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Northside Shooting Continues Cycle of Violence

Shots rang out on 22nd Ave. N. just after 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon. Frantic calls to Lowndes County E-911 reported that someone had been injured in the shooting.

Alexander “Slugger” Brown

Feeling there was no time to wait for an ambulance, the victim’s friends loaded him into a white Dodge Avenger and rushed to BMH-GT.
When the vehicle arrived at the hospital, the driver of the vehicle ran for a nurse to bring the victim, 19-year-old Alexander Demonta “Slugger” Brown, into the emergency room. Mass confusion outside the entrance to the ER delayed Brown’s treatment. This was in part due to several vehicles full of people which arrived shortly after the Dodge, and persons rushing around trying to help the situation or glean information for family and friends not on scene.

Alexander Brown’s friends take him into the emergency room.

Brown was finally pulled from the blood-soaked backseat of the car and placed in a wheelchair so he could be taken inside. His friends held him in place in the chair, as he was limp and kept sliding down in the seat. Once inside, he was rushed to treatment for a bullet wound to his left eye.
Shortly after 4 p.m., Brown was pronounced dead from his injury.

At the scene of the shooting, five yards from the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and 22nd Ave. N., Officers Lamont Mosely, William Thrasher and Lance Luckey arrived within minutes of the original calls. On 22nd Ave., they found a firearm believed to have been used in the shooting, a Raven Arms Model MP-25 25 caliber semi-auto pistol. Within feet of the gun were four spent rounds and a pool of blood.
When he arrived on scene, Mosely detained a suspect who was later released.
The officers investigated the area and spoke with witnesses, but no other arrests were made Monday afternoon.

Dominique Chambers

At 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, after compiling information from witness statements, CPD officers successfully executed an arrest warrant for 19-year-old Dominique Ivan Chambers at his home at 2422 23rd Ave. N. Chambers was taken into custody and transported to the Columbus Police Department’s Crimes Investigation Department for questioning.
The shooting is still under investigation.

According to several witnesses on scene, Brown showed up on the 2500 block of 22nd Ave. N. in the Dodge Avenger shortly after 2 p.m. Brown parked the sedan on the South side of the road and exited the car along with two friends, Portis and Devin Thompson, both of Columbus, and walked towards a group of young men on the Northern curb of the street. Witnesses told The Packet that an argument quickly ensued, and Brown began yelling back and forth with several members of the group.
After a couple minutes of verbal sparring, Brown and the Thompson brothers then reportedly got back into their car. It was at this time when witnesses said that at least two men from the other group walked up to the vehicle brandishing firearms.
One witness told The Packet: “Sparks, all of a sudden there were sparks everywhere. Slugger got out of the car for a second, but he got hit pretty quick.” Sources said that Brown managed to get out from the drivers seat of the car and fired at least three shots before he was struck. Dominique Chambers, A.K.A. “Stoopid” who was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with Brown’s murder was only one of several alleged shooters from the larger group that fired on Brown and the Thompson brothers. (It was unclear if either Thompson brother fired a shot.)
Several witnesses said that Andre “Pot” Williams fired several rounds at Brown’s group before being struck in his upper right arm, presumably with a round fired from Brown’s

Brown’s .25 caliber handgun lies next to a pool of blood.

.25 caliber pistol. Once Brown was hit and fell to the ground, witnesses said that the larger group quickly dispersed in different directions down 22nd Ave. N. Portis and Devin Thompson picked Brown up and loaded him into the back seat of the sedan and rushed him to Baptist Memorial Hospital. Seconds after they arrived at BMH-GT, Sherman Smith pulled up behind the car and helped load Brown into the wheelchair. Smith was not on scene at the shooting, but was planning to meet up with Brown after he was supposed to leave 22nd Ave. N. [Smith’s twin brother German was indicted last week in Federal Court on Possession of a Weapon by a Felon, see the article on page 3] Andre “Pot” Williams was taken to the hospital in a different vehicle.
Sources also put local “Femme Fatale” Kalmesha Jackson and Rishad Reed in the neighborhood at the time of the shooting.

Kalmesha Jackson

Jackson has been connected to three other shootings in Columbus (two of which ended in deaths). Jackson’s second connected shooting was the death of Marquez Carter on 2nd Ave. N in mid-January 2012. Marquez died under suspicious circumstances when he was “accidentally” shot in the head while sitting in Jackson’s Chevrolet Malibu. The shooting also involved Reed, who was sitting in the backseat of the Malibu when Carter was shot. Jackson was charged with Carter’s murder. The deceased Carter was first cousin to Monday’s victim, Alexander Brown. Carter was also a friend of German and Sherman Smith and was involved in an incident with them at the Columbus Fairground in March 2010. In the incident, all three were investigated for possession of a firearm and a bulletproof vest. [Jackson was also connected to the shooting death of her ex-boyfriend Edmund Mosely in July 2011 and the non-fatal wounding of Joshua Wilson at the Columbus Fairgrounds in March 2012.]
No witnesses would say if Reed or Jackson were involved in the shooting itself, but more than one witness said they were seen fleeing the scene before police arrived. Columbus Police could not comment on details of the shooting or any suspects.

Update: Kalmesha Jackson contacted the Packet Thursday morning.  She denies having been involved in the incident on Labor Day.  

Next week’s Packet will feature an interview with Jackson, giving her side of the story.

Jackie Brown, the mother of the deceased, told The Packet Wednesday evening that her son did not receive what she considered proper medical treatment at BMH-GT. She said that his friends had to load her son into a wheelchair themselves upon arrival, and that it wasn’t until they raced him into the Emergency Room entrance that the nurses put him on a stretcher. Once inside, the staff at BMH-GT determined that Brown needed to be transported to another facility for expert treatment and a Careflight helicopter was called in to transport him to a hospital in Tupelo.
“I don’t think they (the hospital) were ready, I don’t even think they tried” Jackie Brown said. “They told Portis (Thompson) that they didn’t have a surgeon there…that he had been fired a few months ago??” Although Portis declined to comment on the events leading up to the shooting, he did confirm that the hospital staff told him they didn’t have a surgeon working. Portis also added that an unidentified staff member apologized for the lack of assistance when they arrived with Brown.
Jackie Brown said that her son Alexander had moved with her to Georgia last August after being released from MDOC on a parole violation. Brown was arrested last May and charged in the murder of William Stallings on 850 Harrison Road off of Highway 50 E. Brown, along with Quinton Harris A.K.A. “Cheez” and Khalid Rashawn Roby, were arrested and charged with the murder and held for three days before Lowndes County Sheriff’s dropped the murder charges and arrested five young men from West Alabama in connection with the shooting. Although Harris, Roby and Brown were cleared of any involvement in the shooting, Brown was found to be in violation of his probation (from a prior Burglary conviction) after several weapons were found in the home where he was arrested. Jackie Brown told The Packet at the time of his arrest that the guns belonged to her and her husband, and that she had even discussed how to care for firearms with his probation officer:
“My son’s probation officer told me that we are allowed to keep our guns in the house…just keep them from your son- and that’s what we did” Brown said after the arrest. Brown said that Lowndes County Deputies asked the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) to release Brown on the probation violation, they kept him in jail for three months.
“Detective Eli Perrigin tried to make it right…he knew those guns were ours…but MDOC wouldn’t listen. The day he got out, we moved to Georgia” Jackie Brown said.

CPD Officer Lance Luckey and Investigator
Ric Higgins discuss the scene of the shooting.

Jackie Brown said that her son was in town for the Labor Day holiday and was spending time with his grandfather in Starkville most of the weekend. She said she had gotten a text from him when he got to Columbus around noon, and that he had made a call to her (in Georgia) minutes before the shooting at 2:04 p.m.
“I saw his number pop up, and I thought it was funny- because he texts…he’s a texting kind of guy. He called to wish us happy anniversary. I know some kids are bad kids, but I’m telling you he wasn’t a bad kid. I spent time with him growing up, he graduated high school last year and he was getting ready for his new job. I know my child….I loved my child.”
A memorial service will be held Saturday, September 15th at Greater Mount Zion Church.



  1. MoralActivist

    Another fine example of the role models being produced by upstanding citizens of Columbus, MS. And the shame of BMH-GT for not having the medical staff on duty to treat these beloved in their desperation and urgent time of need. Now we can all move to our face-book pages post our comments and click on the likes and the dislikes. City Council should be handing out the Keys to the City to those who heroically went into action to rescue the fallen brother. It was just a lack of understanding their true feelings for on another that was meant to be demonstrated with love and compassion. Tomorrow will be an even better day and we can look forward to greater displays of brotherly love and friendship.

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    • MoralActivist

      Just another heroic role model citizen. Isn’t he so classically dressed! I say, Ol chap?

    • See What I See

      they know who he is and who his daddy is. also know about the mess they have been in arouhd columbus. these boys go around flaunting their guns and actually shooting at people. when someone takes their life being threatened seriously now the police and mayor wants to do something. what about the shootings done before this at other people and their loved ones thats been doned by these people in the white dodge avenger.nothing done about it then.why were they riding with loaded guns. because their fam holds a political title its ok ? legalized criminals? have a dad or relative AS MAYOR you can pretty much get away with anything anywhere anytime. new policy- political figure relatives. if only we all could have a relative in politics. Dominique Chambers is innocent.He didnt personally know these people. but he was aware of them and their names throughout columbus. whom he on more than one occasion had encounters with. Dominique didnt go looking for them or trouble. caught up by association. not gang related

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    It’s Reconstruction Redux all over again. Sadly, there are no blessed Redeemers to pull Mississippi out this time. The New South Mississippi politicians proudly wallow in our “diversity” modeled after the mulatto republics of the Caribbean:corrupt law enforcement, bribed judges,gang violence, drug trafficking and other criminal enterprises…a sanctuary for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks. At the top of the list of everyting that is bad, and at the bottom of the list of everything that is good. And led by a legislature dominated by Ole Miss lawyers and good ole boys that went to Harvard.

    I’m reminded of H.L. Mencken’s comment:Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.

    We are doomed!

    Mississippi’s getting it good and hard!

  4. Notaliberalprick

    I tell u exactly who the fella in the red boxers is its none other then the honorable Robert Smiths son ! Yes that is correct another Smith in direct violation of a city ordinance that his father the mayor voted on. I don’t know which one it is German or Sherman which ever one is not is prison at this time . But don’t you guys fret at all the he knows the police can’t touch him because of who his daddy is and the new policy about political figures relatives.

  5. MAMA

    Let me say this, ALL BLACK people are not the same. No matter what a person has one or who they hang around we have no right to JUDGE and NO one has the right to take a human life.

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