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"Mommy Can't Save You This Time" — Teenage Career Criminal Drives Car into Home

Officers Peacock and Culpepper take Deondrae Tillman into custody

Officers Peacock and Culpepper take Deondrae Tillman into custody

A notorious teenage troublemaker is behind bars after he crashed a stolen car into a historic Southside home early Thursday morning. Officers with the Columbus Police Department raced to the area of 803 College St. around 2:30 a.m. April 25 after calls came into E-911 operators that a car had crashed into a house. Sandra Stone, the owner of the home, told Police that she was sitting in her Chevrolet Tahoe in her driveway when she heard an awful screech coming from just South of her home.
“I just heard this loud ‘bang,’ and then I saw a stop sign flying through the air just behind my car” Stone said.
Stone said that she had rolled over in bed mere minutes before, noting she “just had a feeling”, and went down to move her vehicle back in her driveway. She mentioned that police officers had recommended that she keep her SUV parked a little further back after a recent home invasion,as it would appear that more people were at the home.
“The last time, someone broke into the car and then came into the house. I chased them all the way down to the fire station” Stone said.
The driver, later identified as 17 -yr-old Deondra Deshawn Tillman, had stolen a 2006 Buick Lucerne from another Southside home and had apparently taken it on a short joyride. As deduced from the damage in the area, it appeared that Tillman lost control of the sedan while travelling North on 8th St. as he passed Annunciation Catholic Church. Tillman allegedly left the road and struck the temporary fence alongside the church on the East side of the 200 block of 8th St South. The church has been undergoing extensive renovations and a temporary eight-foot-high chain link fence lined the sidewalk where Tillman left the roadway.
Tillman then proceeded north towards the intersection at College Street, running through both a stop sign and a yellow fire hydrant on the southeast corner of the intersection. With both road implements jarred free, Tillman then traversed the intersection at an estimated speed of 50 MPH and then entered the lawn of 803 College, otherwise known as the Sappington House. Upon striking the curb, the now airborne sedan jettisoned the hydrant and stop sign, with the hydrant coming to rest in the “Garden of Grace” on the West lawn of the home and the stop sign ending up nearly 60 feet up the road just behind Stone’s SUV.
The Lucerne plowed through the southwest lawn of the home (crushing a Remax Realty sign in the process) and then clipped a juvenile crepe myrtle and a three-piece iron patio set before plunging nose-first into the sunroom of the estate. The mangled nose of the vehicle wept radiator fluid onto the vintage hardwood floors and what was left of the wall supporting a set of three twin windows crumbled to the ground. The noise from the debacle could reportedly be heard throughout the area.DSC01410
Stone exited her vehicle to see what had happened and she was quickly joined by a curious neighbor, identified as simply “Oussama” on scene. The good Samaritan cautiously approached the home to see if the driver was OK.
“He was dazed, but he kept trying to walk away,” the Samaritan  said.  “I tried grabbing him, but he still ran off.”    Tillman then ran north on 8th Street, racing across Main Street towards 2nd Avenue North. Officers Lamar Peacock and Thomas Culpepper were in the area within seconds of the call and captured Tillman hiding in some bushes behind Renasant Bank moments later (Culpepper was reportedly on patrol on College Street when the incident occurred and actually witnessed Tillman scurrying across Main Street.) The officers transported the suspect to the scene where he was identified by the witnesses.  Tillman, who smelt of spirits and whose speech was slightly slurred , attempted to convince police that he had borrowed the car from a friend. Officers contacted the owner of the vehicle  identified as Robert Glenn of Columbus, and asked him to come to the scene. Glenn assured officer that there was not one scintilla of truth to Tillman’s claim and the vehicle had been stolen, not borrowed. Officers Chris Smith and Amanda Burrell took statements from the victims before investigators Tommy Watkins and Natasha Coleman-Brown arrived on scene.
Because Tillman was a minor, CPD contacted his mother to come speak with investigators. By the time Tillman’s mother arrived in Columbus from her job in West Point, investigators learned that Tillman had recently been certified as an adult due to his involvement in other criminal activities. Tillman was transported to Lowndes County Adult Detention Center and charged (as an adult) with felony taking of a motor vehicle, DUI and no proof of insurance.
Both victims in the incident, Stone and Glenn, remembered Tillman as the main suspect in several automobile break-ins over the last few months. Glenn told authorities he had his vehicles burglarized several weeks back, and Stone said that she believed that Tillman was the suspect that she mentioned earlier that likely broke into her house.
In fact, CPD has spent quite a lot of time with Tillman in recent years. In addition to a long rap sheet as a minor, Tillman is the prime suspect in countless auto burglaries in Columbus as well as a shooting that left a man blind in one eye late last year. Tillman was caught on video March 12, as he rifled through a car on Forrest Hill Parkway off of 18th Avenue North. Tillman was reportedly arrested in connection with that break-in and identified as the prime suspect in several more in that neighborhood during the same time period.
Tillman was arrested April 4 after he attempted to break into a Dollar General 18-wheeler parked outside the value store chain’s main street location. Tillman, who was clearly inebriated at the time of his arrest, was confronted at gunpoint by the driver of the truck who was resting inside awaiting the morning crew to arrive at the store. The scalawag fled the scene on foot, but was apprehended quickly on 2nd Avenue North by several CPD officers (The CPD was out in force that evening taking part in a manhunt for Quincy Holmes, who was the chief suspect the armed robbery of M & M Convenience store mere hours before. Holmes, of Brooksville, was arrested that evening following a tip from Crimestoppers-CK)
Although he was not identified at the time of the incident, The Packet has learned that Tillman was involved in a shooting last June on Ash Street that cost a Northside resident his vision.  As reported in Packet #989, Zachary Johnson suffered damage to his eyes when a shotgun blast was fired from a nearby car occupied by Tillman and two friends. Taylor Conner and Joel Jones were charged that evening with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and sources indicated that Tillman’s involvement with this shooting is what likely led to the court certifying him as an adult, so he can now face the full force of the courts for his alleged misdeeds.
The home Tillman struck in his most recent alcoholic-fueled endeavor is one of the most treasured historic homes in Columbus. Once home to the late Birney Imes Sr.,  the Sappington House was constructed  in 1835 and has undergone extensive renovations in recent years. Homeowner Sandra Stone told The Packet that Imes passed away in an upstairs bedroom not far from where Tillman slammed into the home that evening. Although she had not received an official estimate as of press time, a local handyman said that the damage to the the home could exceed $20,000. Stone said the patio set, a gift from her husband, was worth nearly $1000 on its own. The damage could end up being more than just physical, as the house is on the market and spring is traditionally the peak time of year for home sales.
Packet readers may remember the Stone Family from a February, 2011 School bus accident that occurred in front of the home. Two students on the bus, Frank Fisher and Daniel Stone, were featured in Packet #920, after the bus was struck by an errant motorist. Both boys survived the ordeal unscathed. Daniel Stone is the son of the Sandra Stone and, along with Stone’s daughter, managed to sleep through all of the commotion Tillman caused Thursday.
“I can’t believe they slept through all this mess, but I’m sure glad they did. I’m just grateful it didn’t cause the house to fall down, that was close” Sandra Stone said.
Speaking of close calls, Daniel Stone was featured in Packet in the Fall of 2010 after an alert officer with CPD saved him from choking during dinner at a local eatery. The Stone family told The Packet that Daniel had started choking on  a piece of steak at Applebee’s restaurant on Highway 45 North when Investigator Raymond Hackler alertly jumped to his aid.
From Packet # 902
Hackler was dining with his wife Veronica when he heard a commotion coming from the table behind him. Bill Stone was attempting the Heimlich maneuver on his 18 yr-old son Daniel, who was turning blue from choking on a piece of meat. Officer Hackler offered his assistance to the father, and after two good attempts, the young man began coughing and caught his breath. Hackler credited his military and police training for his quick, calm response… The Stones thanked Investigator Hackler as the other patrons stood and applauded the 4-yr veteran of the CPD. The manager of Applebee’s insisted on buying Hackler and his wife dinner, even after the Stone family offered to do the same.
Hackler was later honored at a Columbus City Council meeting and awarded the Chief’s Coin from then Chief of Police Joseph St. John.
As fate would have it, the Stone family might be counting on Investigator Hackler once again- this time to help keep Tillman behind bars. Hackler just so happens to be the lead investigator into Tillman’s auto burglary spree on Forrest Hill.
“Why is he running around out of jail in the first place?” Stone asked on the night if the wreck. An unidentified officer responded, “you’d have to talk to the judges about that one. All we can do is arrest them.”
Tillman’s total bond was set at $11,656 and he remains in custody at LCADC as of press time Wednesday evening. Sources have said his mother has not attempted to bail him out.


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