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More than the Music

At 14-years-old, Tyler Marsh of Columbus heard a song and found his destiny. “I began to have this passion for music. At that point, I really only had a …dream, and I didn’t know where music would take me,” he said.

Marsh picked up a guitar, learned a few chords, and started singing for his family and later, leading worship at church. At 18, he got his first real band, aptly named The Tyler Marsh Band. They played gigs like Market Street and performed at Six Flags.

Today, at 26, he’s gone solo and is working toward releasing his first CD.

A little bit Lifehouse, a little David Crowder and a little bit punk rock, Marsh says he takes classic hymns and gives them a bit of flavor.

Marsh says he tries to be a “servant with his music.”

“Faith is what makes a successful musician. I know without a doubt that I’m not half the singer, musician, songwriter, or man, without God there with me and playing through me.”

His faith affects all aspects of his music and his relationship with God is often what he sings about. “I play the style of music I play because of my faith. I made a decision when I was seventeen that I wanted to use the talents I had been given to help people I hope I do that.

Tyler Marsh and family

“A lot of times playing music, following a dream, or really anything in life takes faith…faith that even if I don’t land where I want to, that I completed what God intended me to. Faith that it’s ok to put yourself out there. Faith that God will be there. Faith.”

Marsh’s songs “Indefinitely,” “From the Hands of God,” and “Sands upon the Shore” all deal with looking to God to lead him and he says that through his music, God has taught him how to live. “I’m not a perfect musician and most definitely not a perfect person, I try to live my life with character and be the person I was created to be everyday with life and music,” he said. “Music has tremendously helped my relationship with the Lord and continues to help grow my faith in him daily.”

Marsh believes that his music can be related to by a large range of ages and lifestyles. “My music is about life situations some real to me, some not,” he said. “I have songs about breaking up, divorce, adoption, addiction, uncertain future, etc. My music is about encouraging people and helping them through a time or season in their life; it’s about impacting someone for the better.”

His music is important for his family as well. His wife Lindsey and their children, Aaden (3 years) and Savannah (10 months) all love it when he plays. Aaden’s favorite song is “Jesus Loves Me” and even has his own little guitar. A family man, he markets his songs as “Music your parents wouldn’t mind you listening to.”

Marsh said when he was 14, he had no idea where music would take him. “I was just guy in my bedroom playing the simplest of songs. I’m still just a guy in my living room playing the simplest of songs, a little older, a little chubbier, but playing with a purpose.”

While some musicians dream of fame or riches, Marsh says his goal is to reach people with his message. “I’m not concerned about selling out arenas or going on long tours, I just want to make a difference, however I can. My music career is now in the hands of the Lord and I have to trust that his will is sufficient for my life.”

In order to fund his CD, Marsh has started an account on Kickstarter.com, a funding platform website for creative projects. With the website, Marsh has a set amount of time to raise his goal amount of $10,000. If he does not have enough people to pledge the money within the time frame, no one is charged.

“If I don’t reach my goal, no one has to pay. I could have $9,999 and no one would have to pay anything,” he said. Another aspect of the project is to reward those who pledge different amounts of money. If you pledge $5, you get an autographed poster and digital copy of the CD, when released. The rewards go up as donations do, with $10, you get an advance copy of the CD, a poster and personal thank you note. Higher rewards include your name printed in the Thank You section of the CD, T-Shirts, Private Shows and more.

The CD will have five tracks on it and the bulk of the money will go toward the producing of the disc. He will be working with a Travis Wyrick to produce the CD and start his career. “Travis Wyrick is a well-known producer based out of Knoxville, TN. He has worked with P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple, and Dolly Parton. He is a Grammy nominated producer and Dove award winning producer,” he said. “Recording this CD is about giving my music, my mission, and my dream the best shot. I believe Travis can help me with that. Speaking with him about plans to shape my sound, help with graphic design, and help me in making a quality product that stands with the music being released on the Christian Radio and Mainstream Radio.”

The rest of the money will be used on studio musicians, graphic design, etc. “This won’t cover it all, I’ll have to contribute,” said Marsh. He will also be accepting donations directly for costs associated with the CD.

When not playing gigs or practicing his music, Marsh works at the Columbus Air Force Base Fitness Center. He can be seen playing at the following upcoming events:
-May 20th: REPresent at
the Columbus Lock and Dam.
-May 25th: Coffee Fusion at
6 p.m. in Ocean Springs
-June 3rd: True Life Worship
Center in Caledonia at 4 p.m.
To learn more about Marsh and hear his music, go to Facebook.com/tylermarshmusic.
To get involved in his Kickstarter project, go to kickstarter.com/profile/tylermarsh.
He can be contacted at tylermarshband@yahoo.com


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