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Gardner Receives 20 Years in Burglary Charge

Demonta Gardner is escorted from the courtroom after his sentence is handed down

Demonta Gardner was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of burglary last week.

Circuit Court Judge Jim Kitchens sentenced the 19-year-old to serve a 20 year sentence with the Mississippi Department of Corrections last Friday.
Gardner was facing two charges for his role in the September 20, 2011, armed robbery of Karen Winter in her Sandpiper Apartments home. The jury found Gardner not guilty on the armed robbery charge and guilty on the burglary of an occupied dwelling.
In addition to the September 2011 robbery, Gardner has also been arrested and charged with three other robberies since April 2011.
As Gardner was being led from the courthouse, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and wearing handcuffs, he said “Twenty years for nothin’!” He will begin serving his sentence immediately.



    • f*ckdemcrackers

      mississippi aint nuthin but some racist a** crackers anyway this racist a** judge been playin with black people lives for years i mean yeah i think he deserve to be punished why he couldnt sent the man to the military or some i mean these racist a** crackers laugh at these young black men when they pull up trying to get a job then half of these young boys know how to play ball throwing young men life away it aint a white law its a black law the boy only 20 he a good kid to this judge told the man his life was gone be nuthin but crime they hung us and raped our black women mississippi black people need to stand up get your children this sh*t then went to far

      • That Guy

        Thank you for providing your argument with so much grace and dignity.

        By observation of your grammar, spelling and oh yes, you use of capital letters and paragraphs you are a pillar of knowledge.

        So let me ask you this? If you are so oppressed here, then why don’t you GET THE F*** OUT? Ohhh yeah, because if you left, you wouldn’t be able to kick back and smoke Crack while I pay for your dinner with Food Stamps.

        You SIR, are a piece of sh*t.

        • THAT GURL


  1. jack black

    Your court system is a joke. You people are give these young black males to much time 20 yr for robbery that is to much time. But the real judge is coming soon and how you judge these young black males you too will be judge the same why . I hope you get your heart right and repent. Because what you people are doing is wrong . That sentence was not right. Judge fair and that was not fair.You people show that you people are prejudice with no heart. I hope you people repent for this evil thing you have done

  2. Robert

    Hey Demonta,
    How does it feel to be Young and Dumb? When you are young you think your invincible. Well Demonta, You are about to enter the chamber of horrors as in the state pen. Many kids your age from the hood think the lure of fast cash
    and guns is glamorous and exciting Right? Well guess what Bro your life is about to change 4eva. You have wasted your youth and your life on some dumbass notion that you think you are smarter than the next guy. No more hangin out with your girl. No more hangin out with your boys. Any Dreams you did have you have thrown away. No one did this to you. You did it to yourself. You and others in your generation need to take responsibility for your actions and not blame everyone else for how f#@kin stupid they are. Yes Demonta it’s going to be a long and
    unexciting journey in Tha Big House. You will have lots of time to think about your life and What You Could Have, I repeat What You Could Have Become. Yeah “Twenty Years for Nothin” Right Bro. Enjoy Your Trip.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Twenty Years?

    Obviously Demonta’s pockets weren’t deep enough.

    Assuming that he serves the mandatory(for violent crimes) 85% of his sentence, he’ll be 38 years old with no job prospects when he’s released. And it will have cost taxpayers $23,000 per year to keep him incarcerated, excluding the medical emergencies.
    There’s gotta’ be a better way to punish burglary.

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    This is the probem with judges applying military discipline when wearing that black robe.

    Justice should be tempered with mercy. Judge Kitchens seems to be saying “jail’ em all..let God sort’em out.”

    And Mary Sue Shields still sits in prison for life without parole for a jukejoint dancefloor fistfight( no guns or knives) that went horribly wrong, ending with her assailant dead from a heart attack.

    What kind of moral compass guides Judge Kitchens?

  5. BILL

    I was in the court room when the VICTIM testified about how this criminal and his buddies have affected her life. Demonta and his buddies rolled her up in a carpet and held her at gunpoint while they robbed her in her OWN HOME. She lives in constant fear, and was even terrified in the court room. SHe cried and sat by a bailiff the whole time.

    This guy has a juvenile record for the same thing and also has another charge pending for the SAME THING. His “supporters” who spoke on his behalf did not even know about his other crimes. Our streets are MUCH safer with this thug behind bars.

    • Shay

      excuse Bill if you was there you should have paid closer attention to everybody story. and who are you to judge any damn body! and as far as his other charge he wasn’t involved in it period wasnt around or anything and I know this for a fact! Judge Kitchens is racist as hell and if she was a black woman i guarantee you it wouldnt of played out this way…

  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Yes,as does Gil, but Ronnie’s case is very puzzling. No arguing that Ronnie was a “high roller” and worked hard for his money.
    We’ll never know why Ronnie took Adam Bertof at gunpoint. He thought that Bertof was a hitman. Maybe Ronnie thought his brother-in-law’s suicide was more than that. Who knows with Ronnie locked down.

    Gil’s deep pockets got him almost free for admitting to the “penetration” of a family friends male child, while Julian Mingo got thirty years for allegedly “rubbing a teenage Heritage student through his pants.” The teensgae son of a local enforcement officer took six months of the voice instructions techniques before it occurred to him that he was being “molested.” And the disorder that occurred in Kitchens’ court should’ve been grounds for a mistrial. And then there was the exclusion of Mingo’s defense witness by Judge Kitchens based upon a precedent from the triple jeopardy trial of Byron DeLa Beckwith. The judge in that Batesville trial excluded witness testimony based upon his decision that the defense withheld the introduction of the potential exculpatory evidence to “achive a tactial advantage.”

    Back to Ronnie Mitchener. No one will ever know the real reason taht Judge Kitchens did not allow this case to come to trial. There’s something rotten about all these cases. There is more to being a judge than just ruling on introduction of evidenec and ehanding down legislative-mandated penalities for breaking the law. It is incumbent on a trial judge that the defendant be advised of the evidence against him and face his accuser before a jury of his peers. That never happened. It was a hearsay case with no witnesses deep within the woods of Noxubee county.
    In one particular trial on a TruTV episode, the presiding judge, realizing that the court-appointed lawyer was incompetent and not asking pertinent questions of the prosecution witnesses, intervened and began questioning the witness, cahanging the course of the trial. That defendant was ultimately found not guilty.

    • jr

      did a couple of yrs with ronnie at leake co regional,told me he caught him in hhis treestand ,and was holdin him till the law got there .Also said his lawyer tricked him into takin a plea.your right ive looked all over his paperwork it stinks of corruption.

      • The Cracket

        Wow, lets believe a fellow inmate’s story. Talk about credibility. Why does everyone want to stand up for the criminal. I guess it’s birds of the same feather.

  7. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Eureka! You found it.

    Would that be at the camphouse property up from from the Noxubee near Edmond’s bridge?

    Any clue as to why Kitchens went along with the entrapment?

    Now, if we can just find an investigative journalist that is not afraid of the power-that-be. Is there one in the house?

    Maybe this wwill lead to an investigation into the Byron Weeks case and why Noxubee county law enforcement targeted him with fabricated evidence.It’ll never come from the MBI, that’s for sure. Smells like a RICO case.

    BTW,, did you ever meet up with Byron Weeks? I think most of time was spent at the Rankin county facility.

  8. Robert

    Thank You Bill for that information. It seems a few of the people posting comments were defending Demonta like he was some kind angel for committing such a petty crime as robbery LOL. Right, Jacob and Johnny Phillip Morris. My friends it was a lot more than just a simple Rpbbery. I hope he rots in jail. And I hope Bubba has a Big surprise for him every night when the lights go out HaHa. Nothin beats Fun Time in tha Pen with Bubba Demonta. My heart goes out to the poor girl who’s life will never ever be the same again. Hey F#@k You Demonta!!!!!!!! And may U and your Boyz rot in Hell.

  9. Robert

    And by the way Johnny Phillip Morris, How would you like for some thugs to break into your home and roll you up in a carpet at gun point? And I quote you “Twenty Years?” and your next quote” Obviously Demonta’s pockets weren’t deep enough”. Let’s just Thank God his pockets weren’t deep enough. You or one of your friends could have been his next victim. Hey no big deal. it was just a burglary . Right Johnny.
    Why don’t you take your head out of you a** and quite making such ignorant statements.

  10. Robert

    And this comment is for Jack Black. WOW ,You think the court system is a joke. I guess you think it’s OK for some thugs to roll up a poor innocent girl at gun point and totally rob her of her dignity. Do u even know what the word means? Why don’t you go look it up in the dictionary. What did this poor girl do to deserve to be treated like an animal by some low life scum bags? Those thugs have no respect for anybody or anything. Dude this has nothing to do with the color of somebody’s skin.These thugs enjoyed robbing her and seeing her cry and beg for her life. Hey in your eyes 20 years was too harsh and the judge is prejudice. I’d say the judge is prejudice against low life criminals. And Thank god for that. How would u feel if your Mom, sister or daughter were treated like a piece of garbage at gun point?. I sounds like it would be OK with you because they were black Right? Why don’t you use your brain and think about the situation before making so many stupid comments. As far as your statement about repenting. I think the only ones that need to repent in this situation is Demonta and his low life thug homies.

  11. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I don’t see any posted comments condoning Gardner’s actions… only the severity of the twenty-year sentence. The violent home burglary deserves some form of punishment.

    Kitchens is lobbying against the reform of the 85% law on sentencing, claiming that it would make his job harder and lead to more cloggoing of the courts.
    For the most part, the courts are clogged with non-violent “pot” offender suspects charged with possession offenses. Many of these first-time offenders are victims of DA “stings” and entrapments, using prison informants attempting to reduce their prison time.
    Like war,the prison industry is Big Businesss in Mississippi. The prison lobbyists cruise the halls of the Sate Capitol in Jackon and I don’t see any real reform.

    Interesting statistic on Mississippi’s Big Business.
    …We have three state prisons, six private prisons, 11 regional facilities, 17 work centers, and three restitution centers, not to mention 82 counties with jail cells — adding 6,000 beds and more contemplated. We spend more per inmate in state dollars for prisons than we do per student in public education. Some 67 percent of those in prisons are non-violent offenders…

  12. Robert

    This will be my last comment on this subject but I feel like this needs to be said. To all the wanna be Gangsters that reside in “The friendly Crime City”. You live in a tiny country town. If you don’t like the laws for robbery in this town then move away. No one is forcing you to live here. Hopefully many of you wanna be’s out there will think twice before committing this offense in the future. I know most of you guys wanna be hard so bad and want to impress your homies with your acts of violence. Real Gangsters in the mean streets of the urban jungles of America are all about business. NOT about terrorizing innocent young girls at gun point for no reason. Why don’t you wanna be’s move to the mean streets of East St Louis.
    Or you could always try Compton or Watts in LA. If you don’t like it there how about East Oakland or Richmond in the San Francisco Bay area. What you guys need to do is start using your brain for something productive. Get off your ass and do something with your life. Go to school,learn a trade,set some goals to make you feel good about yourself. And I’m not talking about scoring 10 pounds of weed and a kilo of coke and selling it to your homies. I know the life of fast cash seems oh so glamorous but eventually you will pay the price. And the ultimate price is jail time and possibly your life. Columbus is a small town with limited opportunities and jobs but that’s no excuse. Anyone can turn around their life at any time. There are always opportunities for people who want to better themselves and education is the first step. Don’t Settle for less than the Best You have to Give. Stand Up and take Responsibility for Your Life. No one’s going to do it for you. You’ve got to do it for yourself.

  13. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Sixty-seven percent of those incarcerated in Mississippi prisons are there for non-violent offenses.

    Ending Prohibition will make the trafficking in drugs unprofitable. Forget the finger-pointing sermons from the pulpit.
    I wonder how many of the judges, law enforcement types and prosecutors indulge in the consumption of ethyl alcohol on a daily basis.

  14. nicole

    this is crazy. he’s 19…im not sayin he shouldn’t have been punished for his crime but he’s kidding murder time. forget whoever doesn’t agree…free my cousin

    • jr

      murderers plea down to manslaughter and get trustee time(good time)I.E 30 days off for thrty days served,so if he had killed someone and got twenty he would be home in 8yrs,because he only would have to do 50%of 85%,then he could get up to 180 days of M.E.T time.Thats our great system.

  15. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    “Hodoo” must think that the system worked for him…eight years and released. IMHO, Hodoo’s case was justice tendered with mercy, if one knew the circumstances of his crime of passion. His case is much like Barbour’s pardon of the “killer” that worked as a trustee in the governor’s mansion.

  16. dakid

    i say it all bs i used to live in this little town of columbus and the court system is all screwed up. most of the killing that go on are unsolved. did u hear that unsolved these cops really do need to get of their a** and do some real work. damonte got to much time for just one bulgary then he has another bulgary charge to look foward to when he is released y didnt they run both bulgaries together F**ked up if u ask me. then someone said these black youths need to move such a prejudice move. we were born here this is our home. u move to beverly hills u got the money most of these youths cant move no where. how with no money, we move then it would really b some problem wouldnt you think. yal sit back in your big house and talk about the black community. what about yal kids i bet they have did some wrong and the parents just get it coverd up by that money. if this guy would have had a paid lawyer like most of yal kids do then he would have not got that much time for both buglaris. then u got the drug dealer/and users who get 10/20/30 years. bs if they were in the big cities most of the charges would b mistormeaners. but since they in a little town where the rich white run thing its different. oh yea if u didnt know kitchen daughter died of overdose. thats y he give drug affenders all that time thats called DISCRIMNATION if i am correct. no one made his daughter take any drugs wit a dad like that i would b on drug to most of all the rich kids are on drugs or medication all of its the same. most of these rich people are on medication and thats their drug. oh but wait there friend prescribed it to them LOL a joke they dont even need the medicine. just think about all them doctors in Columbus thats been going to jail writting false prescripions thats messing with the government and they just lose their license to pratice Wopeeee Dooo thats no justice they selling durg illegally too. This city is all fu**ed up beleive me. and everyone in the city knows it. Look at the Mayor son (black) he keeps getting into trouble and gets right back out. Dont get me wrong white kids get into trouble but it never gets published y would it and they owns the newspaper or on the city councel. this city need to re plan it justice system. dont mention forrest allgood DA he tells the judge what he want and gets it. they b trading people or may i say if u know people in high places like me(im Black) then then u get a slap on the wrist. they smile at u and treat u with respect bc of who u know. the entire time im laughing behind my smile bc i say only if u knew. while somepeople dont walk out the court room with a smile.

  17. JohnnyPhillipMorris


    Check out Kitchens’ interview in today’s Dispatch. I had not heard of his daughter dying of an overdose, though.

    But it’s not all about black and white. For every black Mary Sue Shields there is white a Ronnie Mitchener. For every black Julian Mingo there is a white Byron Weeks. All four of these defendants were victims of incompetent legal representation before a malicious prosecutor and a hanging judge.

    Ultimately, the problem lies with the shallowness of dumb-downed jurors in this district that make fateful life and death decisions based upon on flimsy evidence and hearsay testimony.

    Sadly, there’ll never be any Perry Mason moments in the Kitchens/Howard courtroom.

  18. David Hudgins

    That sentence is to harsh for a 19 year old. I use to stay in columbus but not anymore but If something like that was to happen to one of my relative than it wouldn’t be nice on the judge part nor anybody who have anything to do with it. They don’t understand that young people are killing for no reason and they’re are going to start killing all of them people who do them wrong and nobody would be to blame but them.. It’ll happen soon.. watch what I tell ya.. I know this for a fact.

  19. crazy connie

    Demonte was given 20 not because he was a young adult black male, but because over the course of his life he was a repeat offender in the juvenile Justice system who failed to attend school and stay clean..he said the same thing then as he does now…incarcerated for nothing indeed

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