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Woman Alleges Police Brutality

A Columbus woman took to the airwaves last week to protest the way she was treated during a recent arrest.

Carolyn Hendricks, 44, went on the radio show Karriem and Company last Wednesday and told Kamal Karriem, one of the shows three hosts, that she was beaten by officers with the Columbus Police Department and Corrections Officers with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department. (Karriem & Co. airs on WTWG 1050 AM. It is co-hosted by brothers Kabir Karriem, Kamal Karriem and Ahmed Karriem. Kabir Karriem is also a councilman for Ward 5. Kamal Karriem was the only host when Hendricks appeared on the show. – SF)

Hendricks was arrested on June 21 when officers with the CPD responded to 723 20th St. N. in reference to a disturbance. Officers Thomas Culpepper, Brian Jenkins and David Hunt arrived on scene and discovered Hendricks and her boyfriend in the middle of a verbal altercation. Officers separated the feuding couple and Hendricks was led away from the argument by Officer Jenkins. Hendricks continued yelling, and when she was asked to calm down, she repeatedly tried to run past police back in the direction of her boyfriend.

According to reports, Hendricks was told that if she did not calm down she would be arrested with one of the officers saying “I don’t want to have to take you to jail, ma’am.” She then started yelling at the officers and attempted to assault them, swinging wildly in their direction. She then kicked the officers in the legs and punched Officer Jenkins in the stomach before attempting to punch him in the groin. Jenkins then “drive stunned” Hendricks, meaning the Tazer did not release its prongs, and placed her in the ground while attempting to restrain her. Once she was on the ground, Hendricks began yelling “You can’t treat me like an animal!” CPD Corporal and shift supervisor Barry Goode was then called to the scene to assist the other officers.

Officers called an ambulance to check Hendricks for injuries but she refused treatment, saying, “They just want to kill me because I’m black.” (This is the third incident involving Hendricks that a Packet reporter has been on scene and heard Hendricks make racial comments. More than once she has referred to Caucasian officers as “white devil.” – SF)

After she refused treatment, Hendricks also refused to walk to the waiting patrol car, forcing officers Culpepper and Jenkins to carry her. Once she was placed in the back of a patrol car, she unsuccessfully tried to kick out the driver’s side rear window three times. To keep her from harming herself or the officers, Hendricks’ legs were restrained. (In a prior arrest, Hendricks reportedly kicked the window of the patrol car so hard that she knocked the window off the track. – SF)

After being restrained, Hendricks began head butting the cage behind the driver’s seat. [Packet reporter John Douglas was on scene for the incident and reported the arrest in Packet 990. – SF]

Hendricks was arrested and charged with two counts of Simple Assault on a Police Officer, one count of Disorderly Conduct and one count of Resisting Arrest. She was transported to the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.
During Wednesday’s broadcast, Kamal Karriem told listeners “somebody’s grandmother was beat up by the police.”

Karriem admits that he did not witness Hendricks’ arrest but states that his brother, Ward 5 Councilman Kabir Karriem, did, as well as “at least 25″ people. Kamal Karriem states, “The way I came to know about it was my brother Kabir Karriem was on site. (He saw) the way police were handling her. (This is) according to my brother, I take him at his word.”
Kamal Karriem then got in contact with Hendricks and invited her on the radio show. During his introduction of Hendricks, Kamal Karriem stated she was “violently attacked by the Columbus Police Department, so go run tell somebody.”

Once Hendricks appeared on the show, she went into a very detailed account of her arrest, differing from both the officers and The Packet’s account.

According to Hendricks, she called 911 when she discovered that her landlord had let her boyfriend into her apartment without her permission. As she was beginning to explain what happened once officers arrived on scene, Kamal Karriem interrupted her and asked, “Not that it should matter but were they white officers?” To which Hendricks replied, “They were white officers.” (Hendricks is African-American.)

“They came there, I know this because my experience with the law goes back to 2011 when they attacked me then, from then to now, and they came there to jump on me,” she said.

Karriem asked, “How was it initiated?”

Hendricks responded, “They just grabbing me by my wrists, they started slamming me down on the ground,” to which Karriem asked, “What made them put their hands on you?”

“I was talking back, I was talking back, I was talking back, I was telling them, you’re supposed to be an officer of the law, don’t be touching me, grabbing my wrists and twisting my arm. It wasn’t right.”

Hendricks and Karriem then discussed why the police “put their hands” on her if she was the one who called 911 for help. Hendricks said she tried to explain the situation to police but “they wasn’t hearing me.”

Karriem then said, “And then they went to restrain you because you talk with your hands?”

Hendricks responded, “Yes, sir.”

Karriem: “So that was offensive to the officers, you speaking with your hands. That’s what we do, we talk with our hands.”

Hendricks: “Yes, yes, yes.”

Karriem: “So then what happened?”

Hendricks: “They started grabbing me and choking me by my neck.”

Karriem: “By this time a crowd has started developing.”

Hendricks: “I kept explaining to the officers that was grabbing me by my neck that I have thyroids and my neck swells.”

Karriem: “All four of them?”

Hendricks: “All four of them had their nails in my neck and they slammed me with their hands on my back and they slammed me on the ground.”

Karriem: “Now you weigh about a hundred, a hundred and thirty five pounds, I mean you’re not very big so…”

Hendricks: “Yes, I do.”

Karriem: “Why, why, why, do you think it would take four Columbus police officers to subdue a 135 pound woman?”

Hendricks: “Yes. Yes, it took that many to subdue me.”

Karriem: “Ok, so tell what else happened.”

Hendricks then continued to explain that the officers slammed her to the ground and on her back “as hard as they could.”

Kamal Karriem interrupted Hendricks and told her that was when his brother Kabir Karriem called him. Kamal Karriem stated, “He says ‘Kamal.’ Now this is Kabir, councilman, he’s witness to it.”

“He says, ‘Kamal, I can’t believe it. These Columbus Police Officers just slammed a woman on the ground. I’m standing up here looking at it.’ He was in total shock.”

Hendricks then told the radio host that she was “afraid” and started trying to “get them off of me” saying, “the more I was trying, the more rougher they was handling me rough.”

She then claimed one of the officers spit on her. “One of the officers, he harked from the bottom of his feet up all the way up to his mouth and he spit in my face. And I was telling him ‘That’s not right.’ I was letting him know that, you know, ‘Your eyes are red. Why are your eyes so red?’ I was talking back to them,” she said.

Karriem then asked, “What other physical force did they use?”

“Wow,” Hendricks said. “They uh, again, they put their hands around my neck again, and one of the officers put their hands around my neck once again and he put me up against a fence, he slammed me up against the fence while the other one beat me, he was punching me, he was kicking me. It was just out of control. I was steadily trying to protect myself. And so at that particular time when they kept putting their hands around my neck I blacked out. And when I blacked out they was steadily kicking me and beating me and they just didn’t care about my condition, whatever I had, they didn’t care. They was continually beating me and they Tazed me, they Tazed me.”

Kamal Karriem interrupted. “They Tazed you with a Tazer on top of that? All of four of them, besides using physical force an they still Taze you?” he asked.

To which Hendricks replied, “They still Tazed me.”

Hendricks being carried to a waiting patrol car by Officers Culpepper and Jenkins

Hendricks then continued with her story, saying that while she was on the ground a neighbor came to help her. She claims that even as the woman was helping her up, the police were “beating” and “kicking” her, “beating me like there was no beating to do. They was stomping me, kicking me, they hit me on my right side of my eye with the Tazer and I got a bad bruise.” (Packet reporter/photographer John Douglas was on scene for the incident and arrived moments after Hendricks was tazed. Of the 88 photos taken, 17 photos show the officers making physical contact with Hendricks. 15 photos document Officers Culpepper and Jenkins carrying her to the car and two photos show Culpepper, Jenkins and Goode putting her inside the vehicle. While The Packet was not on scene for the entire incident, our pictures do not support Hendricks allegations against the officers. However, multiple witnesses on scene were recording the exchange between Hendricks and the officers on their phones. As of press time Wednesday evening, those witnesses had not come forward. SF)

Hendricks and Karriem then further discussed Hendricks being taken to jail and her charges of simple assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct. They also discussed her visiting a doctor after being released. While they did not discuss Hendricks refusing an ambulance on scene, she claims a doctor told her she had “muscular skeletal pains in her body” from the officers “slamming me down as hard as they did.”

Hendricks then told Kamal Karriem that she had spoken with Councilman Kabir Karriem. According to Hendricks, the councilman told her that he “didn’t like what he seeing, and that’s not in the book.”

As the show came to an end, Hendricks told Kamal Karriem of her alleged abuse in the back of the patrol car on the way to the jail, saying, “They was calling me crazy and bipolar.”

Hendricks then stated that when she arrived at the jail “there were four more officers waiting on me as well, and they beat me worser than the ones on the outside did inside the jail.”

A listener then called into the show asking Hendricks “what she planned on doing about that.”

Hendricks responded “I know that is police brutality. I know that, and I’m not for sure, but I would like to sue the Columbus Police Department and I would also like to sue everyone that was involved on the outside who attacked me and also everyone on the inside who attacked me. I want to make sure that they be spoken with or dealt with as well.”

When approached by The Packet, Kamal Karriem stated that Hendricks “has been encouraged to make an official complaint with the police department.” According to CPD Public Information Officer Glenda Buckhalter, Hendricks had been to the police department and picked up a form but has yet to file a formal complaint.

Karriem said that he is aware Hendricks “may have had some trouble in the past” and “may possibly be mentally challenged.” While jail records show Hendricks’ multiple arrests, there is no evidence to indicate a mental evaluation has ever been administered.

Hendricks has been arrested six times since 2004. Including her June arrest, Hendricks has been charged with two counts of Resisting Arrest, two counts of Disorderly Conduct, two counts of Simple Assault on a Police Officer, two counts of Public Drunkenness, two counts of Domestic Violence, one count of Failure to Obey a Police Officer, one count of Possession of Marijuana and one count of Felony Malicious Mischief.



  1. Kamal Karriem states, “The way I came to know about it was my brother Kabir Karriem was on site. (He saw) the way police were handling her. (This is) according to my brother, I take him at his word.”—- Because that Karriem family is known for their honesty and integrity 😛

  2. Paige

    Yep, she is just a classy grandma alright. We should sue her for wasting our police officers time. What a disgrace she and this radio idiot are. Both, just race baiting lawsuit happy morons.

  3. Guest

    All the way thru this article I was thinking instead of just tazers and guns they should equip the CPD with Thorazine shots to knock people like this out. She is obviously mentally challenged and needs to be evaluated. The shameful part isn’t that it took 4 grown men to subdue a mentally ill woman it is that a city councilman is encouraging her in this. Way to go to those that elected him.

    • Jon

      I am sure those with that video of this incident can clear the officers I am sure that is why they did not turn the video over to WCBI if it had really been a beating it would have made the news. I will bet you it would have been on CNN that evening but it was not.
      And I do not care you who are at some time in your life you are gonna need the police to help you, maybe they will remember the names on the people that bad mouth them so they can drive real slow to come help you.
      But that is not how police react they always come as quick as they can because it takes a special person to deal with the people they have to deal with. If the police had not have came to the scene she very well could have been killed right there with the way things are in the city of Columbus.

    • Cali girl

      Seriously Sara?!?!? What is the answer then? If it were not for police offers risking their lifes everyday on the street, then I would hate to see what this world would come to. A picture is obviously worth a thousand words…. Do YOU see any police officer in this write up acting unprofessional? They are simply placing a female in a police car in one photo and carrying the same female in the other photograph taken. Ever heard the quote.. “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes”? I would love for you to submit a resume in to the Columbus Police Department and “walk” 1 day in their shoes… Your opinion might change, I quote, ” People need to learn… the police are not the answer.”

  4. It amazes me how quick people are to judge police for police action (even those who were nowhere near the scene) and then will turn around and judge police for inaction and say they should have acted. Just because you call the police doesn’t mean you get to act and behave any way you wish once police arrive. If you lay your hands on an officer, he/she is not going to just stand there and tell you it’s ok. I promise you.

  5. Thump

    With a crowd forming around the officers and the woman..I just can’t see them doing all this with so many witnesses right there. And come on people…everyone and their kids all live with a cell phone in their hands 24/7…where is all the videos and pics as proof this happened?? Just can’t see it…sorry!! Shame on the Karriems for using this poor woman with a problem with reality to showboat on air !!!

  6. Mark

    Just more proof that racism goes both ways.
    I’ve got .35 cents in my pocket. That’s worth more than the “word” of the Karriems.
    It is obvious that Abdula Jabronee on the radio was playing it up. Everyone knows that had she been abused, the group of people would be producing “evidence”
    And I have news for you. If you are resisting arrest, they will use necessary force to subdue you. Plain and simple. DUH!

    Now. You show me a tape of them beating this individual, and I will have to eat these words, otherwise, based on her Hx, she’s a person that could be suffering from a mental disorder.
    Hopefully, if this goes further than a barking mental patient, the judge could issue orders for a Pshyc eval to see if she could be a threat to the general public.

  7. If she was beaten as badly as she claims, and then re-beaten at the station once she arrived…………wouldnt there be some photos or a video on youtube by now? I havent seen a photo yet that shows any cuts, bruises, or knots on her head! And what is “skeletal bruises” anyway??? This whole thing is absurd!

  8. Southside

    It wasn’t very long ago that Kamal Karriem was having problems with the police department himself,there were plenty of rumors circulating around that he was a crack head…why does he even have a radio show?Who’s responsible for that.With his track record,I don’t believe anything he has to say.

  9. She sure looks like she is being beaten and abused, as she is screaming and resisting arrest! Not sure who is the biggest moron, her or the idiot radio show people! I am SURE their are many cell phone videos of this entire incident but NONE will ever be seen!!

  10. That’s my thoughts exactly, it says people were recording it on there phones then where are the videos?? We all know if what she says REALLY happened then those videos would be on every news outlet around here!

  11. Angie Boutwell

    All I see in the picture is what looks like a screaming, mad, woman who was more than likely upset and completly out of control when the police arrived causing them to have no other choice but to subdue and arrest her, then carry her to the police car.

  12. Billy turner

    She looks like a K-rine supporter! Talk about stupid. Can’t fix that. Leroy must have trained her to act an a$$ like he does.

  13. Pam

    Of course nothing is her fault! It’s shameful that she was even given time on the air to discuss the incident. There is no way I would be a police officer in the City of Columbus. Anybody but me think she is looking for money? The mayor and some of the councilmen will probably agree to some pay out for her “beating”! Such a disgrace!

  14. Kim Dove

    Maybe if she wssnt acting like an animal, she wouldnt have even been arrested!!!! I’m SO tired of these criminals blaming law enforcement for everything and playing the race card! AND shame on the radio hosts for having this MESS on the airwaves…isnt it time for the Karriems to find something else to do! I say most of them belong in jail too!

  15. Fadeelah Williams

    I am a black woman and I have encountered rasicm at the hands of ploice officers. But this mess here is a disgrace. I don’t beleive a word out of this woman’s mouth and she should be ashmaed of her behavior. The police have every right to get you under control as to not hurt yourself or others. They were doing their job. I was not there but listening to her acoount of the situation it sounds like total BS to me. 4 hands on one throat, come on now. That don’t make sense and is impossible.

  16. CAK

    I feel so bad for the CPD officers for having to put up with people like this all of the time. And then on TOP of that they get slandered on public radio? Terrible.

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