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Letter to the Editor – Hilda Hill Fox

Dear Editor,
God’s Grace and Mercy Kept Me
One morning in 1994 our neighborhood was being canvassed all day every day; however it was not with teenagers, but with mostly boys 10-12 years old. So in response to the Columbus Police Department along with Columbus Narcotic Agency would round up these boys and put them on the wall or tell them to lay down face down with pistols pulled on them. One unlucky day I, Hilda Fox caught them on Washington Ave pulling these unlawful stunts, and I spoke out. After speaking I was told I would be next. Being Hilda Fox is did not matter because I was free even though I was told I was a black woman by Larry Taylor. I began counting the children and he (Larry Taylor) asked me was I talking to him? I was not close enough to see that one of my sons “Lavento Fox” was one of them. He was nine at the time.
My next move was to get the names of the children and their parents, which I did. When I got off work that afternoon I went and talked to every parent, however it did very little because they were scared of the police and what Larry Taylor would do. So because of their fear they did nothing about it; and right now some blacks are still scared of the Columbus Police. This fear is justified because the police have managed to avoid persecution as well as prosecution with such actions as shooting individuals in the back and killing young boys in situations that could have been prevented. Some of our Police live by a different set of laws and these laws are written and judged only by their own judgment and set by their own standards. We are all humans, citizens of the United States, so the law should prevail. As I stated above some not all police are corrupted like this, this is why so many of the good police leave or resigned or go to some other city.
I don’t want anyone to think that I am talking just to bad mouth our police so here are some examples for your consideration.
Domestic Violence: When the police are called out to a home which involves domestic disturbances and they see evidence. I was told by our chief of Police if they take one they should take both of them the both should be taken to jail. In the case of the police I am referring to if they don’t see any evidence they stil take the man to jail when they arrive. In another instance if the man was bleeding they arrested the man and the woman was left. If no one wants to make papers on the other the police still proceed to make papers out on the man. Something is wrong with this picture. In previous times they would send out a letter and tell them both to come to court and the court would hear both sides to determine who was wrong. I know for a fact our policeman have family problems and have domestic violence in their own homes and they fight just like the public does, but they hide behind a gun and badge and don’t receive that same standard of treatment. Make no mistake, you can come out because I see you if no one else does, I was born sixty years ago.
With sixty years of living I have gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and as a mother I know that I am supposed to love my children and my family, and God my father also said that I supposed to love and do good to everyone else. With that said I want everyone to know that yes I love my children, but also love you too and it is nothing you can do about me loving you, you will have to talk to God about that. With that said all good mother hens will protect their chicks from predators and that is what some of the police are acting like.
I personally have been harassed on Christmas Eve 2012, New Year Eve, and during Black History Week 2013 and Spring Break 2013. During one of these incidents they came to my house 181 3rd Ave South with 10 cars and warrant with the wrong address. You would think that if my children did all the incidents they accuse them of they would know the right address. I would not let them in my house so they stood at every door and window. The warrant was to arrest Sugie Fox it was not a felony warrant so they went back to get a search warrant. They could not get one; however I did allow Ross Richardson’s and a black lady officer to search my home while the rest of the officers stood at the windows and doors. After returning me to the station Ross Richardson’s called me from the Police Department, and told me that Judge Amos said that if we did not bring our sons, Sugie and Lavento Fox in by Wednesday, he was going to come out arrest me and my husband for aiding and abiding a fugitive from justice.
This is to Lance Lucky I do not know whether you said this or not, but I am told by my neighbors that you are looking for these Fox’s boys with a flashlight in the day time, if so, you need to change your battery. Lance, my son stayed in jail fifteen months for something he did not do. He was beaten by other inmates by the supervisor’s order. He was tase in his throat and private area while he was in the county jail. He was taken to the hospital because they felt that they had hurt him bad. Where they took the prong out from under his throat I got a call from the hospital letting me know he was going to be alright. He stayed in the hold every other week, the man named Stanford at the county Jail, had something against my son, so he treated him like he was not human. The incident when the inmates beat him up, they wrote it in the newspaper and the Packet too, like he started the fight, and they put him in the hold. I could never hardly visit my son in lock up, during the whole fifteen months I might have seen him six times, because they always put him in lock down. I had to get Jeff Smith, My Count Supervisor to check on my child. He went to court and had a trial; William Starks his lawyer represented him like with the up most respect, and proved that he was not guilty of al six counts, Columbus Police Department had nothing as evidence, not a piece of tape, or cord, towel, or sheet or whatever they said, not even a finger print. Have I been through enough yet? To the packet the tides that I have with Robert Smith are good tides, he was a teacher, he was a principal, and tough all my children and some of my grand. So we have plenty of tides and so do other familes he is a good man. Now as for Judge Phillip the tides with her are from when I was a child and she and Mr. Jimmy Phillip had a store in down town Crawford and i visited their store at least four times a week. Crawford Mississippi is small but the love there is overwhelming. So the people Crawford were and are my family then and now. And Judge Phillip still lives in Crawford and on the weekends she still visits the and call the older people in Crawford that cannot get around. Thank God for angels.
My family is no different than anyone else’s family we all have ups and downs and we all have problems and issues. I just want the justice system to be fair and to be the justice system that is justice for all. We are owed the kind of justice system where you are perceived innocent until you are proven guilty, where you are judged by a non-biased judge, and a jury of your peers, and you are treated by the police with human dignity regardless of your guilt or innocence.

Hilda Hill Fox

    [As fate would have it, Hill-Fox’s son Sugi is, once again, wanted by the Columbus Police on a warrant for Felony Assault. Columbus Police Chief Selvain McQueen told The Packet Wednesday that Sugi is wanted in connection with an attack of an unidentified female Monday night around 10 p.m. at the intersection of Bell Avenue and 17th St. South. The victim, who is a cousin of the Fox’s, told police that Sugi Fox hit her in the mouth with his fist, leaving her with a bloodied lip and a cut lip. McQueen said that local law enforcement considers any physical harm done to a person by force, including striking with a fist or an open palm, aggravated assault.
    When asked about the incident, Hill-Fox said she wasn’t surprised,” I told you! This is exactly what I was talking about- they (the CPD) is corrupted.”
    Hill-Fox continued, “Sugi was just walking down the street when he tried to break up a fight- then theses two girls go jumping on him. He threw one off his back, and now he gets charged with assault? For a busted lip?”     
    Hill-Fox said that she wouldn’t be surprised if the CPD had a role in the incident, saying they might have even set the whole thing up. She also went on to say that a CPD officer harassed her and her husband earlier Wednesday.
    “We were just driving to the store and that girl cop who can’t drive…um, Lomax (Officer Lomax has been involved in several wrecks with city vehicles in her career at the CPD-CK), she starts following us- real close- then she blocked us in over by the store…telling my husband the tint is too dark- it’s factory tint,” Hill-Fox said.
    Hill-Fox speculated that she’d probably be speaking with The Packet soon, as she expected the police would probably make up another reason to harass her before next week’s issue, “They better watch what they’re doing!”
    CPD Chief Selvain McQueen declined comment other than to say that his department is simply following procedure, and that the Fox family should do the same- ed.].



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    In response to Ms. Hill’s comments on their “white angel” Judge Phillips in Crawford:Her perception that Judge Phillips intervene in her affairs is the problem!It is obvious from Ms. Hill’s comments that Judge Phillips is seen as their benefactor after her thirty years of social networking with the black community. Speaking at their churches, attending public and private social functions, intereceding in LCSO investigations and tearing up LCSO-issued traffic citations of her constituents when they appear in her court are all seen as “good works.” The old Time preachers have always said that “good works” will not get you into Heaven;likewise, good works should not be a stepping stone for a judgeship. A judge must remain somwehat aloof. The ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct in regard to this sort of social networking state ,”..to avoid contacts that would undermine their independence, integrity or impartiality…” Judge Phillips has violated this code. She has gone far beyond the legal grounds of fairness and into granting special privileges to a few.

    This commentary is in no way a reflection on the collective Hill families and their inlaws in Crawford:The Hill Family patriachs and matriachs have always deserved the earned respect from the white and black members of the community. Maybe Ms. Hill will then respond to the question as to why the case of her cousin being raped out at the Stagecoach Inn, which was followed by the arson torching of this historic 150 year old antebellum icon, is being covered up? Judge Phillips lives within 100 yards of the victim and nothing is even being done to bring the suspect(s) to justice. A state of anarchy exists across the River. Judge Phillips must choose between being a Judge Judy or a Mother Theresa. She cannot be both. Maybe it’s time for the MBI to get involved?

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    BTW, the rape/arson suspect and victim are both members of the Hill family Patriarchy.

  3. Anomynous

    Mr. Morris first off you are one of the main ones in Columbus who all you do is write, critique and criticize writeups in the packet and commercial dispatch. First off there are some good law abiding citizens in Columbus but very few. There are also some good law abiding politics, law enforcements, judges, etc. but there are more CORRUPT ones than any. Maybe you have never been harassed thats why you dont know the feeling of being harassed. I have been a neighbor of Ms Fox in the past and also have been in the company of her children in the past. Ms Fox has always treated me nicely and her children have always respected me. The police department has in the past HARASSED her family something i have witnessed before. These are large men and they must feel threatened or something when they are trying to apprehend them. You can not justify something in the past on the future. Columbus PD does have some racist, crooked officers on the force and also LARRY TAYLOR has always had it out for BLACKS! this is no secret and neither a LIE. Maybe you should get your facts in line versus you always want to write garbage to the paper on responses to other people’s post. Because you havent experienced harassment, prejudice, etc. dont try to knock the Hill family. And also Ms HIll can not account for any actions of her family and what they have done or did so why even try to embarass her on what her family member did, what about the things of your family members did in the past or maybe even now! Lets talk about that, and if there was any coverup on a rape or arson hell you sure will ensure that it is brought to the LIGHT. and lastly just because JUdge Phillips has such great ties with the African American families in Crawford doesnt make her a bad judge or a person whose to be looked at any differently because we all are the same color in the eyes of God, maybe you should start integrated with African Amercians and that’ll probably give you a change of heart because from all your past writings to the paper involving African Amercians you are always NEGATIVE! to MS HIll and her family hang in there your troubles ther ein Columbus are all seen by God let him handle your battles for you are not alone. If they want to arrest you, let them, then smile all the way to a lawyer office cause you cant MAKE your kids turn theirselves in, you can only advise them. And if you do know of theor whereabouts oh well, you dont have to talk, hell a lot of people know the crookedness in Columbus but do they talk? HELL NO!!! Plead the 5th you do have that RIGHT! LOve you Ms HILDA

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