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Former Supervisor Candidate Howard Smart Arrested in Scrap Metal Theft

Former Columbus politician, Howard Smart has been arrested and charged with grand larceny.

Howard Smart

A warrant was recently issued for Smart’s arrest for his alleged role in a scrap metal theft.
Warrant Officers Lance Luckey and Kelvin Lee reportedly visited Smart’s home on Monday and spoke with his son who informed the officers that his father was at work at Weyerhaeuser. Smart turned himself in to the Columbus Police Department late Monday afternoon after learning the warrant officers were looking for him. He was then taken into custody and booked at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.
His bond was set at $2,500.
Sources close to The Packet say that theft occurred in late November when Smart and “his crew” pillaged a scrap yard behind the new Dollar General on Hwy. 69. Before the construction of the new dollar store, trees hid the scrap yard from view but once clearing began, the pile of metal could clearly be seen from the road. Sources claim that Smart and several men brought an excavator and two drump trucks to the yard and loaded a reported $40,000 worth of metal onto their trucks, hauling it away. Items that were taken include a forklift, steel beams, metal pipes, two school buses, numerous vehicles and countless pieces of scrap. Smart then sold the scrap to Columbus Scrap Metal.
Tony Dunser of TrueGrit Sandblasting owns the scrap with partner, Riley Moore. Dunser says that once Smart was identified as the thief he reportedly admitted his guilt but was not arrested. Raymond Hackler with the Columbus Police Department was the lead investigator on the case. Dunser claims Hackler told him that he was “swamped with work” and wanted to make sure he had all the information before an arrest could be made. Hackler could not respond to that allegation because of the CPD’s newly enforced policy forbidding officers from talking to the media.
When questioned by The Packet, the Columbus Police Department would not offer any additional details on the suspected theft or of Smart’s subsequent arrest.
Smart ran unsuccessfully against District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith in the 2011 August Democratic primary. Smart lost to Smith with 971 votes to Smith’s 1,265.
In addition to his bid for Supervisor, Smart sued Lowndes County for racial discrimination in Aug. 2011. He lost the suit less than one week before also losing the supervisor’s race. Smart based his claim for racial discrimination on his dismissal from his job at the Lowndes County Road Department nearly four years ago. Smart was laid-off from the department after his position was eliminated. He was later offered a position as road foreman but declined the job, saying instead that he would “have his day in court.” After two days in federal court in Aberdeen, Smart lost the suit.
Smart’s court date for the grand larceny charge is April 5.



    • unidentified

      How could u b so sure that he wasn’t he is a man just like u an every other man are, an what the inventory gotta do with him he’s not there…. Yall know he is a GOOD man an dont mind helpin nobody yall always trying to bring ya own color down

      • Toofunny

        One problem with this culture is that stealing is not even considered to be a big deal. How would you like it if Mr. Godly stole $40K of your property? Is it ok, just because he goes to church? Innocent until proven gulity…yes. But excusing crimes based on being a good person is not a valid arguement.

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  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    …wondering if it’s time for a property inventory in the county barns…

    If my memory hasn’t failed me,thirty plus years ago, John Smart, Howard’s father(?) did time for the very same crimes and he had hidden the stolen property in barns on his father’s farm.

    Howard Smart’s “crew” was suspect in the theft of the Bell Awning truck from Crawford back in January. It was towed to B&S Salvage.

    In spite of a BOLO alert for the stolen “boom truck,” LCSO and CPD never reported that the truck sat on the B&S salvage yard for six weeks before it was crushed and hauled to Tuscaloosa.

    If he had not been for a local Crawford resident seeing the crushed truck leaving the B&S yard on a load of scap metal headed for Tuscaloosa, Timothy Harris would have gotten away with the crime.

    First reports were that Harris lived on John Smart Road, but it was later claimed by LCSO that the Timothy Harris involved in the theft was a “different Timothy Harris.”

    There is something rotten at the LCSO and you can bet that Tony Cooper will drop the ball on the criminal investigation into the serial burglaries and thefts that have gone on for the past eighteen months.

    All LCSO has to do is to find an honest judge
    that will give access to Smart’s banking transactions and cellphone records.
    It’s that simple, if LCSO is serious about putting Smart and his “crew” out of the stolen property business.
    And those eight stolen chainsaws from the Mennonite Noxubee Farm Supply back in December…you’betcha Smart should be considered a “suspect.”. He is a “customer” of the Noxubee Farm Supply.

    Since the stolen property is crossing state lines, why can’t the FBI bring on a RICO case indictment?

    • Unidentified

      Well if that’s the case A lot of them is a suspect at the noxubee farm supply an mainly you since you know so much about it. Lol.. An be careful how you put your mouth on a man of god you trying to dig a ditch for him you might be diggig the ditch for yourself….ain’t no way Howard Have a key to a white man business so it sound like a inside job.

  3. Robert

    Another upstanding Citizen LOL of “The Friendly Crime City”
    is exposed. You should be ashamed of yourself Howard but then again you are a politician and you guys all think you are above the law. Right Howard??? This has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. A Criminal is a Criminal. And to The Packet for a Great reporting job. It’s seems you guys are always first with the latest braking news.

    • unidentified

      Ashamed, of what I see that u have all the breath an time on ur hand to sit here and critisize a hard workin black man for something that u dnt know anything about. I guess the name Howard Smart rings a bell to all of you all….lol…..

    • Unidentified

      How humorous all u see in the packet is black an few whites, when a black do something he is Guilty Before he is innocent, and when a white man do something he gets a pat on the back, you kno what I think are you reading this, let a black man run the packet an take all of those seats on the supervise board an place some good men’s who are honest an don’t have to play politics with people’s life cause that’s what it is….

        • Spectator

          WOW!! How did I miss this??? Its obvious that u like us..maybe even love us…”just sayin”..that was started by whom? A BLACK PERSON!! LOL!! U should’ve said “like totally Dude”!! That would’ve sounded LESS BLACK..LMAO!!!!!!

          • JohnnyPhillipMorris

            Is Howard Smart walking alway to the bank from the last caper,too? And what about “Bubba,” is he still “swamping” for Howard?

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Has Birney found the story “fit to print?”

    Howard Smart was listed in the CD arrest reports, but I’ve not seen a featured report by staff.

    And WCBI’s R.H. Brown? Where is he when you really need him. Doing some
    puff” story, most likely.

    And the mayor of Crawford? He has a lot of explaining as to why he schmoozes around with Howard and drove around with a Howard Smart campaign sign on his pickup truck during the last election.

    There’s no way the mayor doesn’t know of Howard’s criminal history. Many of the unsolved–all them have been unsolved, really-scrap property thefts that have occurred in Crawford were within earshot and eyesight of the Mayor’s home.

    What does the Mayor know and when did he know it. And what was that trip with Smart last Fall over to Tuscaloosa all about.

    Misprision of a felony is a powerful tool to get at the truth.

    Why hasn’t Tony Cooper and the new sheriff used it?

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    It’s probably been going on for years, he just got caught!!!!

    It has, and the LCSO and the judiciary knew it was going on for years, but had little interest in protecting the rights of the the victims of so-called “low priority” property crimes.

    If it happens across the river, it stays across the river in order to curry favor with Howard’s “bloc voters.”

    Again, if the LCSO and CPD do not use their investigative tools to trace his financial transactions, the public will never know to whom he was fencing the stolen goods. And we’ll never know the identity of the other members of Howard’s criminal “crew.”

  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    If investigators were to followup on the theft of the chainsaws at the Macon Farm Supply and identify anyone who had bought a chainsaw from members of Howard’s “crew,” this would put another nail into the coffin of the Smart criminal enterprises.

  7. unidentified

    For all of you all information, Howard is not a thief, if you don’t know whats going on you should keep your mouth off of him. One thing he dont have to do is steal from no one. What is it with yall folks, Y r yall hating r yall jealous. An while all yall tryin to critisize him think about what yall did in the pass an look what yall goibg through. An foremost ya talking about former supervisor he would have WON if Jeff and his crew hadn’t paid that lady to change the ballots on the votes

  8. C. David Page

    Typical…and when will the CPD pull it’s head out and stop blocking select media in these cases?
    BTW…looks like Ol’ Howie will get another “day in court”.

  9. unidentified

    Why haven’t an arrest been made for the other peoples that was out their with him. God dont like ugly what goes around comes back around…

  10. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    With a BOLO on the “boom truck” stolen from Crawford, why was CPD not aware that it was sitting on the B&S scrap yard for weeks… right under their noses?

    For anyone old enough to remember, is anyone else having flashbacks to the Keystone Cops?

    Sadly, the people of Lowndes county are in for four more years of a behind-the-desk- Butch Howard-run-like LCSO.

    Bo Harris would be on this case like “white on rice.”

    • unidentified

      R u sure u didnt take it r had any of ur guys to steal it while ya blaming him for everything that went on…

  11. Unidentified

    Whoever wrote this source about this man you know all of this is a bunch of lies….where all of this come from do you know him like that… Be careful how you get your information it may come back to bite you

  12. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    If Tony Cooper and the LCSO would get their head out of the sand, they’d be questioning Howard Smart’s white swamper “Bubba” about the theft of the chainsaws stolen from the Noxubee Farm Supply where “Bubba” worked before the thefts.

    Bubba schmoozes with Howard and knows all about his activities. I wonder what is known back in South Carolina about Bubba?

    And it would be interesting to see if Noxubee County law enforcement questioned Bubba about the chainsaw thefts? Surely, they know of Bubba’s links to Howard Smart?
    There’s something rotten in Lowndes and Noxubee counties.

    • unidentified

      Lol… Its not phenix….lol its phoenix. Where u n any spellin bees in school. Before u get on here tryin to prophisize somebody learn to spell first…lol

  13. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    There was a time when Lowndes county had an active sheriff and a law and order judiciary before “bloc” voting made it unsafe to walk the streets of Lowndes county.

    Couldn’t find Mack’s Crawford After Midnight, but “They Raided the Joint” was done before Mack “found Jesus.”


  14. Spectator

    Every once & a while I open this page….& each & every time I see bogus comments posted by JohnnyPhillipMorris. I’m soooo curious to know what’s your profession? From the looks of your posts here, I’d say a full time STALKER!!!! Geesh!! You do right to hide behind a computer & post your crappy comments..you know so much but obviously you don’t know that there are a lot of ruthless killers out here that would make you a top priority. You’re talking pretty bad about Howard, his deceased father, Mayor Tolon, etc, etc…mostly in opionion or assumption..Yep, you do right to hide your true identity..

  15. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    @ Spectator

    Is that a thinly veild threat to commit murder? Are you gonna’ do it yourself? Or you gonna’ hire it done?

    Yes, Lowndes and Noxubee counties are lawless places steeped in criminal activity that, for the most part, goes uninvestigated for political reasons.

    But on with the saga of Howard Smart and his grand larceny problems.

    Today, The Commercial Dispatch lists Timothy Jermaine Harris in its arrest reports as having being arrested on March 20 for the crime of grand larceny. He resides on John Smart Rd. in eastern Lowndes county. Or is that Noxubee county.

    Is this the same Timothy Harris that was charged with the theft of the “boom truck” that was sold to B&S Salvage several months ago? Are there two Timothy Harrises living on John Smart Rd. at the same location? Is this the ex-con Timothy Harris or the other “Timothy Harris?” Was he NOT arrested for the “boomtruck” theft. Or is this arrest for some other charge of grand larceny?

    And what does “Bubba” know about all this? The chainsaw thefts from the Mennonites in Noxubee county is the key to solving these crimes, and there is enough circumstantial evidence that’ll make Bubba talk. It’s that misprision of a felony lurking over his head.

    There are times when the circumstantial evidence is very strong…as when you find the trout in the milk.~ Henry David Thoreau

    • unidentified

      Well you must be still upset because you broke the law in those counties and you thought you was gone get by and you had to do the time both time… Yeah it was a law, you jus didnt get by with the crime you done. Thats why you are so upset

  16. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    @ Spectator

    Southern blacks don’t use the term “geesh.” Or Southern whites, for that matter.

    What role do you play in the Howard Smart saga?

  17. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    So far we’ve only seen arrests on grand larceny in the scrap metal thefts. We’ve yet seen an arrest on receiving stolen property in the scrap metals case. It’s sorta’ like the drug cases where users and “mules” are rounded for the cameras, but never a “Mr. Big.”

    Are there “knowlingly receiving stolen property” arrests in the works?

    Cell phone connections and bank records go a long way in following the trail of stolen property.

  18. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    ain’t no way Howard Have a key to a white man business so it sound like a inside job.~Unidentified

    I’m sure that the NCSO has clues that would lead them to this conclusion, too. So that points the finger at Bubba as a probable suspect? Innocent until proven guilty, for sure. But Bubba doesn’t have the connections to fence the stolen Stihl chainsaws. And with the Smart family’s political connections in Noxubee county, the investigative ball was probably dropped there.

    The plot thickens.

    • unidentified

      R u sure u arent in the smart family since u know so much…one day u gone b typin an fingerd gone be crooked over like they have authorities in them

  19. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Lol… Its not phenix….lol its phoenix. Where u n any spellin bees in school. Before u get on here tryin to prophisize somebody learn to spell first…lol~Unidentified

    The last time I drove through Phenix City, Alabama before crossing over the river into Columbus(GA), the wording on the Alabama DOT sign spelled it “Phenix, City.”

    Take it up with Freddie Hart! Btw, the “P” in Phenix City was capitalized.

    • unidentified

      You just cant spell at all but want to get on here an critisize Howard for something that youre not sure of. What this man do to you????? Huh???? How would you feel if someone get on here an DOG you an your family out. You should be ashamed of yourself

  20. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    @ Spectator~

    One of the reasons that I “hide” behind my online screen moniker, aka a nom de plume, is for the very threat of physical violence, murder in your case, that you posted here. I could not determine whether you were the intended perpetrator of such violence or just the messenger. I DID take the threat very seriously though, and there are folks in Lowndes and Noxubee Counties that would resort to such desperate acts when facing long prison terms when convicted of their criminal acts. I’ve watched enough A&E’s The First Forty Eight Hours murder stories to see why the citizens in the black community refuse to cooperate with law enforcement in their own neighborhoods, for fear of retaliation by black gangs when cooperating with the “po po.” There are a lot of black emigres from the mean streets of NYC, LA, Miami Beach and Chicago that are ferrying drugs into this area which, I think, is directly related to the exponential rise in property crimes in order to fund their drug dependencies.

    But back to why I post under an assumed name.

    Posting under an assumed name(nom de plumehas a long history in America and the most notable authors that come to mind are Ben Franklin and Samuel Clemens.

    Franklin had several noms de plume:Silence Dogood(female) and Richard Saunders(the “Richard” of Poor Richard’s Almanack). Of course, Samuel Clemens wrote under the nom de plume of Mark Twain.

    I make no apologies. Only when we become a free society, no a fear society, can we dispense with “false” names.

    Natan Sharansky’s Town Square Test:
    (Not that Sharansky’s Israel could ever pass such a test.)

    If a person cannot walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm, then that person is living in a fear society, not a free society. We cannot rest until every person living in a ‘fear society’ has finally won their freedom.

  21. Robert

    WOW very interesting dialogue between spectator and Johnnyphillipmorris. Mr Morris after hearing what spectator said to you in his or her post if I were you I would be very concerned for my physical well being. It seems to me that
    the comment was a direct threat on your life. Yes I would take it very seriously. Spectator u are not the sharpest tool in the shed to come on a public forum and threaten someone’s life. Shame on you. U better hope nothing happens to Mr Morris because guess who they are coming after? You guessed it YOU.

  22. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I expect that Spectator is the “Mr. Big” that always seems to elude the police dragnets and fool our tainted judicial system, while the criminal “crews” that do his dirty work end up posing for mugshots. If Smart is convicted, I wonder who’ll wear his shoes in controlling the “bloc voting” in Lowndes county?

    There’s no CHANGE as promised in the previous election! It’s the samo samo for another eight years.

    I suspect that the FBI might monitor this site.

  23. Spectator

    @ Robert, you would be incorrect in your assumptions…I’m simply being nosy reading these trash can comments & giving my opinion. Life has shown me that the very one that ALWAYS has bad things to say about others will eventually eat those words, thus, reaping what they’ve sewn! In due time..whether it be illness, accident of some sort, etc….for him or maybe his child or other family member. Who knows? But you can’t do all of this bad talking & not think that God is not going to punish you too!!

    @ JohnnyPhillipMorris, Threat? Hell NO!! Don’t know you, don’t care to know!! I wouldn’t waste the time of day trying to stand 5 feet next to you!! We’re all FREE to comment as we will & that’s what I did. You might see mine as garbage just as I see yours as trash. Read & comment if I WANT TO, is what I do..I don’t threat or commit crimes & guess what Johnny? I’m BLACK & PROUD, from Lowndes County, MS…work FULL TIME, happily married with children, nice home, several vehicles, college education…I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, but I lived & learned..God forgave me & I’m required to forgive others when they fall short of God’s glory..I’m a GOOD PERSON…A BETTER PERSON THAN YOU!! COWARD!!

  24. Robert

    To Mr Spectator in response to your last comment directed towards me. I’m not doing any bad talking as you suggest. I was only commenting on a statement that you made directed at Mr Morris and I quote you Spectator “You know so much but obviously you don’t know that there are a lot of Ruthless Killers out there that would make you a top priority”. Now any rational human being with a brain in their head but assume that statement to be a threat on their life. What if someone said that to you? What would you think? 1+1=2 Spectator. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to know what that statement means. And you are talking about me bad talking and God is going to punish me. I think you are the one who should be concerned about God punishing someone Spectator. I did not make the statement. I’d liker to refresh your memory. You made the statement NOT ME. Remember or have YOU already forgot you made the statement. It’s not against the law to make a comment on a public forum but it sure pushes the limit when someone(Spectator) makes a comment that there are a lot of ruthless killers out there that would make you(Mr Morris) a top priority. Now how would you know that there are a lot of ruthless killers out there who would make Mr Morris a top priority? I think you need to do somer serious soul searching before you go pointing fingers at me. This is between YOU and Mr Morris.

    • unidentified

      Well you are included too because you wete bad mouthing also with him. Is that what,you do for a living sit and talk down on a black man… Seems like you do. How much do you get paid for doin that. Not one red penny.. So it wouldnt be so much crime and hatred if you WHITE PEOPLES keep ya mouth off Black peoples and their families because you never kno what might happen to your family.

  25. Spectator

    Well Mr. Robert, as we’ve read about in this very paper, there are indeed ruthless killers here locally. I’m not 1 of them, but I’d bet $500 that they’d be looking for someone who ALWAYS has negative comments…pretty much targets a certain person or people..I don’t know, but that’s my guess & my assumption…So NO I did not threaten Mr. Jack Ass or anyone else & I never will…I think you should’ve continued to comment on the issue at hand..Mr. Smart..that way I wouldn’t be replying to you now..Good Day!!

  26. bad boy

    why did the county fire howard smart? What happen to the complaint howard filed in court againest the county? there are other county people who know about all this. it runs deeper that just howard. is his sons (all) out of jail now? check deeper — much deeper!

  27. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Why not offer Sara Fowler a position as court reporter, to follow up through the court system on the arrests and allegations of criminal activity that make the front pages of the Columbus Packet. Her father, being a former JP, should add to her resume.

    Let us know what the “scoop” is on Howard Samart. Is there a “sweetheart” plea deal being made behind closed doors?

    And did Howard fess up on Bubba’s role in the stolen chainsaws heist from the Noxubee Farm Supply?

    The people need more transparecy of our judicial system, which is sadly absent, having been replaced by the puff and fluff journalism of Birney Imes with his “Roses and Thorns” awards. Pathetic!

  28. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    What’s the latest news, if any, on Howard Smart’s scrap metal thievery out on Hwy 69?

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