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Gun Buy-Back Initiative to Kick Off Monday Morning

CPD LogoThis initiative will provide citizens the voluntary surrender of firearms while reducing gun violence. In partnership with the CPD, Community and Faith based organizations; the gun buy-back program will secure neutral locations throughout the city where individuals can surrender their firearms without any questions being asked.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the locations? There are four locations within the City of Columbus: Sims Scott Park, Townsend Community Center, East Columbus gym and Wal-Mart parking lot.

What are the times? The gun buy-back will take place on Monday, February 25, 2013, Tuesday, February 26, 2013 and Wednesday, February 27, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Is there a limit to how many firearms I can turn in? No. However, we reserve the right to limit the number of gift cards and the amount of cash an individual can receive, regardless of the amount of firearms the individual has surrendered.

What happens if I decide to turn in a gun at the buy-back, then I decide I want to keep it? Once a firearm is surrendered at the gun buyback it becomes property of the Columbus Police Department. At which time, the firearm will not be returned.

What happens if you run out of gift cards or money? The quantities of gift cards and money are limited and are subject to availability.

Will you check for lost or stolen status of the weapons? If so, will you return to owner? Yes. All weapons will be checked for lost and/or stolen status. Every effort will be made to return lost and/or stolen firearms to the rightful owners.

Can I turn in a gun for someone else? Yes. The gun buyback is completely anonymous and no questions will be asked.

Is this a sting operation by the police? No. The gun buyback is not a sting. It is an anonymous process in which individuals can surrender their weapons, no questions asked. Law Enforcement officials will not be taking pictures of participants, nor will they be logging license plate numbers.

How is this event being paid for? The event is being paid for by the City of Columbus, private and community donors.

Can residence from outside the city turn in their weapons? Yes. Although the event is specifically geared for residence of the City of Columbus, residency will not be asked upon surrendering firearms.

Who can I contact if I have a gun that I want to turn in after the event? In the event you are not able to attend the gun buyback event, you may contact the Columbus Police Department at 662-244-3528. However, the gun buyback program is the only way to receive a gift card or monies for firearms.

Selvain McQueen
Chief of Police

What is the Columbus Police Department offering for my gun?

BB gun and air pistols — $20.00
Hand guns — $100.00
Rifles/Shotguns — $200.00
Assault Rifles — $300.00



    • Staff Writer

      According to the police press release, they did NOT take down names of sellers. From the article:

      “The gun buyback is completely anonymous and no questions will be asked.”

  1. Harold

    I was at WalMart today. Man what a waste of money. They ran out of money by 10:30. I would not have given $500.00 for all the guns the bought today. I saw them buying junk guns for $200 – $300 each. They had a buggy full and the Officer say he had the trunk of his cruser full. They were paying $20.00 for a BB gun $200 for a junkshotgun etc. All they got was people cleaning out junk guns no one would give $50 for. If this was of ANY benifit I don’t see any. As stated “A TOTAL WASTE”.

    • JohnnyPhillipMorris


      Now we know why there are no counter-BBG buyers vying for bargains.

      The laugh is now own Bernie, CPD and Amazon.

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    So one can turn-in four of those old JC Higgins/H&R-type junk and purchase a new .45 cal/.410 Taurus Judge. Or use the money to replace old ammunition in their hidden “cache.”

    Still cannot understand why LCSO’s Clueless Tony Cooper is not investigating the rape associated with the arson of the Rufus Richards Stage Coach Inn?

  3. Old Lawyer

    really stupid operation, waste of man-hours and cash. did they get any meaningful results or just a bunch of “saturday night specials”? hell, the thugs these days carry Glocks and Springfields, they will use the cash from their old crap guns to by ammo for the newer ones.

    • JohnnyPhillipMorris

      Will the REAL Ben Toledano please stand up. How can you, Ben– described as a paleoconservative, former States Rights Party candidate and victim of the civil rights lobby’s campaign to defeat your chances at being appointed the to the bench of the Fifth Circuit of Appeals in New Orleans–engage in the kind of Southern bashing, Progressive Internationalism(thank you,John Pilger) diatribe over at Tom Freeland’s NMisscommentor.com blog? I think O’Dwyer’s right about Tom’s “religious” affiliations. Goldwater was a “practing” whiskeypalian, too.

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Makes one wonder if Birney intends to defend his family and property with that baseball bat by his headboard.

    And we we were all kept guessing what Birney’s cause celebre was going to be for 2013. Now we know that it’s pushing gun control.

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Old Lawyer~

    Why don’t you share with us the identities of those conspirators who participated in the Kill Huey P. Long Plot? We know that Hodding Carter, Jr. was a participant and managed the “yellow journalism” Hate Huey campaign through his Hammond, Louisiana newspaper. When Long was assassinated, Hodding fled Louisiana for Mississippi.

    Give us an update, please.

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