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Arsonous Felon Leads Deputies Across State Lines

Around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department officers embarked on a car chase that led them through three counties before the subject was captured.  Officer Tony Perkins was dispatched to Tabernacle Road in Lowndes County where E-911 advised a subject in a truck was doing donuts in a field and tearing it up.

When the deputy arrived on scene, he observed a truck in the field and a John Deere tractor running. According to the officer, it appeared the tractor had been damaged or vandalized, and had possibly attempted to be set on fire.  The truck pulled onto Tabernacle Road where deputies attempted to stop it. The driver, Nathan Kyle Coleman, 26, of 3107 Tabernacle Road, accelerated and led deputies East into Alabama into Pickens County. He went North on Fallen Tree Road to Hwy 96, crossing into Lamar County. He turned South from Hwy 96 onto Atkins Road, crossing back into Pickens County. He re-entering Tabernacle/Co. Road 74 again going East. The road ended at Co. Road 75/Liberty Road, where Coleman turned North.  Deputies were waiting with road spikes in several locations during the chase, including two officers from Lamar County Sheriff Department, who were called in to help stop Coleman.

Some deputies were waiting on the North end of Co. Road 75 and Hwy 96 with spikes out. Coleman saw the blue lights and officers waiting. He made an abrupt turn into a driveway and spun around, jumping a ditch in the process and avoided the spike strips. He headed back South on Co. Road 75. He attempted to ram Lowndes County Deputy Lt. Willie Jones and Sgt. Tony Perkins on two different occasions.   The vehicle finally stopped in the middle of the road when he ran out of gas. The driver then refused to comply with orders to get out of the vehicle at first, but eventually complied. Lt. Jones and Coleman struggled, but the driver was quickly subdued by the officer and taken into custody.  Now in Pickens County, Lowndes and Lamar County officers waited for a Pickens County officer to arrive to bring Coleman to jail. Animal Control was also called to the scene. A medium-sized, tan, short-haired dog was found in the vehicle. A little shaken from his ride, but uninjured, he was transported with animal control.

While waiting for PCSD to arrive, Coleman made conversation with Lowndes and Lamar County officers.  “I had him beat though y’all,” he told deputies. “I f***ed it up when I headed back towards Mississippi. I had him all down Atkins.”  Coleman spoke fondly of the beginning of the chase where a female officer attempted to stop him, but ended up with her patrol car stuck in a ditch on the side of Tabernacle.  “She said ‘Stop sir’ and I said ‘F***’ you! and slammed it,’” he said. “It was some ni**er b***h girl.”  For the spikes laid out at the top of Co. Road 75, Coleman remarked “Look, I come around the corner and seen him. They had them blue lights on and s**t. I come around and they had them spikes out. I drove around that muthaf***er and kept going. They was in the middle.”  When asked why he ran, he simply replies “Didn’t wanna get arrested.”  He was taken to Pickens County Detention Center and then transported to LCADC on Wednesday. He was charged with Arson, Felony Eluding, Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Felony malicious Mischief, and had a previous charge of Cyberstalking.



  1. dray

    GIT-R-DONE MAN!!! YEA BUDDY!! Can’t even hit a mudhole in that crap hole no more without getting arrested! Thank goodness I am no longer in the “friendly ” city ha ha .. give em h*ll kyle

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I think that the chase had more to do with the suspect possibly attempting to “torch” a John Deere tractor.

  3. dray

    Ahh I see.. why in the world would he wanna torch a perfectly good tractor?? U know how the police are though..he liable to have used the tractor to get unstuck and just ran it HOT but to them he was standing there with a can full of gas and a handful of matches!!

  4. dray

    The police in Columbus only know how to upgrade each charge to tgr fullest extent instead of the opposite so our youth who make mistakes do not have to be scarred for the rest of their life with felonius titles instead of helping them and getting to the source of the problem .. I guarantee you that the prison term he will most likely have to serve will only make matters worse in one way or another

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Ahh I see.. why in the world would he wanna torch a perfectly good tractor??

    I agree. What do you suggest explains his aberrant behavior, since no alcoholic or synthetic drug charges were filed against him. His previous charge of Cyperstalking may lead one to suspect his intent was to “vandalize” the Deere. The destruction of intellectual property by “hacking” websites could be seem as a form of “vandalism.”

  6. Cindy

    i was praying for this fool while all of this was happening but f*ck that racist assh*le. i hope he gets all the time he deserves.
    and Dray, do you not realize how many people he could’ve hurt by driving like that? you sound like a dumb a*s just like him.

  7. Cindy

    and thank you, Sarah Wilson and the rest of the ‘Packet Family’ for printing details that CD would not!

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