guest speaker for the 18MAY2013 event is the great-great grandson of President Jefferson Davis.


  6. marc stephens

    its people like johnny philip morris that make mississippi the punchline to all the jokes about the south. who cares about jeff davis in 2013? jim crow laws only brought peace to whites and hoses and dogs for the rest.

  7. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Sir, it is obvious that you, indeed, are a product of that diverse “New South” Mississippi Public System which has made the South the butt of jokes.

    People will not look forward to prosperity who never look backward to their ancestors.~ Historian Edmund Burke from Reflections on the Revloution in France.

  8. marc stephens

    not even close. its sad how out of touch you are with the HUMAN experience for 75 percent of the world. ignorance must be bliss in columbus

  9. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    @marc stephens~


    Ignorance is blissful only for those who refuse to look back and learn from their history and the past and that are doomed to repeat the errors of the past.

    When your “Nobel Peace Prize” POTUS is finally out of office, his policies of war and conquest in that “75% of the world” where US troops are now deployed and carrying out military missions will have accounted for the deaths of millions of more Sons of Ham than EVER allegedly died from the policies of the Sons of the South.


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