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Short Car Chase Leads to 28th Arrest for Local Hooligan


Brian Peeks of Columbus was arrested once again by Lowndes County Deputies late Friday night after he refused to pull over for a traffic stop. He led authorities on a brief chase before the truck he was driving crashed on Lehmburg Road just under the Highway 82 overpass. Sheriff’s Deputy Mary Hudgins attempted to pull Peeks over on the bypass near the Military Road exit just before Midnight Friday. Peeks immediately sped up and drove the Nissan Titan up to the Highway 50 exit and continued through the West Lehmburg Extension at speeds reportedly in excess of 80 MPH. When Peeks took a sharp left turn North on Lehmburg, he lost control of the pickup and blew out a tire on a curb. The truck, which Peek said he had borrowed from a friend, suffered moderate damage to the passenger side fender from the wreck. [Luckily, Peeks copy of Packet 973 survived intact, and was found sitting against the windshield on the dashboard. – CK]

Packet 973 was lying on the dashboard of Peek's vehicle

Deputy Hudgins arrived on scene within seconds, closely followed by Columbus Police. Peeks was taken into custody and vociferously pleaded for his release:
“Ya’ll can’t arrest me for this!! I didn’t do nuthin!?? It wasn’t even my fault,” Peeks exclaimed.
Peeks attempted to convey to the arresting officers that the gas pedal of the truck got stuck, and that if he got arrested, he would “get 10 years for this sh*#.” Authorities noted that gas pedal did not seem stuck when he prepared the truck to be moved [It possibly may have become “unstuck” when he hit the curb. – CK].
Metro-Narotics Agent Archie Williams arrived minutes later to search the car for contraband. Williams was quite familiar with the notorious suspect, having arrested Peeks for Methamphetamines on multiple occasions, as well as another incident featured in an issue of The Packet of July 2010:

Brian Peeks in custody with CPD Officer Paul Garret and Metro-Narcotics Agent Archie Williams, circa Packet #890

Williams was responding to reports that a truck had spun its tires on Main St. and 22nd St. and had broken a window at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. When Columbus Police Officer Greg Harsted arrived in the area, he was directed by witnesses to Roberston’s garage, just down the block. As Harsted arrived on scene, Peeks and another suspect fled on foot. Agent Williams arrived in the area quickly and used his jaguar-like speed to catch Peeks. After a brief investigation, it turned out that the truck that Peeks was driving (and that had flung the rock), had been stolen from Phillips Contracting the night before. Peeks was then charged with Possession of Stolen Property. He had just been released from jail just two weeks prior for a Methamphetamine charge.
Peeks arrest record-including the charges from Friday night- totals 88 charges(current records going back to 1998).

The Nissan Titan that Peeks was driving.

Some of the charges he was arrested for include: Contempt of Court, Domestic Violence (3 offenses), Fleeing a Police Officer , Possession of Meth, Grand Larceny, Manufacturing Meth, Stolen Property, Public Drunk, Aggravated Assault, Probation Violation, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct and multiple arrests for DUI- [Three Times for 1st Offense(including this Friday), Two times for 2nd offense DUI.] Peeks was also wanted in Georgia for an outstanding warrant, but Georgia authorities declined to extradite him. In fairness to Mr. Peeks, The Packet was unable to decipher which charges he has been convicted of as of press time.



  1. Somebody need’s to explain to the great, law-abiding citizens of Columbus, why this repeat offender is not in jail or lock-up, but back on the streets putting people at risk!!! Why!!!!Three strikes and you’re out!!!! What’s the deal???

  2. A lot of folks find it easier to judge folks for things they do instead of looking at theirselves. I’m not saying he wasn’t in the wrong but there is not one person I know that has not done something bad in their own lives but didn’t get caught. Who are we to judge? Honestly

  3. Many of us have done wrong, however, most of us are not meth users with arrest records such as this. And when a person decides to run from law enforcement and put other lives in jeopardy, there should be no tolerence. Would you defend him if he had hit you or one of your loved ones instead of the curb? I think not! Looks like he has had his chanceS to straighten out and hasn’t taken advantage of them.

  4. Robert

    In response to Elizabeth Taylor’s comment. WTF is wrong with you? This guy has 28 arrests. I will repeat that so you understand clearly, he has 28 arrests Duhhh. And by the way
    it states in the article that he was arrested for manufacturing
    meth. Obviously Elizabeth you DO NOT know anything about the dangers of meth. Maybe you should google and read for yourself and educate yourself before making such an ignorant statement. Do you live next door to him in the trailar park? As you said everyone’s done bad where they did not get caught. Well guess what Elizabeth he got caught 28 times. How many times did he not get caught?
    I’m sure iy’s in the hundreds. I say lock him uo and throw away the keys. He can detox from the alcohol and Meth in jail. Another scumbag taken off the streets. I’m sure they will let you visit him in jail Elizabeth

  5. dear elizabeth, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. lock the fool up and weld the door. he is going to kill someone we know. why is he still out on the streets??????????

  6. used to live in columbus

    He has been in prison on and off all his life!! I agree he needs to be back in prison before he kills someone or himself. He has a total of 88 charges since 98, so why is he back out on the damn streets???

  7. G.L. Baldwin

    He will be back out. He’s helped lowndes county with a lot of their unanswered questions and I have no doubt that this will continue to be the case. You scratch my back…

  8. G.L. Baldwin

    Furthermore, this is one of the better pictures The Packet has of him. Anybody remember when he stole the tow truck? Ah Ha ha.

  9. Robert

    To b.youngminey Who cares if he’s your uncle. If I were you I would be ashamed to tell anyone he was my uncle. He’s a lowlife piece of scum straight out of the garbage can. Why don’t you join him him there you moron.

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