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Sheriffs Bust Burglary Rings

Lowndes County Deputies continued the arrest sweep of suspects in the rash of local burglaries by nabbing four people last Thursday.

With the help of Lowndes-Metro Narcotics and the US Marshal Service, Investigators with the Sheriff’s Department served three search warrants that resulted in the arrest of Kelly Johnson, Marcus Ross, Timothy Ross and Adrian Erby. Alesia Epps was arrested over the weekend and investigators are still looking for her supposed accomplice Michael Fortune.

Marcus Ross

Kelly Johnson

Timothy Ross

Johnson, Marcus Ross and Timothy Ross were all arrested in the first search warrant of the day at 758 Hairston Bend Road. When law enforcement officials entered the residence, they reportedly found the three sitting around the stolen property and smoking marijuana. In addition to the stolen guns, big screen TV’s and $130 in cash, a substantial amount of marijuana was discovered totaling over eight pounds and worth more than $12,000.00 in street value.

Adrian Erby

In the second search warrant, deputies surrounded 610 18th Street North and arrested Adrian Erby. Erby lives at 819 Waterworks Road but was believed to be staying on 18th Street with his girlfriend who was also inside the home when deputies arrived. Investigators were inside the residence for well over an hour, removing stolen property that had been hidden inside the walls. They recovered two flat screen TV’s, firearms and bows from the home. Animal control was called in to remove the numerous pitbulls caged
behind the residence.
In the time it took investigators to properly search the home and collect evidence, a large crowd gathered along the side street. Lowndes County Deputies set up a perimeter when they arrived and the growing crowd had to be told repeatedly to get back.
Erby’s sister, a woman who wished only to be identified as “Eisha,” openly voiced her frustrations with the level of security around the home saying, “They charging him with burglary? It ain’t like he murdered no one. They don’t need all these people here. F*** the police. All they do is harass black folks.”
Erby was arrested on scene and charged with possession of a weapon by a felon and possession of a stolen firearm.
At the last house of the day, investigators hit the 1000 block of Ranson Road. While no one was home at the time, a smoldering pile of stolen property was still smoking in the back yard.
Deputies recovered multiple weapons, ammunition, stereo equipment and jewelry, including a Rolex watch that had been burned beyond recognition.
Suspects Michael Fortune and Alesia Epps fled to Tennessee to escape capture but Epps was apprehended Saturday night when she returned back to Lowndes County. Fortune is still on the run and believed to be in Tennessee.
According to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department, 21 people have been arrested and charged with burglary since January. While Sheriff Mike Arledge is pleased with the headway being made in the investigations, he says of the recent arrests, “These arrests are just the first of many more to come.”



  1. Mac Martin

    Sheriff’s department needs a pat on the back or a well done. If nobody else will I’ll say it, “Thank you for a job well done.”

  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Hopefully, this is the Mississippi HP coming out of the High Sheriff of Lowndes county in the maintenace of law and order.

    As the new sheriff surely knows( having been a Justice Court judge) the next step in the investigative process is the access to the telephone record records and banking information on the suspects in order to track down the “fences” hauling the stolen property to Chicago and New Orleans. And that can only be accomplished with the cooperation of the county judiciary. And that could be a problem with longtime justice court judges facing re-election in the black districts of Lowndes County who value placing their own interests above those of the law abiding public, as long as they don’t target their home and property.

    A “not in my backyard” mentality.

    The comments expressd by the mob that was attempting to interfer with sheriff’s investigation is indicative of the attitude that many black folks have in regard to property theft. While many are hardworking folk and would never engage in thievery, they would never “rat” on a “Bro.” I see it happening everyday. You’ll never see a Neighborhood Watch formed across the river; thealuminum Neighborhhod Watch signs would be torn down and hauled to the junkyard along with the stolen sewer manhole covers and the aluminum traffic signs that have disappeared. And the junkyard owners are knowlingly processing this stolen property and not alerting law enforcement…it’s bad for business.

    So, another pat on the back of the High Sheriff of Lowndes County.Please go after the “fences,” whomever they might be.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    In passing, the Macon Beacon is reporting the arrests warrants for three more property thieves caught by game cameras. One of the supects has fled, but two are in jail. So, we have three white criminals and three black criminals so far that will face predominately black jurors, if they don’t accept pleas. One of the white suspects, the son of a law officer, was on parole but was sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his term.

    Is it any wonder that Mississippi is at the top of the list of the most corrupt state in the Nation?

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Tip to Sheriff Arledge:

    Tip #1:

    Question suspects about the theft of Stihl chainsaws stolen from the Mennonite Farm Supply store on Higheayv 45, Macon.

    Tip # 2.

    Question suspects as to their connections to a family in that southeast Lowndes county area that has a long criminal history in engaging in the theft and fencing of stolen property, as well as other well-documented criminal acts.

  5. Strummer

    Erby’s sister, a woman who wished only to be identified as “Eisha,” openly voiced her frustrations with the level of security around the home saying, “They charging him with burglary? It ain’t like he murdered no one. They don’t need all these people here. F*** the police. All they do is harass black folks.”<<

    They also arrest black folks who steal stuff. What a damn idiot.

    • Star

      You are absolutely right.

      And what a lot of people aren’t aware of are how violent these burglaries could’ve been. That stupid, fat ugly mf Adrain Erby and his lame a*s friends tried to break into two different households where there were children inside. And if they’re stealing guns and other weapons then-yes-you dumb wh*re, extra officers were needed.

      So again….thanks officers for doing your jobs so well….

  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Game cameras or any type surveillance technology could be secreted near the known fence hideouts where stolen property is stashed before moving it from the area. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    These cameras keep video images on a memory card denoting the time and dates. And they are very good at capturing auto tag numbers.

    And with Tony Cooper’s video game playing experience, this may be a way to redeem any credibility that he might have had at one time.

  7. Willie

    What a great job the sheriff department has done and is doing. Thank you for getting these people off the streets and out of our homes when we are out working hard for the things we have. It burns me up when thugs think they have the right to take the things we work hard for.Hey!!! Eisha they have done wrong and need to be locked up it does not matter what color they are!Maybe they should check your home, who knows you may have some stolen property in there!

  8. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Still, no followup leads on the known stolen property fences that have gone un-investigated and free to again employ more desperate thieves trying to survive in this economic Depression.

    LCSO knows their identity.

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