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Choking Murder Suspect Arrested

A Columbus man was arrested for supposedly choking his girlfriend to death in Pensacola, Fla., last Thursday.

Kristopher Silas

Kristopher Shawn Silas, 36, of Garden Street, was arrested after an arguement with his girlfriend, Tammy Lynn Bigham, 40, also of Columbus at their Florida apartment. The situation escalated into a physical fight and Silas called 911 around 5 p.m. And reported that he had choked Bigham, according to local police.
Bigham died on-scene. Silas is being held at the Escambia County Jail without bond on charges of second degree murder.
Silas had three children by other women. He is the son of Donna and Gary Silas of Columbus.
On Facebook, Columbus locals are talking about the case. A local woman said “This is scary! Kris is from here, his parents and children live here and are truly wonderful people. Its hard to believe b/c I dated and lived with this man back in 2008 and never showed signs of this kind of behavior with me! So hard to fathum, let alone swallow such news!”
Another commented “This Is So Sad !!!! If He Knew to Call The Atthories After Killing Tammy, Then He Knew What He Was Doing Wrong !!!! There’s no excuse for what he did !!! Now the families are having to deal with his behavior !!!! ”
The mother of one of his children, Brandy Sanders said “No he shows no remorse and don’t think about the 3 children he left behind to deal with this! He will meet his maker all i can pray is my baby and his other two children can find comfort! I agree he called 911, he knew exactly what was happening!”



  1. Your exactly right! My heart pours for his 6 year old son which is my child and his other two children! He is a heartless man all these years he’s hurt his children and now he’s took someones life and mother from them. God bless any women dealing with someone like this

  2. Your exactly right! My heart pours for his 6 year old son which is my child and his other two children! He is a heartless man all these years he’s hurt his children and now he’s took someones life and mother from them. God bless any women dealing with someone like this

  3. I am praying for the family! I see what Tammy’s daughter is going through! It is just not right that someone could be so cold hearted to do something such as what that man did

  4. I know them both and the story I heard(which I’m not saying is true) was he got out of the loony bin(was there for a week) and as soon as he got out, they got to fighting over sets of keys. She wouldn’t give him his keys and vice versa. He had also supposedly been on doctor given meds.

  5. it dont matter how he killed her or why her killed her the point is he is a sick heartless perosn. i will keep his kids in my prayers and also tammys family. at least his kids have mothers that truly love and care for them and will keep them safe. thank god he didnt get his hands on any of his kids. hope he has to suffer everyday like his kids and tammys family and friends will be suffering. R.I.P Tammy.

  6. Jen you couldn’t have said it better! and as far as him being sick and on meds joey sorry if i offend you but he wasn’t sick four years ago when he up and left 3 beautiful wonderful children behind!! This man took someones mother a mother who also tried helping him have relationships with his own children because he has no care! I myself hope he suffers with lots of time to let this drive him insane. SICK OR NOT SICK I LIVED A LIFE WITH THIS MAN AND HE is very sneaky and undercover. As for bethany may you find comfort and i pray your loving mom rest in peace. . I an SO SORRY

  7. Im a local Floridian and I know this story has touched the hearts of many in this area. I don’t personally know Tammy but I know Kris and it amazes me hows a person flips like day and night! I have friend of a friend that I know is taking this beyond the words of grief! Kris will meet his maker….Our hearts go out to Tammy and her family. God bless all and may Tammys winds shine as bright as ever as she oversees all that its below!!!

  8. Robert

    Another thug from “The Friendly Crime City” goes Crazy
    Lock him up and throw away the keys. You are a worthless
    scumbag straight out of the Garbage can. I’m sure Bubba will be waiting for you with a Big Surprise. Hope you enjoy your vacation in the Big House. We all Hope it’s Forever

  9. Yes I did

    Why would his parents name be put in the article?? Remember the Dispatch did the same thing and Imes got reemed for it.
    This man is an adult there is no need to bring their name in to it.

    As for knowing he has no remores, Did you go visit him in jail? Did you look in his eyes? I am not defending this man but dont act like you know anything about this when you dont!! You just like the drama and attention!

  10. Kenny

    Ignorant people. No one knows how this man feels. No one knows if this man was in his right state of mind. No one really even knows why this happened. Just like he said, ”you just like the drama and attention!”

  11. Robert

    In response to your comment Kenny. Who cares how he feels.
    He murdered this girl you ignorant dumba**. And you state”No one knows if this man was in his right state of mind”. Duuhhh and you call people making comments on this ignorant. You need to take a look at yourself. You are the ignorant one. Of course he was not in a right state of mind or he would not have MURDERED this poor innocent girl. He took her life and you are defending him. I think you should be thrown in jail with him u idiot. What the Hell is wrong with you dude.

  12. Pam

    I don’t think it was right at all to print his parents names. They are godly, upstanding people and I am sure this must be hard for his entire family especially his parents and kids.

  13. David B

    I knew Tammy threw a mutual friend we had and we started talking and started to become really good friends and was even making plans on going to see her – even though we never had meet we were getting very close ,we had talked for several months and from what she told me she had enough of his crap . She told me some stuff about him that i thought was weird coming from a grown man. He had this strange power over her but i think i was finally getting through to her that he was just using her as a meal ticket and could do much better than that. Tammy had one of the biggest hearts of anybody i have ever known and to be honest that is what i think contributed to her getting killed,she felt sorry for him cause he was walking the streets with nowhere to go.She was staying with a friend but her drive was getting to much for her between her friends place and the singing gig she had landed so she went back to the condo,and i think that’s when he realized the meal ticket was over.She was leaving him so i truly believe that’s when he got in his head if i can’t have her nobody can,he knew what he was doing and all i can say is my God have mercy on your soul….. I love and miss you very much Tammy,i miss hearing you laugh and making you laugh

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