Danny Price

Danny Price stands next to his new and improved Nissan Frontier pickup after his friends gathered together to “help out a friend.”

Price wrecked the truck a couple months ago, three days after the insurance lapsed.

Stevie Pyle, who jokingly referred to Price as his adopted brother said “We tried to see if the insurance company would do anything but they still wouldn’t so we just started talking around to see what we could do.” According to Pyle, Price’s mother paid the insurance every month but when she became ill and was placed in a nursing home, Price did not know to make the payments. Pyle said the insurance company totaled the Frontier, saying repairs would cost “around $4,000” so Stevie Pyle and his brother Jeff decided to help repair the truck. The brothers donated a new stereo system for the truck, Stanley and Adam Bates with Bates Tire did the alignment and Jay Burchfield of Burchfield’s Body Shop and Bo Jarrett of Jarrett’s Towing “did a good bit of work” on the truck as well.
As Price would say, “Yeah, Buddy!”