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OPINION — Are There Any Scandal-Free Administrations Left Out There?

Ron Williams

Ron Williams


With the latest scandal-ridden goings-on involving the Obama Administration, it makes one wonder if we’ll ever have another scandal-free administration in our future!
But then again, can anyone remember a scandal-free administration? I certainly can’t in my lifetime. A lot of it (in any given previous administration) is the party not in power at the time digging up dirt on the current party in power. It’s certainly not as simple as that (especially in the current situation involving Benghazi, IRS and other current scandals), but it is usually the driving force behind the investigations. And it’s amazing how those scandals always escalate during the second term of any given president. (Richard Nixon resigned during his second term due to so much controversy. Bill Clinton was impeached in his second term by the senate.)
It’s the same for local administrations as well. But local politics pale in comparison to the amount of money involved in a national presidential campaign. We’re talking billions of dollars. And if there is anyone out there who truly believes that money and power doesn’t control the different political philosophies between a conservative and a liberal, a republican and a democrat, a rich or poor person…then they are out of touch with reality.
Amazingly, though, the economy is cooking along. The S&P and the Dow recently shot past records highs (regardless the fighting, finger pointing and political posturing). And when IRA’s, retirement plans and stock market players are happy…everyone is happy!
During times of war involvement in the United States, many of the scandals are overlooked or microscoped because there is such patriotism and things going on that the mainstream media is not nearly as interested in scandals because that takes a lot of work to uncover leads. But during the term of a president that many conservatives believe is one trying to tear this country apart, there is one scandal being reported after another. And it could get worse before it gets better. You can bet the digging isn’t over and the naysayers are continuing to line up.
We’d be more worried and upset if the economy wasn’t chugging along. Right now, all is rosy in financial land.

Ron Williams is a staff writer for The Columbus Packet. He can be reached at ronsings2u@yahoo.com.

The views and opinions expressed in Ron Williams’ columns are the author’s and are not those of The Columbus Packet or Packet Media, LLC.



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    You don’t have to look to DC for scandal…it’s right under your nose across the River, a little bit west of Magowah. After a three-week manhunt, an arrest has been made in regard to the arson of the Wayside Stagecoach Inn and the alleged rape that occurred there. Law enforcement has done its job, but the ball is now in the prosecutor’s court. If the investigators follow protocol with subpoened cell phone and bank records, the trail of the looted antique furnishings, taken last July, will most likely lead to ChiTown and the network fencing stolen, chainsaws, four-wheelers and antiques furnishings from the area. So why is the local ChiTown Teflon Don being protected while his “mules” do time? Rumor has it that the Teflon Don was “billed” by a Grand Jury some years back, but Allgood did not follow through. Why?

    The ball is in your court, too, Ron. You’ve got the leads, let’s see you follow through, starting with interviewing the family of Pearlie Mae.

    • JohnnyPhillipMorris

      Why, Ben, it’s the “creepy one” that outed you over at Tom’s Blog. I knew that the IDF street scene from Hebron would draw your ire. Some paleoconservative pundit you are. And this is the second time that you have referred to me as a nutcase. Pfft!

      Btw, if you and your “pack” over at Tom’s Place want the definife work on the root causes and blame for WWI, you need to read no further than Sidney Fay’s The Origins of the World War[WWI].

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