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Columbus Municipal Clerk Arrested in Narcotics Sting

Virgina Lynn Watt is taken into custody.

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit raided the homes of multiple drug traffickers across the area yesterday and arrested ten suspects, including an employees of the Columbus Municipal Court system. Narcotics agents, assisted by uniformed Sheriff’s deputies and US Marshals, began serving arrest warrants in and around Columbus shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday. Led by Narcotics Commander Bobby Grimes, agents split into three teams to search for 17 suspects at multiple locations. The project was the result of nearly a year of undercover work by the narcotics team and targeted several violators who were either low level street dealers or transporters. The 17 named suspects had over 44 various charges against them, primarily for sale of cocaine, marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs.

Narcotics Unit Commander Bobby Grimes stated that although these level drug dealers may not be the primary focus of the Unit, when they receive information on anyone selling drugs in our community, we are going to target them to get them off the street. Among those arrested was Virginia Lynn Watt, a Municipal Court clerk with the City of Columbus since Feb. 2011. Watt was charged with two counts of Sale of A Controlled Substance. Watt was charged after authorities witnessed her assist her husband, Roosevelt Dempsey Davis, transport illegal prescription pills on more than one occasion. Watt was arrested on scene at the municipal court shortly after 8 am. Wednesday and Davis surrendered later that afternoon after learning he was a wanted man.

Rebecca Cobb was arrested by US Marshals in Monroe County for two counts of Deliver of A Controlled Substance to A Correctional Facility. Cobb was found to be in possession of Methamphetamines at the time of her arrest, those charges will be handled by the Monroe County Sheriffs. Among those who surrendered or where arrested were Rickey Watson (Sale of Cocaine, Marijuana, Controlled Substance x2), Jason Douglas Reedy (Sale of Counterfeit Substance x3), Rondal Snider (Sale of Controlled Substance x4, Sale of Marijuana) and Tyrone Clay. Charged, but already in custody for unrelated charges were: Dustin Snider (Possession of Controlled Substance in Correctional Facility), Addine Cobb (Delivery/Possession of Controlled Substance in Correctional Facility x2), Deangelo Monta Sherrod (Sale of A Controlled Substance x2.)

Lowndes County Sheriff Mike Arledge is asking for the public’s help in locating several other suspects in the local drug trade. Anyone with any information on the following supsects should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-530-7151, or simply dial 911.

Wanted supects as of 4 p.m Wednesday: Jonathan Deshae Johnson, Lillian Anjenette Martin, Billy Eugene White, Benji Cornell Vaughn, Samuel Liron Edwards, Taracus Holy and James Moore.

Also arrested by the unit on Friday, January 4th was Michael Peeks (Possession of Methamphetamine). Peeks, who is well know to local law enforcement, was reportedly denied bond by a local judge and immediately “fainted” and fell to the floor from the shock. Peeks has a reputation for the dramatic when in custody, including screaming of stomach pain, nausea and dizziness in an attempt to avoid arrests.




  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The operative word here is “low level drug targets.” So, what about the kingpins? Why do they always seem to escape the dragent to recruit new mules while the low level suspects face Forrest and Judge Kitchens? Non-existent gumshoe work by Cooper and the High Sheriff sitting behind his desk is the problem. Go into any of the drug-infested areas of Lowndes county and the man-on-the-street can point out the “Crack” shacks and tell you the name of Mr. Big–ryhmes with “Crooks” in many cases. And if the Lowndes county prosecutor is so blind that he cannot see, let him check with the Oktibbeha county prosecutor.
    A simple checking the cellphone and financial records of a known suspect will lead to upper level targets. And if Tony Cooper had done that simple operation back when Howard Smart was arrested for the scrap iron thefts, it would have led to the solving of the burglarizing of the Mennonite Farm Supply Stihl chainsaws by an “insider working at the store” who just happened to be Smart’s ” white “swamper,” aka “Bubba.”But Mennonites don’t have voting blocs, as they do not participate in elections.

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Mr. Krieger~

    Anyway that you can put Ron Williams on the case of the serial burglaries that have been occuring in South Lowndes and East Oktibbeha counties?

    A latest victim of the KNOWN thief was a retired former special agent with the FBI, who had his four-wheeler stolen right beneath his bedroom window. There are game cameras that have photos of the known thief operating in the area. The known thief works on the turf of THE known kingpin (rhymes with crooks). And the Oktibbeha prosecutor knows his identity,

    Why do thay do nothing but go after the mules?

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    But Monkey Man is not daft:He’s an expert at hotwiring an ATvs and tractors. And law enforcement and judges know the truth and do nothing!

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Still waiting for drug task force gumshoes to comeup with the Mother of All the Drug Show and Tells…the arrest and the parading before the cameras of Mr. Big and the untouchable drug trafficking networkers.

    Truth is that Hell will freeze over first.

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Why the muzzling of comments on the “regional” arrests of suspects involved in drug trafficking and thefts of personal property that provided the money to purchase all the CRACK?

    Did Napoleon (rhymes with crooks) escape the dragnet, again? There’s more than sin going on in Sin City. Or is this just another case of what goes on across the River stays across the River?

  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Monkey Man Busted!

    So, Monkey man and Penny won’t be dining on roast duck and venison sausage tonight. He’s sitting in the Oktibbeha County (not Sheriff Alridge’s jail) after being arrested for burglary of dwellings in East Oktibbeha along the boundry with West Lowndes, near Sin City. The two-year rein of burglaries in Lowndes county has been halted, not due to the efforts of the LCSO investigators, but to Oktibbeha investigators who actually showup at the crime scene, assign case numbers, follow leads given them by the victims, take fingerprints and do the gumshoe work toapprehend these thieves. This doesn’t happen across the River in Lowndes county. Monkey Man is no stranger to the LCSO. Over fifteen years ago (1995?BC–before Cooper), Monkey Man was involved in the theft of three-wheelers and was caught and arrested by an enterprising detective that is no longer with the LCSO. Monkey Man made a plea deal with Allgood for a one-year probation sentence. So the next move is to ID Mr. Big(rhymes with crooks) and follow the trail of the stolen goods that Monkey Man has stolen all these years and ferried off to Oktibbeha county and then to points unknown.

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