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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Our focus is getting justice for Alexander, if it takes the rest of our life seeing that everybody who was involved arrested then that is what we will do, we is dedicated and committed to getting justice for our son. He is truly missed we will always think about him the memories, the laughter, him walking around on his tip-toes will always be in our heart. And we know with the strength our Our Heavenly Father we will be stronger each day and that the Lord will not put more on us than we can bear. We will continue to stay prayerful, which we always do. We will get justice, Slugger doesn’t have a voice and somebody has to be his voice right now and I’m not going to let it be swept under the rug it is very sickening to have a murder in a small town in broad day light people out witnesses telling you what happened and the officers ignore it. And they know who did it and no one get arrested. But we are not going away were going to keep writing to the senate (Legislative) and whoever it takes for them to do their job. Yes he’s young and made mistakes (like everyone else has).  No one deserves to die like that he deserves justice just like everyone else. And the chief and D.A. say self defense how was it self defense when my son was unarmed forensic say he had no gun residue on his hands and he was called to that location by a female and a young man and the detective sat in our face and told us he has no gun residue. And the Police Chief say my son who was shot in his left eye where a bullet hit his brain wiped his hands. Now someone please tell me how on this earth can a person with a brain injury wipe his hands how can he even think at a time like that to say let me wipe my hands before the police come. Somebody please answer this for me. And the DA said you don’t get gun residue on your hands with all gun. McQueen and Allgood will yall please listen at what you all are saying you are contradicting yourselves. You are saying my son didn’t have gun residue on his hands but you let young men come in and write statements. Trying to get away with murder saying my son shot a gun. You all saying he shot an automatic and a revolver and you saying he had no gun residue on his hand (and to the public before you all keep reading please pause for a minute and think). My son was unarmed and you have a female and about a young men who was involved in this and his “friend” who was suppost to be charged with his murder and we wasn’t told that and charges dropped and no one in jail. And the DA say that gun residue is not accurate, if it’s not accurate why run the forensic and he said that people who go around and shoot up neighborhoods and kill people if you get charged with it, its a misdemeanor. Thats bad info for people. There is no way you all are going to make excuses for whatever reasons. I want them arrested you all are telling lies on him tell us who shot him everytime we ask that question they tell us they havent received the Balistic reports so question again if you sent the case to a grand jury how can they a give a no bill when they don’t have all the information. What did you present to the jury. Stop making excuses. My son deserves justice.
And during the Chief interview he sat on camera being questioned about it smiling. I think that was very unprofessional and all he talked about was a jury if you don’t investigate a case how can the jury make a decision. The police department are to do their job first. Because if he showed the jury what he showed us that was a bunch of statements were like a kindergarden learning to write sentences. They didnt make no sense even the Chief said the young men were lying. All we want is an investigation done the way it is suppost to be done and everyone involved arrested. And the DA set up in our face and said the Detective told him my son was called to the location OK what more evidence do they need. Knowing all that and his body is enough evidence. They don’t want to do anything about it. And if you dont want to do your jobs get out of the offices.
There is a loop hole in this. And the Police chief tells us he shouldn’t of went to that location 1st of all they don’t know what she said to him. And 2nd this is America he has the right to go wherever he want to go. That didn’t give them the right to shoot him and if the Mayor, Police Chief, DA ever said the Pledge of Allegiance the last 3 word say, Justice For All and we want closure and justice and we won’t bag down because if it takes us to get it moved to another jurisdiction then that’s what we will do but we hope they do their job and do it correctly. I know of felony cases go thru municipal court for months even years. My son case didn’t go thru 3 months now who was a murder case investigated that quick no confession please. Someone please tell me When they do that at. They have to do better by those excuses and lies Because Justice Will Be Served!!!
Jaqueline Brown

Dear Editor,
I do not think it fair only a select few of those people being arrested in Pickens County, Alabama have their photo published in THE COLUMBUS PACKET while others who have been arrested never have their photo published at all.   I know of two individuals who were arrested yet their photos were never published. As THE PACKET is not the only publication which prints photos (mug shots) of those arrested  I take it the agency providing the photos selects and edits which photos  it will release to the public. This seems to be rather unfair and sort of verges on being illegal I  would think.    So to be fair and unbiased to everyone, photos of every person arrested in Pickens County should be released each week by the Pickens County Jail for publication.
Johnny Johnson
Carrollton, AL

    Regarding Pickens County mugshots, the Columbus Packet does print every mugshot we are sent by the Sheriffs.  We contacted the Pickens County Sheriffs Department for a statement Wednesday morning.  The following is their reply:
    The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office uses certain criteria in determining which arrests are listed in the weekly Sheriff’s Office arrest report.  All felony charges, all drug charges, all non-support (child support) and all bad check arrests are listed in the paper.
     When a person is charged with a crime, the charge is merely an accusation until or unless proven guilty in a court of law.”



  1. DG

    CPD is a disgrace that is so sad and I really would like the explanation for that cover-up ….I support that family all the wat…

  2. policeofficer

    That is pathetic but if u get rid of the head the tail will fall….sad!!! Them officers deserve whatever fall.

  3. S. H.

    That’s really sad that this was an open and shut case. The system is screwed up bad. Tell me how is it they can investigate drugs an set up drug bust, but can’t find an prosecute a murderer? I’m praying for Slugger fam….Don’t give up. JUSTICE WILL B SERVED!!!

  4. RH

    That is correct this was the fastest closed murder case I have ever seen and the justice system here need to be investigated because that is not right if it was the other way around one of their family member I bet the person would be under the jail ..

  5. Dirtydogs

    McQueen don’t have nothing to say and then he want to call on the Garden of Eden. it wont save his crooked ass him and the major need to disappear somewhere because its no excuse how they trying to open and shut that case the parent is showing us how crooked they is its time for us in this community to get them out of that police department or it will be legal to do everything! !!!!

  6. myms

    McQueen probably was high when he read those statements he was seeing tripple….. and yes I said that. talking about more evidence how much evidence do they need for a murder case u have the body… that’s enough …

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