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Accidental Shooting at Club Heidiho

ABC Agent Jason Counts escorts Willie Meady to a waiting patrol car

Early Sunday morning, ABC Enforcement Agents with the Department of Revenue did a routine business check at Club Heidiho on 22nd St. S. While inside the club, the agents spotted Willie Meady, 19, having a drink. Meady was pulled from the club so that the officers could speak with him outside.

The agents called for a CPD unit to transport Meady to LCADC on a charge of underage drinking. Officer Joseph Strevel responded to the club.

After Meady was detained, he was searched. In his pocket was an F.I.E. Titan .25 semi-auto pistol. The gun was confiscated.

Agent Jason Counts cleared the gun, by ejecting the magazine and pulling the slide back several times to eject any possible chambered rounds. There were no apparent loaded rounds. When Counts released the slide, it struck a round that was jammed in the barrell. The gun fired, but Counts had it pointed at the ground for safety’s sake.

The Titan .25

When the round struck the ground, it sent small debris flying. Small rocks struck Meady, Strevel and a security guard at Club Heidiho, but none of the impacts broke skin. An ambulance was called to check everyone over as a precaution. Meady told the officers, “I’ve been shot before. I’ll be fine.”

After refusing further treatment from the ambulance, Meady was taken to LCADC and charged with Underage Drinking and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.



  1. Pauline Redmond

    Did they close the club and take thier alchol permit. They did that to Ruben, CJ’s on Main, and Princess, but I guess if your landlord is the mayor it is overlooked.

    • Andy Taylor

      There isn’t a double standard in the favor of this club. They may not have had their license taken but the patrons are harrassed every weekend. If the patrons at Rubens, CJ’s, and Princess were harrassed like this I’m sure they would find the same type things or even more.

  2. New Hope Band

    This den of iniquity needs to be shut down NOW! We need to start holding the Mayor personally responsible for what goes on here since he is the landlord/slumlord.

  3. Allen Harmon

    Don’t you just love the way Willi has to hold his paints up to walk. That’s stupid in motion. Maybe Willi will run for Mayor. He would fit in well with Karamel Korn and Big Joe Blow. No cure for STUPID! As for taking their permit – hold your breath. This is the last time you will hear about this.

  4. Robert

    Hey young Willie, You need to think about doing something with your life Bro. I know you wanna be a Gangster soooo bad. There’s more to life than walking the streets in a little country town packin heat. I guess when u flash your iron you want all your homies to think your the man Right young Willie? Dude you wanna follow in the foot steps of you home boy Myron and spend the rest of your life behind bars. Wake Up before its to late. Just think about it Bro its NO fun bending over every night and being another man’s bi**h. I know you think Y.O.L.O. and u gotta get as much as you can right now and your Swagg is so tight. They don’t give a sh*t about your Swagg in Tha Big House Bro.You’ll just be sittin in your jail cell and listening to your mind for the rest of ur life. That’s no way to live Young Willie. You need to start thinking about the consequences of your actions in other words think long and hard before you do something stupid.

  5. Billy turner

    Hey Robert, Young Willie can’t read. That is the reason he is stupid. Young Willie will be in jail for 10 or more years soon. Why don,t the leaders in the Black community try and help their own youth instead of running their mouth on the radio. KK and the good time gang are hurting their own people. It is amazing how and why people would elect these dump a$$ people. No hope for the dope!

  6. Jennifer

    Both situations are bad. This young man has been misinformed about what his life is suppoesed to be and these ignorant comments about this post. It is 2012 and “their own people” seriously at this point we should all be the same people. Life is to short to feel this way and your mind should really be larger than the back rock road that you live on. I have met the Mayor of Columbus serveral times and I feel that he is a great man. Lets not forget he may be the Mayor of Columbus but he is also a man and allowed to have a personal life.

    • Tyron Johnson

      Jennifer, Would you bring this thug home and try to rehab him? He will be back in the Packett in a month or so. If the Mayor is a great man then why don’t they set up a help center and imform him of what his life is suppoesed to be. Why does the mayor rent out to these clubs? It could be a rehab center!

  7. Tricey

    None of you know Willie personally so none of you should share your opinion on him as a human. and for the dumb b*****ds above saying he is stupid, YOU’RE WRONG! Willie has graduated from high school and is a well educated young man he just made a mistake. YA’LL ARE ALL STUPID!! it aint like he actually shot somebody. Cant nobody judge nobody but GOD so ya’ll opinion are irrelevant anywayss .

  8. Jerom Mitchell

    Mr Meady went to a local club (under aged) to have a drink.

    Mr. Meady carried a gun (loaded) into the club.

    Mr. Meady was removed from the club. (underaged and carring a loaded weapon)

    Mr. Meady could not walk without holding his paints up. (another wrong move)

    Mr. Meady did not know that he was not shot when the weapon discharged and that he was fine. (?)

    Mr. Meady stated he had been shoot before. (one day he won’t be fine)

    Is Mr Meady dumb or what? (I rest my case)

    You can’t make this crap up!

  9. Aron Basett

    Jerom, You mush be mistaken. This is a WELL EDUCATED young man. Just AX him a guestion. He bees wich a lots of moor answers an everthng. He gon to run dis city one dy. As fur de paints he be practing to be in jail. Som of u peoples aint got no idea how to dres up an be sombody.

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