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We Absolutely Must Come Together For Our Country's Sake

Ron Williams

Many Republicans,
Conservatives Bitter About

The long campaigning is over! Jubilance on one side, fear and heartbreak on the other! Relief for Obama supporters, disgust and mistrust for many Romney supporters. The electorate may have never been so divided as it is right now. And that fact was never more apparent than it was Tuesday night on my personal Facebook pages. As the news broke that Barack Obama had been re-elected, post after post was one way or the other. My nearly 1000 friends via Facebook are a mixed bunch. Among that friends group are many musicians and entertainers across the country. This group tend to lean to the left and favor Obama. When Obama was projected the winner by the news media outlets, my Facebook newsfeed became a barrage of differing opinions.

“Yay” read one post, simply!

“I’m moving to another country” read yet another from a extremely disappointed voter. (A typical response from those on the losing end of an election. That response has been stated by some for as long as I can remember after presidential elections dating back to the 60’s. RW)
“Okay…I can leave the bar now and go home and rest easy” read another post from an apparent Obama supporter.

“I fear for the existence of our country. Let’s pray we survive” read another.

One disturbing trend I saw was that some Facebook members was asking others that supported the other candidate to own up to it so they could delete that person from their friends list. I respect my friends opinions and decisions and would never delete someone for that fact (no matter how I felt that their decision was wrong, they have a right to make it and remain respected in doing so. RW).

I also saw where a few of my friends commented that some people on their friends list had made racists comments about the election. While I never saw any of that on my newsfeed, I’m sure there were a few on others. Race certainly factors in an election like this for a small percentage of voters, but most of the sharp, division in this presidential race comes from the difference between left-leaning liberals and right-leaning conservatives, not from the color of one’s skin. The fear among conservatives is that a lame duck President Obama can now govern from his agenda (if he has one) rather than from the middle as he has the past four years. Facing the fact that he cannot be re-elected again, the fear is he can do as he pleases for the next four years.

We shall see. (I still say…put Dave Ramsey in charge of spending. It would be painful for a while, but he would eventually make our dollar worth a dollar again! RW)

Newcomer Josiah
Coleman Pounds Flip Phillips For Supreme Court!

During the campaign, I had met both Josiah Coleman (the grandson of former Mississippi Governor J.P. Coleman) and Flip Phillips, both candidates for the Mississippi Supreme Court. Coleman is a young, conservative newcomer. Phillips a seasoned trial lawyer. The Phillips campaign spent a ton of money on advertisements (a couple of days before the election, I witnessed 3 back-to-back Phillips commercials’ in a row on WCBI-TV4. RW). With most of those ads being negative in nature against Coleman. That, along with a bevy of endorsements for Coleman, was the undoing of Phillips!

Coleman sat back, with his cool, calm demeanor, and reaped the benefits. He won the race handily.

Wicker, Nunnelee and Harper All Re-elected to Congress
U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, Representatives Alan Nunnelee and Gregg Harper were all re-elected to their positions in Congress. Wicker’s term is for 6 years in the senate. Nunnelee and Harper will serve 2 year terms in the House of Representatives.

District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith Gets Angry at Supe Meeting
Lowndes County District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith is really fed up with what he feels is lack of respect from his fellow supervisors on the Lowndes County Board, especially of Board President Harry Sanders, who is often accused of meddling in other districts by Smith and District 5 Supervisor Leroy Brooks. At Monday’s board meeting, Smith thought he had Sanders’ support for a private driveway repair on Whispering Pines Road where a county school bus was being parked. Armed with an attorney general’s opinion that work by the county is legal in such matters, Smith felt he was jilted by Sanders after Sanders had opposed the county paying for the material (possibly $50 worth of No. 5 rock, according to Smith and Road Manager Ronnie Burns. Sanders didn’t mind the county doing the work, he said. But he wanted the county school board to pay for the material because it involves a county school bus doing damage to a private driveway. In that respect, Sanders is correct and the school board should indeed pay for the material. After all, they collect their own taxes from county residents as well. RW).

Though Smith borders on trying to run his district the way a supervisor would in the old beat-system manner (Lowndes County is under the Unit system, a centralized-governing process that is based on county-wide needs rather than individual supervisors concerns. RW) Smith and Brooks are absolutely correct that, in the past, these types of actions have taken place in other districts without any influence from a supervisor in another district. There is validity to that statement as well as Smith being dissed in his elected position.

Jeff Smith deserves as much respect as any other supervisor on that board. As was stated by Brooks during discussion, as long as a supervisor is within the legal parameters when working on a project, he should be supported! With that said, Sanders is correct that the county school board should pay for the material.

Roger Short Addresses
Soccer Complex Criticisms

During the Monday Lowndes County Supervisors meeting, Roger Short asked for $100,000 from the county (the city matched it at their Tuesday Columbus City Council meeting. RW) to build an additional concessions building at the Burns Bottom Soccer Complex that would include more restroom facilities at the park. A Commercial Dispatch opinion piece last week suggested there were flaws in the original design of the complex that warranted criticism from many bloggers about the lack of concessions/restroom/parking at the complex. Short, as he rose to address the supervisors, took those critics to task.

“We’re trying to get this second concessions facility taken care of at the soccer complex. Of course it’ll serve two purposes. One, it’ll get us additional restrooms and concession facilities which people have been complaining about. Secondly, it’ll also alleviate and help us with our parking situation. When we only had the one concession facility, what we did, I scheduled the smaller kids…the U-5’s, the U-6’s and the U-7’s and 8’s…we scheduled them all on the north side (of the complex) which created quite a bit of traffic over there. With an additional concessions facility, we’ll be able to spread those kids out, and it’ll also help our parking. So it’s a two-fold thing that it will do here. We hope it will get the community on board with us.”

“There has been some unjust, negative comments that have been made about the facility. It being inadequate and things like that. Things such as we didn’t plan properly. Everything was planned out properly! Which I think y’all are well aware of. We got to a certain point where we ran out of money just as we got to another phase. I guess that’s what I’m here for…maybe the second phase? Maybe that’s what we’ll call it. The second phase!”

Short believes that the $200,000 provided by the city and county will be enough to take care of the additional needs of the complex.

Ron Williams can be reached by email at Ronsings2you@aol.com



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    On the subject of racial comments in response to the re-election of Obama and his Neo-Con war party cabal, I defer to the Mr. Bean link below.
    Speaking of the war party, the tort lawyers and war partiers over at Tom Freeland’s northmisscommentor got their comeuppance with the election of Judge Coleman. Flip flopped! Let’em Eat Grass!

    Birney is on his “Damn the Confederates” soapbox again. If there is ever to be a dedicated posterboy for emptysuit journalists, Birney Imes fits that job description to the core. Let he and his kith and kin “crossover,” if they so choose.
    What the Friendly City needs is something equivalent to London’s Hyde Park…a place where ANYONE can mount a soapbox(bring your own soapbox) to rant and rave without regard to race, religion or political convictions. And to be held right in front of the Confederate Soldiers monument, before Birney lobbys for its removal to some warehouse. It happened with the Governor Theodore Bilbo’s statue, where, I’m told, the Mississippi black caucus uses it for a hat rack.


  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Burns Bottom and its facilities would be a better location for Speakers Corner, as the Confederate Memorial could be subject to defacement from the “haters,” and I don’t mean black ones.

    Burns Bottom has parking and food vendor facilities…it’d be a kinda’ Neshoba County Fair without the cabins. A place where political candidates could speak to the masses without spending tens of millions of dollars on advertising ads.

    Check Out the comedic black speaker..the UK equivalent to Jackson’s Enoch Sanders.


  3. Harold

    I do think it is too late to turn this country around except another large scale event. I just hope we can hold out 4 more years. When there are more people receiving than giving it will all come to roost.

    When you are having crime problems you look for help from the police. When you are having financial problems you look to someone or some place where you can get funding. That is where the people with money can be of help. You don’t go to a person on food stamps or welfare. Without people with money you can’t create jobs. The goverment can nor create jobs. The only money they have comes from the working class people and the rich. If you don,t understand this – you must be on some type of goverment substance. Are you getting an unearned goverment check? If so I know who you voted for.

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    With all the hypocritical international fingerpointing at Ole Miss over the “race riots” last week, Tom Freeland’s Blog at northmisscommentor and the Main Stream Media(MSM) never report that the US National Clandestine Services will be interviewing graduates of Jim Barksdale‘s Ole Miss training ground for US assassins, ground cockpit terror fliegers and cyber warriors…the (CISS.

    Their targets will be the hapless peoples of mineral-rich Iran, Africa and the Middle East..and GAZA where the Supreme POTUS has given his official stamp of approval of the human slaughter taking place there. The same POTUS who is also a recipient of Nobel Peace Prize awarded him by a five-member Norwegian selection committee. But we should remember other recipients from the Norwegians have been notorius warmongers,too… Henry Kissinger, Shimon Perez, Menachem Begin, IDF General Rabin…

    Shame on Jim Barksdale and Ray Mabus.

    Interviews will be conducted beginning 17NOV2012.


  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I’m beginning to wonder if Old Lawyer(Ben Toledano) wasn’t joking when he talked about getting on his Harley “Hog” and riding off a pier into the Gulf? We haven’t heard from him, lately.

    I’m sure though that he alive and well and cheering on the IAF in its continuing massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza as he did in cheering on the NATO terror fliegers that liquidated Khaddafi, his three sons and his three grandchildren. POTUS Reagan had already liquidated Khadaffi’s infant daughter back in the late 1980s.

    Come on, Old Lawyer, gives us your humble opinion! And what about that flag with the blue six-pointed star on a white background? You think that the people of Gaza find it offensive?

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