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Fox Family Fuming After Latest Arrest

Lavento Fox

Lavento Fox

The matriarch of Southside Columbus’ first family —the Fox family, Hilda Hill-Fox— is outraged after her son Lavento was arrested again Tuesday on an outstanding warrant. Hill-Fox told The Packet in an exclusive interview Wednesday that her sons and her family have been unfairly targeted by the Columbus Police since they were young men. Within the last month, both her son Sugi and her son Lavento have been arrested by warrant officer Lance Luckey, who Hill-Fox said patrols her neighborhood nearly every day looking for the boys.
“Luckey drives by every morning, every morning he works at least —he was even here today, told me he had another warrant for Sugi for attacking him and Harstad the last time he was here a few weeks ago” Hil-Fox said.
According to the Columbus Police Department, Harstad and Luckey were injured while arresting Sugi Fox on March 4. Luckey reported Fox struck him in the arm with an iron rail from a side porch stairway and Harstad suffered an injury to his face from being kicked by Fox as he resisted, ” Kicked in the face? Kicked in the face? If my son (Sugi) had kicked him (Harstad) in the face- he’d still be laying there,”Hill-Fox said. (Sugi Fox has a formidable stature, having once gone toe-to-toe with local professional pugilist Worm Nichols in the ring. Nichols prevailed, but Fox put up quite a challenge-CK.)
Hill-Fox went on to accuse the CPD of widespread corruption, saying some officers were “corrupt to the core” and going so far as to accuse the department of allowing officers to choose their own judges for trials and hearing, an accusation CPD Chief Selvain McQueen vehemently denies.
“I would love to sit down and chat with her and see what actual facts she has to prove that we are corrupt” McQueen told The Packet.
Hill-Fox also criticized the department for what she says is harassment over a lost cell phone.
“Luckey lost his phone somewhere, I don’t know where, while he was arresting my boy (Sugi),” Hill-Fox said. “ So, they come back here without my permission  and search the property to look for it. Then, later on while my other son Vanquez was on the work program (The city of Columbus has a work program for offenders to work of their fines in lieu of jail time- CK) they try and pressure him like he knows where the phone is ’cause someone put some junk on [Luckey’s] phone about black people.”
(Officer Luckey did lose a cell phone during Sugi Fox’s arrest and someone who found the phone posted the phrase “I hate black people” on Luckey’s Facebook account before Luckey was able to log out of the account. Luckey has said on the record that he does not hate black people-CK)
The frustrated mother said that police offered Vanquez a “deal” if he would help them find the missing cell phone. She also said that she is tired of the police constantly harassing her family and she plans to pen a letter to The Packet for next week’s issue to share how she feels.
Aside from Chief McQueen, the department declined to comment on any specific allegations. Lavento Fox, according to his mother, will remain in the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center until Saturday, serving time for an earlier offense (Contempt of Court.) Sugi Fox was released shortly after his last arrest (for a bench warrant) and is now being sought by CPD for the warrant altercation with Luckey and Harstad.
(The Columbus Police have had numerous encounters with two of the Fox sons, Sugi and Lavento, over the last ten years. Both have been detained in relation to a shooting, but not convicted, and Lavento was charged with a  kidnapping several years ago without a conviction. Vanquez has been the least trouble of the the three, with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge on his record. Sugi and Lavento have both either run from or resisted officers on multiple occasions in the past, while Vanquez has a good rapport with local officials.The heightened tension between the two parties does not seem to be dying down any time soon, and Hill-Fox has a direct line to Columbus Mayor Robert Smith. Hill-Fox has called both Smith and McQueen several times when she felt her sons or her family were being harassed. It will be interesting to see what she has to say in her letter next week, and how city officials respond– CK)



  1. William

    Why do the police keep putting up with this mess. Something smells here. I hear the Fox family are kin to a JP in this county? Check it out

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Krieg means war, doesn’t it? Your roving reporter seems to roam no further than the east bank of the Tombigbee River;unless its down to Magowah for the annual Brunswick Stew Cook Off with the governor and the powers-that-be. I guess when Roger left, The Columbus Packet lost its “View from the Bridge.”

    One way to bring new life to the Packet is for one of your reporters to address the issues surrounding the rape and arson allegations in the the torching of the antebellum home(Stagecoach Inn) in Crawford. The “Hill” name, as a victim, surfaces in this case, but the alleged rapist(La M*****s) claims he did not committ the arso, placing the blame on others. There will never be justice in this case if Noxubee county law enforcement is left to pursue the leads, which are numerous. A state of anarchy, lawlessness and disorder exists across the River and the “leaders” in our judiciary sworn to support law and order refuse to act. Unconscionable!!!

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