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Letters to the Editor — Issue 1038

Letters to the Editor

ATTENTION: Colin Krieger
Publisher, The Columbus Packet
Dear Mr. Krieger:
This email is in reference to The Columbus Packet #1037 May 23, 2013, “Late Night Murder on Pine Street” article.  The photo on page A8 with the caption, “Willie Hood, Jr. lies dead at 714 Pine St.” was grossly insensitive and inhuman of your newspaper to publish.
It was irresponsible of you as the publisher to permit the publication of this photo.  It appears that your paper has sunk to all time low of promulgating violence in order to sell newspapers.
The publication of the photo has caused irreversible damage and unnecessary heartache.  Sadly, your callous actions have adversely contributed to the Hood family’s grief.

Thomas J. McLeod

Mr. McLeod,
    Thank you for taking time to write us and share your opinion. It is readers like you who help us create a better newspaper for the community.
The Columbus Packet

Dear Editor,
At approx. 0900 hours Sat. Morn.  18 May,  I was one of three supporters who began a campaign effort in North Haven Woods for Glenn Lautzenhiser who is running for Mayor of Columbus.   Weatherwise , there was a thick layer of low slow moving clouds with A relative humidity so high it made breathing almost a major effort .  Thankfully , the rain had stopped a few hours earlier so we took a slow deep breath and pressed on with our mission.
Approx. 2 hours later we had walked every street of North Haven Woods and shared our literature at each and every house.  I’m happy to say that most everyone we contacted gave us a friendly welcome  and we came away with a very positive feeling about the upcoming election on 4 June.    Sad to say though that one household didn’t beat around the bush about their anti white feelings by saying to one of us that they didn’t want any white folks around their place and to get off their property.  Well, my friend really impressed me by simply saying , okay, have a good day and departed.  Later he said he CHOSE to forgive and  pray for them rather than be angered by what they said.   I’m proud to serve along side one with such maturity.  I will gladly go campaigning with him this week to other areas of our friendly city .
Please remember to vote on 4 June and put an X by the name ,  Glenn Lautzenhiser, for Mayor.   Thank you very much.

Raymond Gross

Dear Editor:
I have just returned home from another marathon Columbus Municipal School District board meeting. It is obvious that this board is still seeking the chemistry to work together as a cohesive unit.  My hope is the board finds it soon.
My concern tonight is about this board not following the Mississippi Open Meeting Law during the special meeting originally vote by the board at their last meeting for the initial purpose federal programs. From a lengthy agenda that was posted with the notice for the special meeting an item personal dealing with retirements, transfers, summer programs staffing and rehiring of certified teachers as removed from the agenda along with three other items.  These items were then to be acted upon at the next regular meeting in June.
After an executive session, under the always on all of the Board agendas item “Such other matters that may come before the Board”, Board President Fisher announced that she would entertain a motion to amend the agenda.  To take up the PREVIOUSLY removed PERSONAL item along with a resolution which Mr. David Dunn, the Board Attorney, discussed need to pass in the open session prior to the closed determination motion.
Obviously the board had discussed the putting this back on the agenda in the CLOSED portion of the meeting.  There had also been a discussion in the closed session with Mr. Dunn on the need to pass the resolution to contract private transportation.  This discussion was continued in the open session after the executive meeting.  The portion of the discussion on why the need for the resolution in closed session seems to go against the Open Meeting Law (Sec 25.41-7(4)(a-l) when tested against the twelve reasons that allow executive sessions.
My purpose for this letter is to encourage all the citizen stakeholders in the CMSD to attend the School Board meetings.  Let them know that you want full transparency in there actions.

Berry Hinds
Columbus, MS

Today anyone who doesn’t know that the world is in turmoil is out of touch with reality. That includes this country and even Lowndes County. In Columbus we are nearing the election for mayor. It is a very important election in terms of making improvements. Glenn Lautzenheiser is the candidate who can make things better. He has demonstrated leadership on many local boards, in business and in his tireless volunteer work. Glenn has morals, manners and mercy. If you stopped at his door and asked for his prayers, he likely would put you at ther top of his list – no doubt a Christian centered gentleman. Anyone interested in making this world a better place? We can start here in Columbus by electing Glenn Lautzenheiser as our mayor.

Patricia Harris

Why I Think Robert Smith, Sr. Should be Re-elected Mayor of Columbus
I think the office of mayor should be held by an individual who will change the town for the better.  Robert Smith, Sr. has been a native of Lowndes County and Columbus his entire life and I feel he has a genuine concern for the advancement of this community.  As a senior citizen, I feel Robert has put the needs of all citizens as his main priority.  He has shown leadership by serving as a high school teacher, football coach, assistant principal and principal.  For years, he served as Ward 1 Councilman and during his tenure, Sandfill Community Center was built and is used by all for a variety of activities, including senior citizens.  Also, the East Columbus Gym was renovated and senior citizens have exercise classes three days a week there.
Under our mayor’s administration, police patrols have increased, and beautification of the city has improved by the addition of flowers, pavement of streets, gutters, curbs, and sidewalks.  Also, a Riverwalk was constructed where many senior citizens have benefitted to enhance good health.  He has provided Thanksgiving dinners for all senior citizens, and yearly Unity Picnics for the community.
Robert is visible in the community and lends a listening ear to all.  He has shown that he cares about the community and wants to continue to improve it.  Join me in voting for Robert Smith, Sr., on June 4th.

Mrs. Joyce Coleman
Retired Teacher/Senior Citizen

Send your letters to
columbuspacket@cableone.net or P.O. Box 53, Columbus, MS  39703

The Columbus Packet does not run anonymous/ unsigned letters.


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