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Caledonia High School Employee Accused of Vandalizing Students’ Cars

A bus driver at Caledonia High School has been accused of letting the air out of four students’ tires. According to several sources at Caledonia High School, Debby Stevens Williams was allegedly captured letting the air out of tires on vehicles belonging to students on the school’s surveillance camera. A student also reportedly saw the incident and notified the owners of the vehicles.

Sources within the school district claim that four separate vehicles had their tires flattened because they were illegally parked.
Caledonia High School does not have assigned parking or issue ticket violations. While Williams is not known to be a traffic enforcer, she reportedly also serves as a janitor at the school. She is listed on the Caledonia High School website as “maintenance staff.”
Numerous calls to Caledonia High School Principal Randy Barnett went unreturned.
When contacted about the issue, Superintendent Lynn Wright said, “I cannot comment on that other than the fact that the situation has been investigated and has been dealt with. I do not have the information right in front of me at this point, I don’t want to give wrong information.”
Williams has reportedly not received any sort of disciplinary action for her alleged role in the incident, and that has the girls’ parents outraged. According to a parent who wished not to be identified, “God forbid, what if something had happened? These are inexperienced drivers already. They don’t know to check the tires before they get in. And then for them to drive on it? She’s a parent, she has a child. What in the heck was she thinking?”
One of the parents expressed her frustration with Superintendent Wright, saying, “This being his first year as superintendent, I thought he would be different. But they brushed it under the rug. That’s Caledonia for you.”
Of the incident and the reported lack of disciplinary action against Williams, Wright said, “Based on the information that they had I think they dealt with it fairly.”
If the parents decide to press charges, Williams could be charged with malicious mischief.



  1. If the story is true…good for that person for actually doing something since so many educators won’t and parents have their eyes closed and never think their perfect child can do wrong. Wake up people …. It probably is your child and you don’t spend enough time with them to know.

  2. I hope the parents take further action. Get these people’s attention that we are not going to tolerate their inability to act like adults. We can’t even send our kids to school around here without having to worry about them being mistreated in some way by people who are suppose to have their best interests at heart.

  3. What she did was wrong but the parents comment about how they are inexperienced drivers and how they don’t know how to check a tire didn’t prove a thing. I think you can tell if your tire is flat for one your car will be tilting in that direction and if it is completely flat you will notice to level change. If not then something is wrong. I have nothing against that person protecting her child but I think the drivers should be able to tell the difference. The bus driver had no right to do what she did and handled it in an immature manner and should
    Have filed a complaint with the school instead of taking it into her own hands.

    • Star43

      Tara, I am almost 40 years old, have been driving since I was a preteen and have driven on a flat before not knowing it. It really depends on the driver (which as she stated are inexperienced) and the type of car/tires. Sometimes you cannot tell they’re flat/low and if I checked all four of my tires each time I get in my car, I may not ever make it to my destination! Lol.
      Either way the employee was very wrong as you also stated and someone needs to handle it because if it were the kids that did that…..they’d probably be on a five day out of school suspension as we speak! Shame on you, you silly adult; acting like children younger than the ones you work around!

  4. missing the point

    Kids not following rules, parents making excuses for the bad behaviors, expecting the schools to stop everything and make a federal case out of nothing. There is enough blame to go around for all.
    I would be interested to know what problem the girls caused parking in the wrong spot. Blocking the buses? Flow of traffic? Trash dumpsters? Entrances and/or exits?
    The school should have assigned parking places and consequences for not following the parking rules. Require the students to buy a parking decal to maintain the parking area.
    The parents should have a discussion with the girls about the consequences of ILLEGAL parking. Inexperienced drivers? What parent would turn an inexperienced driver loose on the road? Just because they have a license does not mean they are ready to drive. Before I got my license my dad made certain I could change a flat, check the oil,fluids and air,changing the battery and jumpstarting a car. I also had to have 70 hours, of day and night supervised driving with one of my parents before I was allowed to drive the car. I think he called it the driver’s responsibility to be responsible for the vehicle’s upkeep and to follow laws of the road.
    The problem happened at school, the school handled it as they saw fit. There are regulations in place disciplining employees, whether the parent agrees or not.
    If the parents still cannot get over this incident and understand their daughters were as much at fault as the immature actions of the janitor/bus driver then press charges.

  5. Gotta know all the facts. The superintendent could be fired if he acts based on everything he hears. Produce a video and show it to him, then tell him you’d go a step higher if he takes no action. Call the local news! You need the evidence first. Who saw this? Are the witnesses credible? Could it have been a school prank played by other students?

  6. concerned parent

    J Rock, there is a video, however for whatever reason the superintendent did not demand on seeing it when he went to the school to discuss the matter. The parents were told that after the principle was informed, he watched the video, saw the acts being committed, and confronted the lady. She admitted that she did this when he confronted her. My question is this, Shouldn’t the school be obligated to report the illegal activity to the police????

  7. ABC

    Concerned parent, did you watch the video? You should see what is on it for yourself. Who knows what actually happened. School’s are so bad about telling the truth.

  8. Concerned

    wow, she is mykids bus driver and i feel she drivestoo fast around sharp corners. Buthte kids out there at the HS , some of thier parents should rethink letting them drive to schoo. I have been thru there when the seniors get out and they dont even look before backing out of a parking spot. I have almost been hit 3 times in 1 afternoon. I challenge you parents to go spy on your kid and atch how they are driving. But Debby should be suspended for her actions thats what would happen to our kids if they did that.

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