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More Smith Drama Stirs Columbus

CPD Officers Caught in Crosshairs

Two Columbus Police Officers may face suspensions for allegedly breaking department policy after responding to a call earlier this month involving the arrest of a relative of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith. Controversy erupted after allies of the mayor believed an officer was heard on tape threatening the mayor during a discussion behind the Lowndes County jail shortly after the incident.
On Thursday, Oct. 4, just after 10:30 p.m., CPD Officer Kevin Moore stopped a car in front of King Grocery at 1704 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The stop was due to the fact that the driver of the car disregarded the traffic light at the intersection of MLK Jr. Drive and 14th Ave. N.
After a record check, the driver of the car, Rebecca Smith, 27, of Columbus, was arrested for Driving with a Suspended License, Failure to Have Proof of Liability Insurance and Disobeying a Traffic Control Device. Smith was allowed to contact someone to come pick up her vehicle. She was then taken into custody and was transported to Lowndes County Adult Detention Center (LCADC). Smith is the daughter of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith.
(We did not run the arrest story of Rebecca Smith in The Packet last week, as it was a misdemeanor charge and she has no known criminal history. We responded to the scene knowing only that the vehicle she was driving was registered to Columbus Mayor Robert Smith. It wasn’t until another situation developed from the incident and the notion of potential officer suspensions arose that the arrest became newsworthy-CK)
While Smith was transported to the jail, Packet reporter John Douglas stood in the back parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to get a photo of her being walked into the facility.
While waiting at the back fence with a camera in hand, Douglas roused the attention of the guards working inside the jail. CPD and LCSO Officers were alerted and asked to respond to the jail for ‘A white male taking pictures behind the jail.’ [I heard the call on my scanner and knew the best course of action was to stay there and wait for the cavalry to swoop in. – JD]
Three correctional officers from inside the jail went outside to detain the ‘suspicious person’. CPD Officer Yolanda Young was the first to arrive, followed closely by Officer Stephen Kemp. Lowndes County Lt. Tony Perkins was moments behind them.
While the responding officers were familiar with Douglas, the LCADC jailers were not. Douglas explained that the Packet’s reporters often came to the jail to get a ‘walk in’ shot of prisoners if they could not get a good photo at the scene of the arrest. [These photos have often run with our stories, even gracing the cover of the Packet on certain occasions. – JD]
Correctional Officer Pam Glover informed Douglas that their shift had never witnessed this, and that the practice was against the law. Officer Kemp also informed the reporter that photos could only be taken from the edge of the street outside the jail (roughly 40 yards from the fence).
Douglas told the officers that this had never been mentioned to any of the Packet staff, but the reporters would cease their practice of the ‘walk in’ shot if it was illegal.
Moore exited the jail and joined the gathering outside the fence to see what the commotion was about.
Lowndes County Sheriff Mike Arledge agreed with several sources within the Sheriff’s Office this week, telling Columbus Packet Editor Colin Krieger that it was not illegal for reporters to take photos on the property, so long as they stay outside the fence and away from the main gate. Reporters must stay off the property if told to do so by a Deputy concerning a specific incident for safety reasons.

Columbus Mayor Robert Smith

The following Wednesday (Oct. 10th), rumor spread around the Columbus political scene that a recording of the incident at the jail contained a quote from one of the officers saying: “You’ve got to cut the Mayor’s throat.” If true, friends of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith argued that it would show that some Police officers not only treat Mayor Smith unfavorably, but that some may be trying to intentionally go after the Mayor and his family.
A copy of the recording was obtained by The Packet late Friday afternoon from sources close to city hall (and outside of the CPD), and it was copied again and sent to an online transcription service to authenticate alleged statement and the other conversation leading up to it. Another copy of the tape was also transcribed by several members of The Packet staff (Neither the Packet staff or the transcription service was told of the phrase “throat cutting,” in an effort to remain as fair as possible-CK).
The transcription, from online service FoxTranscribe, was emailed to The Packet Tuesday, and it indicated that the phrase “cut the Mayor’s throat” was not used. Below is the best transcription of the tape The Packet staff can provide, it contains both the majority of the translation provided by FoxTranscribe, as well as additional portions of the same tape later obtained after the original transcription was ordered. The entire recording will be available on The Columbus Packet website Thursday evening.
The entire tape is 10 minutes, 30 seconds in length, the following portion is a copy of most of the recording. It contains a conversation between Lowndes County Jailer Pam Glover, Officer Stephen Kemp, Kevin Moore and Yolanda Young. The recording is believed to come from the recorder of Officer Young, as Moore and Kemp reportedly did not have theirs on at the time.



Young: Hey, what’s going on? (Laughter)

Douglas: You should have known it was me.

Glover: I’ve never had anybody on my shift do this.

Young: What?

Glover: Take pictures.

Douglas: If we miss them at the scene, if we don’t get a face shot, we always run over here.

Young: Yeah, they come up to the… and catch ‘em when you walking them in.

Douglas: I usually stay against this wall over here, but I was shooting between the cars here. I didn’t know if she was inside yet or not.

Glover: (on radio) Go ahead and call the Lieutenant. Our Lieutenant. Let him know.

Young: So, y’all couldn’t get over to the thing…uh, Kevin Moore?

Douglas: Yeah. I got over there, but I didn’t get a shot of the face.

Glover: (on radio) Step out here.

(indistinct radio chatter)

Douglas: Like I said, this is how we get a lot of our bigger crimes. Like in the county, the tint is so dark on their cars, if they’re already in the car when we get there, we can’t get them. So we come over here and try to get them on the walk in.

Glover: Listen, I know you’re doing your job. We’re doing ours.

Douglas: Oh yeah. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. The last thing I need is law enforcement unhappy with me. It makes my job a lot harder.

Glover: (Laughter) It works both ways, hon. But we didn’t know what you were doing.

Douglas: Better safe than sorry.

Radio dispatcher: He’s supposed to be around back of the jail.

Kemp: (over radio) I’m on scene.


Kemp: Hey man! Don’t you know your First Amendment Rights were about to be violated?

(Laughter from all)

Douglas: I believe it! (Laughter)

Kemp: What are you out here doing man?

Douglas: Trying to get shots of the Mayor’s daughter as she was walked in back there.


Kemp: You’d get a better shot over there.

Glover: He already got it.

Douglas: Nah, I missed the shot. I MISSED my shot. I got her kinda. She hid her face from me. My camera did something funny. It didn’t go off at the right moment.

Kemp: That’s Kevin got that one? Glad it’s not me.

Young: Not me. That’s what I said too. (Laughter) We already got ’em mean. (Laughter)

Glover: What? Oh no!

Moore: What’d you do?

(Laughter from all)

(Radio chatter)

Glover: He’s just doing his job.

(Radio chatter)

Kemp: (indistinct)

Perkins: Doing his job?

Glover: Yeah, but I tell him, we just doing our job too.

Perkins: Not around the jail, they’re not. (Laughter)

John Douglas: This is, like I told them, this is the first time anybody said anything to us, coming down here and getting the shot at the back door. We’ve shot through this fence, I can’t tell you how many times.

Kemp: Yeah, First Amendment Right stops at the edge of the road out there.

Douglas: I did not know that.

Kemp: Especially being a government building.

Douglas: Okay. Now I know. Now I can tell everybody.

Kemp: It’s just not advisable. If we didn’t know you, we’d probably already have you on the ground, roughing you up.

Douglas: Hey, as long as somebody takes the camera and gets some pictures? That’s cool. (Laughter)

Glover: He don’t care. (Laughter) What’s your name again, honey?

Yolanda: Yolanda.

Glover: Yolanda. Okay. I got to do a report on it.

Kemp: Glad he took her to jail and not me.

Moore: I don’t give a damn.

Kemp: All right.

Moore: I’m not gonna cut one break. (indistinct) I don’t give a damn.

Kemp: Man, you got to cut the mayor’s folks, always.

Moore: I don’t give a s***.

Kemp: Unless you the Highway Patrol, you can’t do nothing.

German Smith was arrested on gun charges May 26, 2012 in downtown Columbus by a Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper. The felon currently faces federal charges following the arrest. According to sources, though the arrest took place inside the city limits of Columbus, the trooper called a Lowndes County Deputy to transport Smith to the LCADC, due to the fact that he was aware of German’s relation to the Mayor.

(Laughter from all)

Moore: Man, I don’t care.

Kemp: All right. When you got them two babies starving to death because you ain’t got no job.

Moore: (indistinct)

Kemp: I hope you called the supervisor.

Rule #12 of Columbus Police Guidelines for the Uniform Patrol Division, states the following:
“On calls involving a law enforcement officer active or retired, any calls concerning a city employee or elected official or his or her family member a supervisor will respond to the scene and notify me of the situation promptly.”
-The “me” is CPD Captain Fred Shelton, who reportedly was contacted as per protocol.

Moore: I did!

Kemp: Okay.

Moore: I did. (indistinct)

Kemp: You and Rick, you and Rick Higgins or Jones?

Moore: All I gotta say is, “Chang chang! (immitating handcuffs)”

Kemp: You tell Ric Higgins or Rick Jones.

Moore: I told Ric Higgins and Rick Jones was standing right beside him and he told him.


(Radio chatter)

Moore: All right. I ain’t scared of nobody. I don’t care who he is.

(Radio chatter)

Moore: Hey, I’m in Pontotoc County, damn it.

Young: See y’all….(Laughter)

Radio: Respond to a (static) and speak with the desk clerk. It would be in reference to an intoxicated subject. I don’t know if he’s at the pool or in the pool, but he is refusing to get out. Speak to the front desk clerk.

The phrase “cut the mayor’s throat” appeared to be a mistranslation of the phrase “cut the mayor’s folks (a break)”.
According to several sources, Officers Stephen Kemp and Kevin Moore both face possible suspension for not having their recorders on when they responded to the incident behind the jail. Officers are, according to CPD policy, ordered to have their recorders on whenever they respond to a call. Other officers have faced between one and three days in similar incidents in the past. It is unclear if either officer will be punished for speculating on how Mayor Smith and his family should or should not be treated.
The Columbus Police Department traditionally only releases police recordings upon request, unless the incident is said to still be under investigation. It seems that the recording that was brought to the Packet from outside the CPD was copied without consent of Columbus Police Chief Selvain McQueen. Officials at CPD said Wednesday that they follow all state laws when it comes to the release of both written and recorded information. (The question as to why some elected officials have unfettered access to that information remains unanswered-CK)
Another of Mayor Smith’s children, his son Sherman Smith, who does have a criminal history, was arrested Tuesday night by Columbus Police and charged with Driving with a Suspended License. Protocol was again followed, and all ranking officers along the chain of command were notified of the arrest. The same source that provided the tape to The Packet said that Mayor Smith had no issues with either arrest and that the Officers were just doing their job.
Leadership within the CPD is said to be considering revisions to their arrest policy in regards to both Suspended License and Contempt of Court charges.
[Whether the fear of reprisal from Mayor Smith is unfounded or not, I can say that it is a real fear felt by Columbus Police Officers. Smith’s brash style definitely is on the minds of most employees of the city, and comes up often in even the most casual of discussions with city workers. Smith has a reputation as a bully, but his allies would say he merely rules with a strong hand.
The Packet has learned that several more Columbus Police Officers will be leaving the force in the next few weeks, which is not good news for Chief McQueen or anyone else living in the city. Turnover is part of the business in a force the size of the CPD, but there has been an exodus of talent in the last few years due to a variety of circumstances. One must factor in that we have had three different Police Chiefs, with three different styles and three different circles of friends in a relatively short period of time. Chief McQueen has much more than crime to deal with on a daily basis, he works at “the will and pleasure of the Mayor and Council” The only constant in that time is that the efforts of both the Mayor and City Council to influence the police department over that time has increased exponentially. Whether that kind of leadership is what our citizens want, that will be decided in next year’s municipal elections. – Colin Krieger]



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Yes, Tony Perkins, John Douglas is doing his job… something that you and Tony Cooper do not do!

    Too bad that we’ve got three more years of Sheriff Arledge.

    • This is standard policy OP for the sheriff office and CPD when officers go over the line on the First Amendment. Making things up as they go along and trying to mangle the law to back them up later. In the tech industry, it’s commonly referred to as the “break it now and fix it later” syndrome.
      When officer Adams stopped stopped me in the lobby of the Columbus municipal building, on my way into a open meeting of the Columbus city council, because I was carrying a video camera, he told me he would arrest me if I crossed the line at the walk through metal detector with my camera.
      Before the entire incident was over, there were at least eight officers blocking my way into the council meeting, in spite of state law forbidding what they were doing.
      The owner of your competitor newspaper was standing ten feet away and did and said nothing. None of the officials who passed the scene took any action to stop what was happening. I’ve posted photos, audio and video of the incident to the internet so the public can see what can happen when police officers themselves break the law, trying to make it as they go.
      I hope, whenever this kind of thing happens, your newspaper knows that not doing or saying anything about this kind of abuse hurts not only the press, but the rights of the public citizen. I have never seen your competitor mention the rights of the citizen when it comes to First Amendment issues (like access to public meetings, making recordings, taking photos and video, etc). As long as their reporters are allowed access to something, they have ignored many incidences where citizens were intimidated and threatened. I hope your newspaper doesn’t follow that practice.
      Denying the individual citizen access is one step away from denying it to the press. When the government takes our First Amendment rights away from us, the press shouldn’t complain when their access is denied.

      • JohnnyPhillipMorris

        The owner of your competitor newspaper was standing ten feet away and did and said nothing.

        Bernie doesn’t want to get involved…he’s too busy handing rose bunches to Mayor Smith and Sheriff Arledge.

  2. LEOsupporter

    So revise their policy huh? State law mandates that a person who drives on a suspended license shall be taken into custody. It’s not the officers fault the mayors kids don’t have drivers license. And as for the officers doing anything wrong the arrest was over why did they need their recorders on? Does the policy state turn it and leave it on all throughout the entire shift? No it doesn’t does it say turn it on if you talk to your wife in Walmart nope. I’m with Geiger on this one they just make up these policies as it goes along. Sounds like the mayor may be cleaning off his chopping block and making space on his mantel for some new heads. Watch out cpd ! I have heard of Douglas and crew taking pictures of suspects though the fence on numerous occasions, what is different about this one? I tell you what it was Big Roberts daughter. Good citizens of Collumbus you have one chance to change all of this before you loose the few good police officers you have left. It’s called election time get hI’m and his cronies out ! Start knocking them out of office from the top all the way down! Elect and hire some real leaders that not only support you the people but support the city employees and that don’t back down just because of who someone is related to. Officer Moore I commend you for doing your job as is stated in the oath you took! Officers should not have to fear consiquences just because they arrest a bay bay kid!!!!

  3. A short followup on something in your article about the release of police recordings. At least one officer, standing with officer Adams the night I was barred from the council meeting, said his recorder was on and recording the incident, yet when I requested a copy of that recording, I was informed there were no recordings from that incident. I heard the officer state he was recording it when officer Adams made the threat to arrest me, yet now the CPD claims there was no recording made. Policy, and even the law, doesn’t really mean anything if those who are supposed to follow it feel they can make up their own. My feeling is that at least one recording was made and I was refused a copy because of the personal liability that violating the Mississippi state Open Meeting Law carries with it. Also, when I asked to see it, officer Adams, who was in civilian clothes (and whom I had never seen before), refused to show me his department issued ID and refused to tell me, when I asked, who his supervisor was. Those are two things every police officer should have to show and tell a citizen who asks for them, especially when you claim to be a police officer and are making the threat of arresting someone.

  4. Bubba Gump

    The Mayor doesn’t have to worry about certain officers being “after” his kin, they all but run up to the cops and turn themselves in.

    What kind of Mayor do you suppose you have that will stand there blaming everyone else when it is HIS children who are the problem??

    And when you get that one answered, please explain to me how a cop in one car, is going to make your daughter in other car run a traffic light, drive with a suspended license, drive with no proof of insurance… I hadn’t realized we had officers with telekinetic powers on the force.

    Grow up Mayor, or go home.

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    So, is it State law, or CPD policy, that law enforcement officers are required to cut “on” their recorders when a “suspect” is detained, or in custody; i.e., that the suspect is unable to leave on his/her own free will?
    I think we citizens have a problem when law enforcement officials start “targeting” its citizens. Wasn’t there an “incident” when Roger was threatened as he photographed a tow-truck driver at a car wreck scene? I suspected that there was more to that incident, but Roger never followed up with that story.

    All this should have our former law enforcement Governor, our Attorney General Hood and his brother Tom Hood at the Ethics Commission breathing down the neck of the CPD. But it’ll be a cold day in Hell when that happens. It’s that “band of brothers” thing.

    Thanks to the Columbus Packet for carrying on Roger Larsen’s Mission: Exposing the underbelly of local law enforcement.

    Would the Packet post mugshots of all members of the CPD and LCSO, including members of its “investigation” division?

    Stay off bicycles, John and Colin.

  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Question #1:For what period of time are the recordings by CPD kept on file; and can a suspect demand that a copy of this “evidence” against him/her?

    Question #2:If CPD cannot produce recordings of a suspect interrogation, complete with the reading of the required Fifth Amendment protecting Miranda Rights warning, is Judge Clinksdale required by State law to dismiss all charges against the defendant?

    A suspect is considered in “custody” when he/she is detained and unable to leave on their own free will.


  7. Robbie

    This is the kind of Mayor “they” want. How can Columbus move up when the Mayor’s family is pulling it down? Time to wake-up and replace the whole lot of “thugs”.

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