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Columbus Mother Seeks Answers in Memorial Day Murder

slugger   On a Monday afternoon in September, Alexander “Slugger” Brown — who had recently moved to Atlanta, Ga. with his mother, Jackie — lost his life, at the age of 19, after he was shot in his left eye on a Columbus street.
And his mother is upset no one, including the Columbus Police Department, seems to care.
“Black on black crimes is a serious threat here in (Columbus),” Jackie Brown said. “And police say that they want to stop the violence, but how can they stop it when they let all the murderers go free and try to make the victims look like they deserve to be killed?
“No one has the right to take another person’s life” she continued. “Murders here have long been ignored and the problem is now increasing, because the crimes get swept under the rug. It is time for the communities to come together and get these people off the streets with that gun violence. Because these people we vote for and put in office don’t care about our people.”
According to witnesses of the Sept. 10 shooting, Alexander Brown and two of his friends got into a verbal altercation with a group of young men on the street in the 2500 block of 22nd Avenue North. When Brown and his friends got back into their vehicle, at least two men from the group with whom Brown had been arguing approached the vehicle brandishing firearms. Witnesses said Brown was struck by shots fired when he exited the drivers’ seat of the car.
Dominique “Stoopid” Chambers subsequently was arrested and charged with Brown’s murder.
Jackie Brown said she has gotten few answers to her questions to CPD Chief Selvain McQueen about her son’s death.
“I will never be able to hold my son in my arms again,” she said. “I’ll never be able to tell him that I love him.
“I just want to know why they did it,” she added. “I just want that answer. I want to know what was said by him (to the men in the group with whom he argued) that was so bad that they would shoot him.”
Alexander Brown and his mother moved to Georgia in August after he was released from the Mississippi Department of Corrections on a parole violation.
He was arrested in May of 2011, along with two other men — Quinton “Cheeze” Harris and Khalid Rashawn Roby— and charged with the murder of William Stallings on 850 Harrison Road.
Subsequently, five young men from Alabama were arrested in connection with Stalling’s murder and the murder charges against Brown, Harris and Roby were dropped.
But Brown was found to be in violation of his probation (which he earned from a prior burglary conviction) after several weapons were found in the home where he was arrested.
Jackie Brown told investigators the guns belonged to her and her husband.
“In 2011, my son and two other young men were accused of a murder that they did not commit,” she said. “Just out of the blue, these young men were labeled as murderers all over the Mississippi area and the people who are to serve and protect think it’s OK to not investigate things on their own. They just take someone’s word and arrest innocent people and close the case.
“Neither the sheriff, nor the mayor or none of these people apologized for the damage of labeling the three young men,” she added. “The only thing they did was make them look like gang members and gave them a bad name and tried to stir up a person’s past.”
Brown spent three months in jail on the parole violation and, when he was released, he and his mother moved to Georgia. He was in town for the Labor Day holiday, mostly visiting his grandmother in Starkville, when he was killed, Jackie Brown said of her son.
And she will continue to seek more information about his death and to hold the CPD accountable for providing it, noting McQueen adopted an attitude of her son being in the wrong place, with the wrong crowd.
“My son was murdered and all they were worried about was where he got the nickname ‘Slugger,’” she said. “And for those who want to know, I gave him that nickname when he was a baby. It didn’t come from a gang. Every time a black person gets into something, they think it’s gang-(related).
“For the record, my son wasn’t in a gang,” she continued. “He could stand by himself. The police always want to bring up a person’s past, but that doesn’t give another person a reason to take someone’s life. And now, I’ve buried my son. And you don’t hear anything like the things my son was called when he was accused of a murder he did not commit. But justice will be served.”
Brown and her supporters have begun handing out flyers across the area asking for justice for Brown’s death after the main suspect in the shooting, Dominique Chambers was “no-billed” at his Grand Jury appearance last month. According to several published reports, Dominique Chambers was released from prison two weeks ago after the Grand Jury “no-billed” the murder charge against him, meaning there was not enough evidence presented to prosecute. Chambers could be brought up on the charges again, but it seems unlikely.
The flyer being handed out reads as follows:
Justice for Alexander “Slugger” Brown, Jr.
On May 20, 2011, Alexander Brown, Jr. was arrested and charged with capital murder, and the only evidence they had to arrest and charge him was a statement that someone gave, and it turned out to be a lie. On September 3, 2012, Alexander Brown, Jr. was shot and killed. Someone was arrested, eyewitnesses made statements, along with others. Someone was arrested and charged with the murder. Five months later ALL charges were dropped. NO evidence is what they say. Not enough is what they say. So you tell me, what do a mother and father have to do to see that their child’s MURDER doesn’t get away with this? Someone broke the LAW and SOMEONE has to pay!!! When you break the law, you must pay, and the law was broken here. Please don’t let this happen to your child. Columbus Police Department does a good job trying to keep drugs off the streets. Working around the clock, setting up BLACK young men, planning for months, watching for years. If only they could put all that hard work into finding, arrested, convicting, and sentencing MURDERERS. Someone has to be held accountable for this. For more info and support, call Mr. and Mrs. Brown at 706-224-3576 and Mrs. Harris at 662-579-6948.



  1. KC

    To the Brown family, my heart goes out to them I will strongly support you-all in getting justice because everything she said about the law around here and the violence is true! !!.

  2. concernedcitizen

    Tell the truth! !!! this parent is right if we don’t stop the violence the law sure won’t ….

  3. justiceforall

    The truth shall be told I will support this family because the CPD is a joke that’s why people getting away with murder around here because they are not trained to solve any LOL..

    • JohnnyPhillipMorris

      And the reason that Howard Smart will walk free is that he controls the bloc voting across the River. He will walk free because his speedy trial rights are being violated by Chief McQueen as a tactical courtroom legal maneuver.

  4. lawabidingcitizen

    I am in law enforcement, but this is sad how cases get ignored, and I can’t imagine how this family feels to lose their child and then the murders go free that is bad…..my support is welcomed…

  5. Markeita Watt

    I absolutely agree with the brown family! They need answers and these people who did it or whoever knows anything about it needs to step forward and tell the truth! Please help give this family relief and peace!
    -Justice for Alexander “Slugger” Brown Jr. Please !!!! You have my support!!

  6. law-abidingcitizen

    I am in law enforcement and I have never seen anything like this I cant imagine how tgis Mother feels to lose her sun and then they let the murders go free this is sad you-all have me and ny family support ….

  7. Dukes

    there goes our CPD again taking sides with murderers we really need new city officials from the head all the way to the toe ….

  8. officer

    Just like they said sweep stuff under the rug that’s what Chief good for don’t ask him about the young days.. I support! !!!

  9. Johnson

    Columbus Mississippi justice system don’t work unless its one of there family members or friends!!!!! Something needs to be done about that looks like to me they need another staff starting with there chief….I pray justice gets served for that young man!!!!


    Justice for Mr. Alexander “Slugger” Brown Jr. It’s sad the way these people who suppose to protect the community don’t, they will try to sweep everything under the rug instead of handling a case the right way….I support the family

  11. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    So, what about Mary Sue Shields’ false imprisonment for the life without parole sentence by Judge Kitchens–his only option, he claims–for the first degree murder conviction of Larry Martin on that Club Elite juke-joint dancefloor over ten years ago. Larry Martin had a history of heart disease–a claim that Dr. Haynes admitted to in court. Martin attacked Shields on that dancefloor on New Years Eve and died from the effects of a heart disease induced by the stress..NOT premediated murder by Ms. Shields! Dhe responded in SELF DEFENCE!

    How can Judge Kitchens, who saw the injustice of DeLa’s false conviction in Judge Hilburn’s Mississippi Kagaroo Court of Law, NOT see the same injustice meted out by a bunch of Mississippi dumb-downed jurors from Lowndes county?

    I’ve often wondered what Judge Kitchens confesses to as he knells before the Priest at Confession. And Forrest Algood? He has no conscience!

    Ms. Shields’s Letter To the Editor is posted to the 28Feb2013 print edition of the Packet.

    Mr. Krieger, I’d like to see it posted to the online edition, please.


  12. corruptcity

    Mr Morris I agree with what u said and its just sad when u know u have people quilty of crimes they go free and the innocent goes straight to jail and they was wrong for even putting a joker like that chief in office thats a joke on the city …..

  13. policeofficer

    I think everyone who was involved in this young. man murder should be locked up until someone tell the truth I am a police office and I know the law and I will uphold the law like someone said earlier they need to clean house in that department because if everytime someone get killed in the city the killers be out bragging about they took another person life that’s not funny at all and I support this family on getting justice for this young man …that young for what I know didn’t have gun residue on his hand and the chief and DA tried to cone up with excuses ..its not right.!!!!!

  14. JohnnyPhillipMorris


    Roger Larsen had made comments on this flawed case against Ms. Shields as it made its way through the courts.

  15. MAMA

    Well, I can just write a book on the murders in Columbus,Ms. But for the BROWN family I just have never seen such a thing. They have the names of everyone that was there, shots were fired, a person got shot, a person got KILLED and someone was arrested and the charges were DROPPED. Look like its time for the FBI to come pay Columbus a VISIT….
    Brown Family you have my support !!!!!!!

  16. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I feel Ms. Brown’s pain, but I’ve watched enough of The First 48 Hours on TruTV to recognize the problem that investigators have in locating witnesses that will come foreward to testify. And I understand the fear of witnesses for the prosecution who think of the safety of their kith and kin if they take the stand. They fear the Chi-Town drug kingpin hitmen that operate even here in Lowndes county.

    The simplest solution to the so-called drug problem is for the State of Mississippi to nullify the draconian Federal drug laws (including asset forfeiture) through non-enforcement… the drug kingpins and gangs would lose their monopoly of the manufacture and distribution of drugs. This would lead to folks growing their own in the case of Pot…kinda like the homebrewing legislation passed last week. The consumption of ethyl alcohol is a far greater threat to society that Pot. I’d rather meet a pot smoker on the highway rather than some drunk.

    And why should a person who has “done his time” for breaking the law be labeled a felon for the rest of his life…denying him/her of the 2nd Amendment right to possess a firearm. Isn’t this a form of double jeopardy? It would be interesting to see the numerous “parole violation” arrests reports that are published in the Dispatch give more details. I suspect that these are “drug” possession related parole violations.

  17. policeofficer

    Well this is not 48 hours this is about people getting the justice they need in columbus and until we take a stand as a community and citizens of this city and get the grinches out of our city offices and clean house or else people are going to keep getting away with murder and everything else . and its like if someone wanted to get out of murdering some all they have to do is come to Columbus and do ”’ because u can get away with it they don’t know how to lock up people for murder they only. give drug dealers life…!!!!

  18. MAMA

    Mrs Brown I will have my people to get in touch with you. I have made some phone calls to VIP that I know. I have done some research on Columbus, Ms. Murders.

  19. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    You have as attorney here in Columbus who could do some well deserved pro bono work for his people, but he’s to busy ranting about the need to extend Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Or he’s flying off over to Houston to schmooze with the capo di capi tutti of the Bush War Crime family. Does Colom know about Bush’s role in the CIA’s Vietnam Operation Phoenix? Does Wil Colom really think “Babs” looks good in short skirts?

    What it comes down to is that Colom took the bankster’s advice and left Catfish Alley behind, including the poor people he could afford to help with the millions he has scammed as a tort attorney. It never was about the people, in spite of the Colon Law Firm “mission statement” that he once posted to his website.

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