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Rattlesnakes in New Hope

The serpents sit on the machete that was used to slay them.

David Wooten killed two Timber Rattlesnakes  in the front garden of his Drake Hills home in New Hope on Friday. The snakes were of particular concern to Wooten because his 2yr-old grandson was crawling inside his front room, mere feet from the spot where he discovered the ophidians. Wooten grabbed his machete and quickly moved to behead the two serpents.

Wooten displays the rattlers

“Normally, I’m scared to death of those things- but, you gotta do what you got to do” Wooten said.
Animal control told Wooten that snakes were probably about to mate when they were discovered. The smaller snake, a male, measured 3 feet 3 inches and the larger, a female, measured 3 feet 6 inches.

Wooten posed in front of his 1972 Chevy C-10 that he restored himself.



    • Eiskalt

      Why good job? Because he killed two harmless snakes? These are garter snakes, NOT Timber Rattlesnakes.

    • Eiskalt

      I will tell you what is not cool. They don’t even know what species these two snakes are! These are HARMLESS garter snakes!!

  1. Eiskalt

    Wow…whoever did this story needs to learn a bit more about snakes. Those are NOT Timber Rattlers. The picture above is that of a garter snake. Timber rattlers have rough scales and pits by their nostrils. These, if you look, are NOT pit vipers. Grats on killing the HARMLESS Snakes you morons.

    Whomever did the story on this, seriously, I am appalled that you didn’t even do your own research. How is parading around that someone killed two snakes that they even misidentified a story? My god…

    Timber Rattlesnakes look like this – Click

    You killed, what looks like garter snakes – Click

  2. Eiskalt

    Also, some more education for you people who don’t know about your snakes and you just jump willy nilly on killing them.

    All the poisonous snakes around MS;
    – Southern Copperhead
    – Eastern Cottonmouth
    – Timber Rattlesnake
    – Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake
    – Western Cottonmouth
    – Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake
    – Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
    – Western Pygmy Rattlesnake
    – Eastern Coral Snake (Only non-pit viper)

    All of the snakes above I have listed are considered pit vipers for the exception of the Eastern Coral Snake which is the only one with neurotoxin venom. The rest or hemotoxin.

    So for all of those snakes listed above, except once again for the Coral snake, they all have elliptical pupils, like a cat. They NEVER dilate. The Coral snake is the ONLY snake in the US that has a rounded pupil.

    The head. Now this should have been obvious. The snakes above have triangle shaped heads. Except, once again for the coral snake.

    The biggest obvious thing, rattlesnakes have RATTLES. OMG…who would have thought that a rattlesnake had a rattle you know?!

    Timber Rattlers do NOT have yellow bellies like the one in the picture above. They are a pale white to a tan color with spots.

    Scales, once again on all but the Coral snake are rough and triangle shaped. Not smooth and very skin like. Like the ones above have.

    Now I understand he had his grandson crawling around, but these snakes he killed where harmless. I suggest educating yourself before jumping the gun. Then again, this is the wonderful South and people don’t seem to care or want to educate themselves.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Eiskalt, a snake enthusiast

  3. Eiskalt

    Correcting myself on a couple of typos. We need an edit feature btw…

    ~ “The Coral snake is the ONLY VENOMOUS snake in the US that has a rounded pupil.”

    ~ “The rest are hemotoxin.”

    • David Wooten

      As for the “name calling” in my opinion shows a lack of education vs killing a couple of unidentified snakes that were within two feet of my front door where my grandson stood. I could careless if they are poisonous or not I dare not let myself or my grandson get bit by one. If you snake lovers are apauld by this then you need to volunteer w/animal control and remove them from unwanted areas. As far as the tatoos Your momma thought they were sexy. How’s that for education… I could be your daddy.

      • Ashley Schoenholtz

        I understand the circumstances of seeing two snakes and having your grandson home at the time. If these in fact would have actually been Timber Rattlesnakes, then I could very well see and agree upon killing them because people who do not know how to handle poisonous snakes safely don’t need to try to “relocate” them. Way too dangerous.

        Truthfully, if you where inside like the story states, you should have just let the snakes be. Or better yet, take a few minutes to figure out what species they where before acting like some “hero” to get your name stated in The Packet. (Because for some reason, this is a story that just HAD to be told to everyone.)

        I, personally, would have been able to tell what species of snake[s] they where within seconds of seeing them, therefore acted accordingly if it was my son. But not everyone can identify a snake within seconds, unfortunately for the snake and sometimes the person.

        You would THINK, that growing up around here you would know the difference between the “good” and “bad” snakes. Not even caring to know the difference shows your ignorance. I’m sure you know (I hope) the difference between spiders down here right? Since we have the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. You can tell the difference between those right because they are native species and you want to especially know if they are in your house so you can properly take action to keep them out. Why not learn the difference between snakes? Just killing every snake because it is a snake is pretty ignorant in the fact that snakes, wither you want to believe it or not, help keep down rodent populations. You just kill whatever snake you want because you think they are all “deadly” can be very damaging to the area. Eventually if it kept up and the snake population dropped dramatically from extermination, you would notice a very large boom in the rodent population. What you would rather have, a harmless snake in the yard eating those rats/mice. Or, would you rather have mice/rats in your house getting into your food and pooping/peeing on everything and risking the chance of you and/or your family getting Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hemorrhagic Fever, Lassa Fever, Leptospirosis, and many more deadly/harmful diseases you can read about through the CDC’s website.

        Haha, don’t make me laugh! You talk of education, yet you lack the ability to spell “appalled” and “tattoos” correctly. I would happily volunteer with animal control if I was able to. But at this time, it is not possible. Maybe sometime in the future, but they may not like me since I would have to correct them on a lot of things since THEY can’t even identify local wildlife. Truly sad when someone’s job which consist of animals and they don’t even know how to tell one species from the other. (I think that is the worst part about all of this!)

        What the hell is that suppose to mean? “Your momma thought they were sexy” and “I could be your daddy”? Really? Is that some sad attempt at an insult? Try again because those where just sad…

  4. Ashley Schoenholtz

    Fine, I will rewrite this in a very educated manner. I hope that it is not removed this time since I am simply stating YOUR mistake that needs to be corrected so people are not misidentifying a species…

    These are NOT Timber Rattlesnakes, they are in fact, Garter Snakes. I highly suggest you please edit this story with a correction. I am a big snake enthusiast and seeing one snake species being called another is very upsetting. To me, it is like calling a Golden Retriever a Bull Mastiff. There is a BIG difference.

    I can explain how these snakes are in FACT Garter Snakes, a very harmless species of snake.

    1) These snakes have rounded pupils. The only venomous snake in North America that has rounded pupil is the Eastern Coral Snake. (You know, the “Red touches black” snake.) All other venomous species of snake in North America have slited pupils, like a cat’s eye.

    2) These snakes have rounded, “soft” heads. Timber rattlers, as well as all other venomous snakes have triangle, rough shaped heads with pits on the side of their face above their mouth.

    3) No rattle. These snakes have no rattle which should have been the most obvious thing….

    4) Scales. The scales of Timber Rattlesnakes, as well as every other species of venomous snake, other than the Coral snake, have triangle, rough edged scales. These snakes clearly have smooth “skin” like scales.

    5) Body shape. Timber Rattlesnakes, as once again as every other venomous snake other than the Coral, have short and FAT bodies. The bodies on these snakes are sleek and long.

    Finally, I am going to show you pictures I have found via Google of the difference between a Timber Rattlesnake and a Garter Snake. Please click the name to view the pictures.

    Timber Rattlesnake’s Head


    Thank you and I hope that this can get corrected ASAP.

    ~Ashley Schoenholtz

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The tatooed arm should have been a dead giveaway of another Mississippi public school-educated dumb@$$ that doesn’t know his @$$ from the proverbial hole-in-the-ground.

    • Ashley Schoenholtz

      Dear, I went to Public school and I have tattoos. Tattoos have NOTHING to do with your education or your intelligence.

  6. momneardrakehill

    Well if I saw snakes in the yard with my 2 year old nearby I wouldn’t be too concerned about doing my “research.” And not being a snake enthusiast I wouldn’t know if it was poisonous or not. But that doesn’t make me uneducated and stupid. Thanks for the story.

  7. scotty

    This is the worst story i’ve ever seen!!! it’s a sad thing when a grown man can not tell the differnce between a harmless snake and a timber rattlesnake. h
    He is doing a real nice job teaching his grandson to kill snakes that are helpfull to the enviroment, also the reporter who wrote this story should check the facts out first
    thats there job, after all a full retraction should be printed and a article on how to identify venomous snakes from harmless snakes should accompany the retraction.

  8. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Tattoos have NOTHING to do with your education or your intelligence.~

    …But much to do with class. Or the lack thereof.

    Tattoos are right up there with body piercing. And there are are lotsa’ “uneducated folks” with no money but with lotsa’ class. However, it seems that there are more “educated and intelligent” folks with absolute NO class. Check out the Hollywood “elite” for starters.

  9. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    that said, the only good snake is a DEAD snake!~

    That’s like Union General Sheridan saying that, “The only good Indian is a dead one.”

    Examining Ole Miss pre-law curricula and you could see why a “lawyer” would make such a statement.

  10. Spectator

    Call me whatever you wish, but if I see a snake of ANY kind in my yard or even in the street directly in front of my yard, he’s a GONER!! Snakes, spiders, rats, possums..I don’t do & I will not risk myself or my children being bitten by either!! & guess what? I have 2 hidden tatooes & I went to public schools! LoL! But guess what else? I also graduated from college, have a pretty good job, & no criminal record. So I “LoL” @ you name-calling IDIOTS!!

  11. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I went to public schools! LoL! But guess what else? I also graduated from college..~Spectator

    There’s your problem!

    And don’t you drive(not all at the came time) something like three automobiles?

  12. Spectator

    Its not a problem for me Johnny Boy!! I’m content & happy with my life. I’m not so sure about you though…All you do is nag & complain & post links to ignorant videos that usually have absolutely nothing to do with the article at hand. Most of the time, they’re not even informative, funny, or cute. I laugh at farts like you that think you own this world & that you are better than others…& that you’re able to down the next person. You bleed red just like me My Dear!! Get over yourself just like I got over you & your dummy a** comments a long time ago!!! I don’t like snakes..I think they’re evil & they serve no purpose to me or my yard being that I don’t have rats!! That’s my opinion…I do still have the right to one!! You & your friends keep your snakes, spiders, gorillas, lions, tigers, bears, & other foreign, wild creatures to yourselves when you get ready to commit suicide!! Now you go find the You Tube link that associates with my last sentence. LOL!! Good Day!!

  13. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I don’t like snakes..I think they’re evil & they serve no purpose to me or my yard being that I don’t have rats!!

    Did it ever occur to you that your yard and the three autos are devoid of rats due to the presence of snakes and other “evil animals” that prey on those pesky rodents?

    The Rat Snake, aka Corn Snake, is a protected species around farm barns and dairy parlors where foodstocks are stored. Where are you from, anyway?

    Does your fear of “evil creatures” have anything to do with Adam and Eve and the “evil” serpent?


  14. Spectator

    I don’t live on a farm or near a barn. If I was raised in that setting, I probably wouldn’t have such a problem with snakes today. Anyway, snakes are usually shown & viewed in a negative sense…All I know is that I don’t want to walk up on one & I definitely don’t want my children to do so either. And I don’t want to open the door to one of my three autos (that you KEEP mentioning for some odd/stupid reason) & find a snake curled up in my passenger seat!!!!

  15. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I thought that you were born and raised in Crawford, before moving on up to the BIG house with the three-car garage in Columbus?

  16. Spectator

    My do you remember well! Hmmm…I did, in fact, grow up in Crawford & I’m not ashamed of it. I remember my grandmother killing a snake, but it was near our mailbox….NOT on our carport or near our front door!!

  17. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Your grandmother musta’ve believed the legends of the hoopsnakes and the coachwip snakes.


    …The primary myth concerning coachwhips, that they chase people, likely arises from the snake and the person both being frightened, and both just happen to be going the same way to escape. Coachwhips are fast snakes, often moving faster than a human, and thus give an impression of aggression should they move toward the person.

    The legend of the hoop snake may refer to the coachwhip snakes.

    Another myth of the rural southeastern United States is of a snake that, when disturbed, would chase a person down, wrap him up in its coils, whip him to death with its tail, and then make sure he is dead by sticking its tail up the victim’s nose to see if he is still breathing. In actuality, coachwhips are nowhere near strong enough to overpower a person, and they do not whip with their tails, even though it is long and looks very much like a whip. Their bites can be painful, but generally are harmless unless they become infected.

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