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EXCLUSIVE: Mayor's Son Arrested on Scene of Fairgrounds Shooting

McQueen Not Ruling Smith Out as Shooter to Gunshot Victim
Femme Fatale Kalmesha Jackson In the Mix Once Again

Sherman Smith

Just before 1 am Sunday morning, Columbus/Lowndes E-911 received several panicked calls about “shots fired”at the Columbus Fairgrounds. Columbus Police Officers and Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputies responded in heavy force to the scene. Shortly after they arrived, the officers had one black male subject in custody. The subject had in his possession a Hi-Point .380 handgun.
CPD Officers William Thrasher, Joshua Vandiver, Christopher Smith and Sergeant James Grant were on scene with Metro Narcotics Agent Archie Williams. Deputies controlled the flow of traffic out of the lot onto Highway 69 South. The parking lot, which had been packed moments before, emptied out within minutes as people rushed to their cars to flee the scene.
Once arrested, the subject was identified as 23-year-old Sherman Smith, the son of Columbus Mayor Robert Smith and Charlene Gardner. Sherman Smith has an identical twin brother, German Smith, and according to sources it is not uncommon for the two to use each other’s names.
Sherman initially claimed to be “German” on scene. After a drawn out process of background checks and cross referencing information, the officers eventually checked the male over for tattoos; German has several tattoos while Sherman does not. After the check, he was identified as Sherman Lydell Smith of 26 Subdivision Road. Sherman had two warrants out for his arrest, one for Contempt of Court and one for False Information. He was charged with possession of a concealed weapon and taken into custody.

Smith being detained by CPD and Metro Narcotics at the fairgrounds

Once he was identified as the son of Mayor Robert Smith, the CPD used new guidelines that were handed down on Feb.16 and contacted Chief of Police Selvain McQueen. According to the Guidelines for the Uniform Patrol Division, Guideline number 12 states: “On calls involving a law enforcement officer active or retired, any calls concerning a city employee or elected official or his or her family member, a supervisor will respond to the scene and notify me of the situation promptly.”
CPD Captain Fred Shelton arrived at The Fairgrounds while Smith’s identity was being confirmed and contacted Chief McQueen who arrived on scene shortly after.
Approximately 45 minutes after the incident at The Fairgrounds, a black male arrived at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Golden Triangle Emergency Room with a gunshot wound to his right leg.
The man gave hospital personnel a fake name and bad information as to where he was when he was shot. Hospital staff contacted E-911, as is policy when there is a gunshot victim, and Officer Brian Jenkins and Captain Fred Shelton responded to the ER. After continuously giving the same false information, the male admitted that his name was Joshua Wilson and that he had been shot at the Fairgrounds. According to those close to Wilson, he frequently provides false information and favors the name Jeremy Hendricks.
Wilson, 21, suffered a gunshot wound to the back of his leg, with the bullet entering through his hamstring and exiting just below his kneecap. He was airlifted to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson where they initially thought he might lose his leg. As of press time Wednesday evening, Wilson’s wound is healing and he is expected to make a full recovery. Notably, on the ankle of the injured leg Wilson was sporting an electronic monitoring bracelet for a Jan. 12, arrest for probation violation.

Kalmesha Jackson

Sources report that Kalmesha Jackson was by Wilson’s side at BMH-GT and at UMMC- Jackson.
Jackson, a 2008 graduate of Columbus High, is quickly becoming a local femme fatale, being closely linked to three shooting victims in the past eight months.
Her ex-boyfriend, Edmund Mosely was gunned down in the doorway of a 13th Street apartment in the early hours of July 19, 2011. According to Mosely’s then girlfriend Katrina Hicks, Mosely had been in a heated argument with Jackson shortly before the shooting. The shooting is still under investigation and no one has been charged in the incident.
The second of the three shootings where Jackson has been involved occurred on Jan. 15, 2012. Jackson, Marquez Carter and Rishad Reed were sitting in Jackson’s Chevrolet Malibu at 1320 2nd Avenue North when Carter was shot once in the back of the head. Jackson told CPD investigators that the three were “playing with a handgun” and she “didn’t know it was loaded.” Jackson, who was sitting the driver’s seat, claimed she pulled the trigger and shot Carter while he was sitting in the passenger seat. Jackson was charged with murder but the shooting remains under investigation. Within a month of her arrest, Jackson was released on bond.
According to witnesses, the incident at the Columbus Fairgrounds Sunday morning started when Kalmesha Jackson and some of her friends and relatives were going to a party inside the David M. Lavender Coliseum. They were met by Porter and Devon Thompson, cousins of Marquez Carter and reportedly known friends of Sherman Smith. The Thompsons reportedly got into an argument with Jackson and her friends over the fact that they didn’t want her coming into the party. A scuffle started and multiple shots were fired. No one on scene was able to identify who fired the shots. When officers responded to the fairgrounds, Sherman Smith was the only person arrested.
When questioned by The Packet if the caliber of bullet removed from Wilson’s leg matched the .380 recovered from Smith, Chief McQueen said the information is “not available at this time.” When asked if Smith was a suspect in the shooting, the chief responded “Not at this time.We’re looking at possibly two separate incidents but I really don’t know.” Referring to Wilson, McQueen said “We’ll know more when he gets out of the hospital.”
Both German and Sherman Smith have a lengthy history with law enforcement with the two having been arrested for various charges over the years.
According to an article in Packet 871, German served time in jail for his role in a strong armed robbery of a convenient store owner on 4th Street S. in Aug. 2007. He pled guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison and five years of post-release supervision.
In addition to the robbery charge, German was arrested in November 2007 for disorderly conduct.
Sherman Smith was expelled from Columbus High School in Jan. 2006 after school officials found a disassembled pistol in his car in the school parking lot. In Oct. 2007 Smith was arrested and charged with shoplifting, greater than 250 dollars. He was also arrested in July 2010 on a simple assault charge.
The most noteworthy incident involving the twins, however, occurred in March 2010. According to Packet 871 “Joanne Smith and Kashuna Butler aka “First Lady and Shunnie” hosted a “Match Madness” party in the David M. Lavender Coliseum at the Columbus Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 18, 2010. German and Smith attended the party along with then-21 year-old Marquez Kentrel Carter. According to sources, Carter and the Smith twins used to “run together” and it was not uncommon for the three to be seen together.
Before the party on Saturday, a shooting occurred at the Grey Goose night club on Friday where a 17-year-old was shot in the left forearm. Carter was believed to be the main suspect in the shooting and police were actively looking for him. Officers received a tip that Carter was at the party and responded to The Fairgrounds to search for him.
The party was winding down when officers approached a green and black station wagon with lime green and chrome spinners and gull-wing doors. The windows were heavily tinted but officers shone their flashlights inside and noticed a male crouching in the backseat of the car. Officers opened the doors and discovered Carter lying on the floorboard. Carter was arrested and taken into custody. Due to the flashy nature of the station wagon the car and its’ owners were well known. The vehicle was registered to Charlene Gardner, the mother of German and Sherman Smith.
The twins denied officers permission to search the vehicle but when officers contacted Gardner, she drove up to the fairgrounds and gave the officers permission to search the vehicle. Police found a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, bullets and a bullet-proof vest in the back seat of the car, inches from where Carter had been laying. The twins denied having any knowledge of the gun, ammunition or vest. When questioned by The Packet back in March 2010, Mayor Smith said that he had spoken with Gardner on her way to the fairgrounds and told her he thought the police should be allowed to search the vehicle. An investigation by the CPD proved inconclusive as to where the vest actually came from. The twins were never charged in the incident.
Sherman Smith was arrested on scene Saturday night and booked at Lowndes County Adult Detention Center 2:06 a.m. on Sunday morning. His bond was set at $1,496.00 and Smith was reportedly bonded out by bail bondsman Dawson Johnson.
Possession of a concealed weapon can carry a charge of up to six months in jail for the first and second offence with the third offense carrying up to a maximum of five years in prison.
Smith’s court date is set for March 14.



  1. You can raise you children, but you can’t control what they do out of sight.. Don’t blame the parents for what their children do .. I as well as you have know some good parents, but STUPID kids.. Just pray for the parents & their kids ….

  2. Children do learn from their parents but when you get older you choose which way you go left or right parents have nothing to do with that. You can a bad parents and turn good and vice versa. At some point in your life you know right from wrong. Some learn just learn the hard way. I just thank God my mom moved us from down there,clearly not a place for success!!!!!

  3. Mayor Smith is not around here shooting anybody… So what do he have to do with what Sherman did!!! And to answer your question Garry, no he do not have 27 arrest. He is a good kid that got in trouble. And no he is not a thug!!! Parent think about we all have children before speaking on someone else’s children.. Be Blessed!!!

      • I'Keryia Cameron


  4. Cant always blame a parent for a childs actions and at this age he makes his OWN choices regardless of someone elses influence ! There are plenty of parents who raised their children right and the children still grew up and did drugs, hurt people, or stole. We know right from wrong. We make the choices we make because we want to !

  5. It’s apparent that some individuals have personal ax to grind. Regardless, if you have something to say, just say it. A parent and their adult child bears no reflection upon rearing, but personal choice….

  6. J. Public

    These thugs are the product of crook parents. One who happens to be the mayor. No punishment has ever, or will ever be handed down to these punks. They think they are above the law because they’ve never had to deal with any consequences for their actions. As a community we need to take out the trash, starting with the mayor and including any official who has any questionable history or shaky foundations.

  7. He got in trouble….again. He didn’t “get in trouble”, he comitted a crime! He shot a gun (and maybe shot someone). Choosing to carry a gun into an area that is crowded with people is far from “getting in trouble”.

  8. Faye55

    Now this is what I am talking about. Columbus has to clean up inhouse, then the rest of the city. Your mayor needs to go. He has his own to work on.

  9. Robert

    Courtney says” Columbus is a place for old retired people”.
    I think retired people in Columbus would be Happier and much safer if they moved out of “The Friendly Crime City”.
    It seems to me that the crime continues to climb higher.
    The youth in Columbus are out of control. They all want to be Gangsters in a small little country town. What a joke. All you want to be Gangsters need to move on the the city”s and find out for yourself what it’s like to be a real gangster and leave the poor God fearing citizens of Columbus behind. Let them try and find some peace without worrying about being robbed day and night. They are all smokin toooo much weed and crack and watching to many rap videos. They need to wake up and GET A LIFE.

  10. Parental coddling isn’t getting better in Columbus. When Mr. Hallmark started a no nonsense policy at CHS, the parents of thugs and criminals came out of the wood work to protest, Kabir ranted against the policies on air for weeks and now Mr. Hallmark has been notified he is being let go.
    What working class kids from working families get the kinds of breaks and tenth and eleventh chances these thugs get? And don’t give the taxpayers the line that who the daddy is has nothing to do with it.
    Selvain McQueen has no problem pointing fingers when officers pick up somebody who lives in a county trailer park for possession or false pretense, but now he has no suspects and knows nothing? And Jackson is let go to do her thing time after time? McQueen says he worked on the unsolved murders in the city while he was with CID. NO wonder they weren’t solved.

  11. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Forced racial diversity is a failure wherever it is enforced at the barrel of a gun.

    With the latest revelation of JFK’s seduction of a young office worker, wouldn’t he be considered a serial sex offender?

  12. R.E.L

    The problem with the city is its not diversified, its predominately black, the only two majority white wards left are about to be extinct due to the new redistricting that is going to take place. This plays into the gand scheme, black folks taking over, That is the truth! If its mentioned by a white person its considered racist, but I am black and here to tell ya, i would rather live in a white neighborhood, they work, keep every thing cleaner and you can leave your door unlocked when you go to bed and don’t have to worry about some thug coming in your house. And Mcqueen is just a yes man when the mayor says jump he ask how high, just like the promotions, I bet there were more white’s eligble for promotion than my own kind, thats why it be gone.. The mayor trying to run the pd, what happen to that DICE team, I bet them white boys that always in packet started getting to close to the mayor and kareem criminal syndicate, so mcqueen was told to get rid of em!! Wake up C- town, we need to get rid of those thugs in office, vote for a strong white candidate. The city be better when they run things!!

  13. PDB

    THESE comments are ridiculous… How can you blame a parent of a child for what they have done? How can you say which “RACE” runs things better? How can you THE PEOPLE OF COLUMBUS or anywhere else judge a person because of the color of their skin. I AM BLACK I haven’t done wrong People in my family have does that make me a BAD PERSON and wanting to COMMIT CRIMES. The STUPIDITY of SOME PEOPLE and their DUMB and FALSE accusations need to stop. Rather the MAYOR is BLACK or WHITE or GREEN or ORANGE has nothing to do with it.. WE have a “BLACK” President does that make him a “THUG”. What about all the things that WHITE people do or CHINESE or the MEXICANS on the FRONT OF THE PACKET with 1Million Dollars worth of Cocaine.. Just be careful of the things you say about people.. Who gave you the right to judge another individual JUDGE YOURSELF and tell me what you come up with…

  14. milkman

    When you say you have “done wrong people in your family” does that mean you have had sex with your family members and you know it was wrong or have you have committed actions that are wrong against your family?lol after reading your comment I believe you need to go back to school and get an education.

  15. PDB

    “MILKMAN” YOUR IGNORANCE SHOWS… LOL at you. I actually have a Masters Degree in Business Administration/I own a business in Columbus, MS that you probably shop in. By leaving off a COMMA shows your ignorance level to the EXTREME. Thank you for your time.!

  16. ms. j

    you can do just so much for your kids .but guess what some time you have to shown tu love, do jus for all, not just your kids ,just because u are imp.

  17. same o same o

    Everybody talkin bout mayor smith charlene german sherman thoes are great ppl and nice and kind but yall gotta look at the reason he fired the shot if he did it was because that murderer was out looking for someone else CHILD to kill or get killed she has been involved in too many murders and she still walk free with no remorse or justiceeing served and they have just lost a close friend and she want to show her face i woulda jumped off my rockets too yall critisize them but have nothin to say about the true killer in da pic

  18. Milkman

    Yeah I got that whoo hoo I left off a comma! Anyway back to the issue at hand your Mayor and council are a joke, look even today another one of his kids on the front page for what a gun charge! And wasn’t the mayor who ran down the street several years ago with his bounty hunting buddy Dawson shooting at a someone for skipping bail on him? Like father like son ! I want to say there is an article in the packet about that to.

  19. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    …LOL at you. I actually have a Masters Degree in Business Administration…

    And I always thought that you were a charter member of Garison Keilor’s POEM?

  20. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    PDB now posts under the MoralAcivist moniker, although he has been hiding out as of late…most likely wiping egg from his face.

      • JohnnyPhillipMorris

        Moral Activist/PDB

        You seem obsessed with making scatoligical observations. A product of the New South educational system, for sure.

        Yes, Obama is a thug. Louis Farrakhan put it more bluntly:”We have a murderer in the White House!”

  21. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Spectator must be sleeping soundly at night, since the SNAKES have gone into hibernation. No more being “scart” as he hip hops to his car in that three-car garage on Knob Hill.

    Now, coming in from the cold, the field rats and mice will take over…feeding and a breeding.

  22. Johnny

    I lived in Columbus all my life up until about 10 yrs. ago and I read about what is going on around there every once in a while and I see it is the s.o.s. same old crooked city and county government and same old crooked cops. It has always been not what you know but who you blow and I never was that good at kissing anyones a–. Get out while the getting is good! If it has not changed in 62 yrs. it probably won’t

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