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KiOR Declares First Shipment from Columbus

KiOR logo

KiOR logo

KiOR recently announced the first-ever shipment of cellulosic diesel, a biofuel, from their plant in Columbus, MS. Cellulosic fuels – which include both diesel and gasoline – are made from plant materials such as sawgrass, tree bark, and other non-edible plant materials. They have also been using wood chips from shuttered paper mills that might otherwise have gone to waste. KiOR reports that their fuel products are effectively identical to those produced from petroleum, thus representing a significant improvement over other alternatives such as the sometimes-controversial, and comparatively inefficient, corn-based ethanol. According to the press release, these fuels can be used with current gas pumps and consumer vehicles without modifcation. Also, they believe that emissions caused by their fuels will be significantly lower than those caused by the use of normal gasoline and corn ethanol (which are each believed to be roughly equal in their overall environmental impact).
A further advantages of cellulosic biofuels, according to KiOR, is that production of their products will not impact the growth of food – the plants used to make it can typically thrive in areas that have been leeched of their nutrients by food-farming methods, allowing the soil to be revitalized for use in crop rotation. Also, much of the biomass needed to produce the fuel is made up of parts of trees and other plants that would normally go to waste. For all intents and purposes, the availability of the base ingredients is limitless for the foreseeable future, and the demand can be met domestically.
The downside is that, the production of cellulosic fuels is still in its early stages, though the presence of the plant here is working to correct that. For now, the fuel is still a bit too expensive to be truly competitive even with corn-based ethanol, though it does qualify for the same tax breaks that corn ethanol does. It is believed that the price will be driven down over time, once more facilities are constructed that can produce the fuel in large volumes – there are a number of companies in the US that produce such fuels, but the total amount actually produced as of now is not enough to make a significant difference in the domestic fuel supply. This may change in the future as more plants open up and capacity increases.
The KiOR press release also reference studies that indicate that their fuels “will have a significant reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to fossil-based fuels. KiOR fuels in today’s engines can provide a carbon emissions profile that is comparable to or better than electric cars run off the U.S. electric grid.”
“This is a major step forward for KiOR, the biofuels industry and the entire renewable fuels sector,” said Fred Cannon, KiOR’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With first production at Columbus, KiOR has technology with the potential to resurrect each and every shut down paper mill in the country and to replace imported oil on a cost effective basis while creating American jobs.”
Haley Barbour, former Governor of Mississippi, remarked, “The shipment of this first fuel from KiOR’s Columbus, Mississippi, facility is the culmination of a vision to establish Mississippi as the birthplace of the wood-to-fuels production technology.” Barber worked to bring KiOR to the state in the past.



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris


    For all intents and purposes, the availability of the base ingredients is limitless for the foreseeable future, and the demand can be met domestically….

    Define “foreseeable future!”

    Could it be that KIOR’s base ingredient is SNAKE OIL? Maybe KIOR’s Alchemists can provide an energy-flow chart to the Columbus Packet that they used in this biomass chemical conversion. Kior’s “Baseless Ingredients” explanation reeks of an organic chemist’s equivalent to the physicist’s perpetual motion machine.

    Folks in Natchez should beware of Indian venture capitalists(sub-continent types, not our Native Americans who know much about the “mining of soils”) and smooth-talking Texans promising you the moon!

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Breaking News!

    Condolezza Rice to speak at MSU!

    According to a report in Sunday’s Dispatch, the liaress par excellence Condoleeza Rice is a member of the KiOR Board of Directors.

    Condi, like the “reluctant warrior” Colin Powell, was a “black water carrier” for the Bush Crime Family’s WMD Big Lie that has cost the US treasury trillions of dollars and left over 5000 US servicemen dead;and, dead too are over 1,000,000 Iraqis–NOT counting the the 1.5 million that died from UN-imposed starvation sanctions.

    With that kind of “war record,” it’s puzzling that the boys in Oslo haven’t nominated her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Condoleeza Rice fails her own self-imposed Town Square test at her Sanford University Alma Mater speech on International Law. She tells CodePink, “Go To Hell!”

    You can bet that the MSU security Robo Cops will be at MSU too, to prevent any protests or embarrassing questions from the audience as to her knowledge of the torture of Iraqi prisoners, and her part in defending the WMD lies.

    International “Go To Hell” Diplomacy as taught and practiced at Sanford University:


  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    With “Condi’s” global venture capitalists connections, why does LINK and that Good Ole Boy from Mississippi that went to Harvard ,Leland Speed, burden Mississippi taxpayers with debt to finance these experimental high risk startup companies?

    Maybe KiOR will name its Columbus facility after Condi. The Board of Directors at Chevron voted to christen one of its Persian Gulf oil tankers The Condoleezza Rice when she sat at that Board. Why? Her name was removed from the oil tanker after Bush’s terror bombings started over Iraq.

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Don’t expect the cow college yokels over at MSU to embarrass Condi with questions about why the US really invaded Iraq–more likely she will get a standing ovation… the black-garbed Robo Cops in full combat gear standing at the entrances and exits will make sure of that.

    If you can’t enjoin’em, BEAT’EM.


  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The Count Dracula-looking character escorting Condi into the US House meeting in the link above is California Congressman and war monger Tom Lantos…a so-called “holocaust survivor.” C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb and Tom Lantos’ so-called Human Rights Caucus–it is not a governing body any more than the “black caucus”– fabricated the Kuwait Baby Incubator Hoax in the propaganda buildup to the first Gulf War, in order to dupe the gullible American public into sanctioning the invasion and occupation of Iraq.


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