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College Students Gunned Down in Weekend Shootings

Suspected Killers Arrested




The three men believed to be responsible for the Saturday night shooting death of 21-year-old Mississippi State student John Sanderson are behind bars.

John Sanderson

Trent Deundra Crump, 21, of Flowood and Dontae Harvey and Mason Perry Jones, both 21 and of Jackson, have all been arrested and charged with capitol murder.
The murder occurred on the first floor of Evans Hall, a male dorm on the MSU campus.
Witnesses reportedly saw three men running from the building and leaving the scene in a blue Crown Victoria.
Jones was apprehended by the US Marshall Service in Memphis, Tenn. on Sunday. Harvey was arrested on Monday at an apartment complex in Jackson. Crump turned himself in to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department in Florida on Tuesday.
An autopsy revealed that Sanderson was shot twice, once in the chest and a second time in the arm.
Sanderson was transported to Oktibbeha Regional Medical Facility where he succumbed from his injuries approximately 30 minutes after his arrival in the emergency room.
Both Sanderson and all three of the suspects had prior arrest records.

Harvey served a six-month jail sentence for a conviction of possession of drug paraphernalia and contempt of court.

Prior to the capitol murder charge, Crump had been arrested and charged with felony burglary of a dwelling, threatening with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, possession of marijuana-less than an ounce, simple assault and failure to appear.
When Jones was arrested on Sunday he had an outstanding warrant for armed robbery that occurred on Valentine’s Day in south Jackson.
According to the Associated Press, Sanderson had also been involved with the law in recent years. In 2007, Sanderson was charged with the sale of marijuana. During the course of his arrest, Sanderson admitted to his role in the burglary of several automobiles. In 2010 Sanderson was charged with two counts of aggravated assault.
The Associated Press states that Sanderson was in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Madison when he waved a man he knew over to his vehicle. When the man approached, Sanderson extended his hand to shake with the other man and when the man returned the gesture, Sanderson allegedly pulled the man into the vehicle and shot him in the face with a BB gun. Sanderson then allegedly shot the man twice in the back of the head as the man turned away. The AP states that “…Sanderson then grabbed the man’s coat, dragged him 30 feet and then tried to run the man over.” According to reports, Sanderson told police the man had tried to choke him.
In a separate incident, Sanderson was charged with embezzling from his employer.
The shooting at MSU was one of two shootings over the weekend.

Nolan Henderson

Nolan Ryan Henderson was gunned down early Sunday morning at the Palisades Apartments in Jackson after a pool party for Jackson State University football players.
Henderson died on scene after receiving a single gunshot wound to the face.
According to reports, Henderson was assaulted at the party by several of the JSU football players. Police say Henderson left the apartment complex and called his cousin, 25-year-old Jerrod Emerson, who was nearby. Emerson, who was armed with an unknown caliber weapon, and Henderson returned to the party, where police say Emerson then pulled out his weapon and fired several shots into the crowd. Henderson dropped to the ground after being struck by a bullet.
A ballistics test confirmed the bullet that fatally wounded Henderson was fired from Emerson’s gun.

Jarrod Emerson, arrested in the murder of his cousin, JSU student Nolan Henderson. Courtesy photo


Police arrested Emerson on Wednesday and charged him with his cousin’s murder.
JSU issued a press release Wednesday, following Emerson’s arrest.
“This is a sad ending to a tragic situation,” Jackson State University President Carolyn W. Meyers said. “The Jackson State University family continues to mourn for Nolan and will offer all of the support we can to the Henderson family. We will also continue to provide our complete support to the Jackson Police Department until its case is brought to full closure.”



      • Spectator

        I agree!! The responsible persons for this crime are already behind bars with no bail where they belong!! Zimmerman is still FREE!! So until he’s locked up with NO bail, u will continue to see & hear about Trayvon Martin..an innocent, young, black, UNarmed male who was gunned down simply because a jackass felt that he “looked suspicious”!!

      • Star43

        Exactly what I’ve been try to tell these people on the Commercial Dispatch site. They keep comparing the two cases. The only thing that they have in common is that the murder(s) were of a different race than the victim.
        We should keep all families prayed up.

    • Skew2

      Rush Limbaugh already mentioned this event.

      The Starkville-Columbus citizens are sadly uninformed about events and true status of the US. This area would benefit greatly by having Mark Levin (author of “Liberty & Tyranny and recently “Ameritopia”) available on the radio. His program is on radio from 5 to 8 PM and not in range in this area. However, you can listen on Internet at 820AM (WBAP). You can also download his radio programs on mp3 free.

      There is so much to say in only a few words.

      1. The US does not have a tax problem. Actually, we do have a tax problem; 10% of population pays 70% of Federal Income taxes. 48% pay no income taxes. We have a spending problem. We borrow 40% of Federal Revenues.

      2. Our Constitution is the foundation which made the US the most desired place in the World to live. We could speak freely and were free to challenge ourselves to excel. Now the Constitution is the target by Liberal attacks. The Bill of Rights is a threat to them because it limits their ability, for now, to take more of our rights and freedoms. To them, it is a negative Bill of Rights.

  1. I doubt if any congressman would get kicked off the house floor for wearing a MSU shirt in protest like the one w/ the hoodie did in protest of trayvon. Maybe we can get the ‘W’ to invest in card activated doors like MSU has, it would be nice. Personally, I think they should install cameras on the entrance gates at the ‘W’.

  2. It already has. At least I have already heard about it. These are all heartbreaking stories and says a lot about this generation. I think TM case is different because it is based on profiling/stereotypes. I am saddened by all of these reports.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    …Now the Constitution is the target by Liberal attacks. The Bill of Rights is a threat to them because it limits their ability, for now, to take more of our rights and freedoms. To them, it is a negative Bill of Rights.

    And Max Higgins introduces Lowndes countians to William Fruth–frontman for corporate America– who wants to beguile us with thoughts of a constitutional convention (con-con) to rewrite the Bill of Rights in favor Leland Speed, Jim Barksdale, Warren Hood, Dick Molpus, Ray Mabus and all the other globalists and their tax-exempt think tanks, including the Stennis Institution(sic) over there in Starkville.


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