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Gambling Machines Found in Artesia

Agent Archie Williams and Deputy Willie Jones inspect the illegal machines

Lowndes County Sheriffs and Metro Narcotics Unit agents responded to the Upper Half Club in Artesia on Wednesday night around 10 p.m. in response to illegal gambling machines being on the premises.

Deputies found five Cherry Masters electronic gaming machines in a small room hidden by a shower curtain panel.

They retrieved a total of $1,447 from the room, $1,152 found in a wad behind two of the machines, and it was only found as officers removed the machines from the premises. The five machines held only a total of $295 in their lockboxes.

Four people were arrested for the misdemeanor charge of Gambling on scene, including, Willie Poster, 62, of Artesia; Donnail Lucious, 56, of Starkville; Sylvester Warren, 65, of Crawford; and Mae Ruth Gandy, 57 of Starkville.

The beer permit for the Upper Half Club, called “The Pool Room” by people on scene, was issued to a Robert Colbert of Crawford.

Willie Poster, Sylvester Warren and Donnail Lucious

Agent Archie Williams, Narcotics Unit Commander Bobby Grimes, and Deputies Tony Perkins, Willie Jones and Will Spann removed the machines from the club.



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Robert Colbert is also part owner in the Horseman’s Club building that was torched in the gang turf war in Crawford last February. The building was an historic brick structure built over 120 years ago;it was totally destroyed. Two weeks later the competitor’s building directly across the street was torched.It has since been repaired and is back in “operation.”

    Now what about Sin City.

  2. Robert

    Looks like Artesia’s turning into the the gambling hub of Lowndes County. All the fun was secluded behind the shower curtain. Sounds like a V.I.P. room at a strip club. LOL
    Boys just wanna have a little Fun.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Omitted in the report is any reference to potential charges being filed against operators of the illegal gambling operation.

    Another case of Mr. Big beating the rap? And one can be sure that there is a Mr. Big “behind the curtain,” just as it is in the cocaine distribution in Lowndes County. How many “Mr. Bigs” have ever sat in the dock of Allgood’s courtroom? How many “Mr. Bigs” have Kitchens and Howard sent over to the Big House in Parchman?

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