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Officer Involved Shooting at Dutch Village

Kyles being loaded into the ambulance

Family of Wounded Suspect Outraged

A routine traffic stop Saturday night ended with two injured and a Columbus Police Officer on leave.
Just before 10:30 pm, CPD Officer John Rice pulled over a white early-90’s Chevrolet S-10 Blazer for a noise violation due to the vehicle’s stereo playing too loudly. When Rice approached the vehicle, the driver, Marvin Dale Kyles, 25, had roughly two ounces of marijuana allegedly sitting in plain view on his back seat.
The nearest officer that could back Rice up was Metro Narcotics Agent Archie Williams. Williams arrived on scene as Rice was preparing to take Kyles into custody. Kyles did not want to get out of his vehicle, so Williams opened the passenger door of the Blazer. Witnesses say that as Williams opened the door, Kyles gunned the engine, then shifted the Chevrolet into reverse and stomped the accelerator. The SUV slammed into Rice’s patrol car, crushing the Crown Victoria’s grill and right headlight. Kyles then attempted to put the Blazer into drive and leave the scene. Williams, half in the passenger door, attempted to cut the ignition and remove the keys while he dragged from the vehicle.

Kyles' Blazer backed into Rice's patrol car moments after the shooting

While dodging the SUV, Officer Rice drew his handgun, a Sig Sauer P226 .40 caliber. As Kyles dragged Williams, Rice fired his weapon from the rear driver’s side of the vehicle. The bullet struck the driver’s window of the Blazer, fragmenting on impact. Two of the fragments struck Kyles, one in the left bicep and one in the upper left portion of his chest. A third piece of the bullet struck Agent Williams in his left wrist. [The Columbus Police Department employs Hydra-Shok ammo. Per Wikipedia: “Hydra-Shok is a type of bullet used in commercial self-defense ammunition made by Federal Cartridge. The Hydra-Shok bullet is a hollow point round. These rounds are anti-personnel, meaning they for use against human or other organic targets. A normal bullet has a smooth, rounded tip designed for accuracy and penetration. A hollow point round, however, has a hollow tip that causes it to expand upon impact. The expansion of the bullet increases its stopping power, the force at which it makes contact with its target. The Hydra-Shok bullet is designed to have minimum penetration and maximum stopping power which makes it very effective as a defensive bullet.” This ammo is meant to fragment on impact, reducing the possibility of going through a target and hitting people or objects on the other side. – JD ] After being shot, Kyles lost consciousness.

Officer John Rice

Just minutes after the original stop, Rice called for an ambulance. He told police dispatch, “We need an ambulance over here. We have shots fired.”
The police radio channels were immediately full of confused chatter. Responding officers were unsure of the extent of the situation. As they rushed to the scene, they tried to find out if they were driving into a live-fire situation.
After a minute or two, Agent Williams informed dispatch and responders that, “We need an ambulance for the driver. He has been shot, as well as myself, I guess.”
At Dutch Village, CPD Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies worked quickly to contain the scene. BMH-GT Paramedics quickly worked to stabilize Marvin Kyles. He was placed on a stretcher and rushed to BMH-GT for medical assistance. Agent Williams initially refused treatment, but was eventually seen to and was taken to BMH-GT for further treatment. Soon after, he was back on scene.
The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation was called in to work the crime scene. They arrived at the gas station before midnight and conducted their on-scene investigation well into the morning.
Officer Rice was escorted to the police department by Lt. Oscar Lewis for his debriefing. He is currently on Administrative Leave while the shooting is investigated.

Metro Narcotics Agents, Sgt. Archie Williams and Sgt. David Criddle

Shortly after the incident, friends and family of Marvin Kyles swarmed the property of Dutch Village. After being told they could not approach the crime scene, the group gathered across the street, at the northwest corner of Highway 50 E and Highway 12.
Kyles’ brother, Marlon told The Packet that he had been talking to his brother shortly before the traffic stop. He voiced his opinion that the officers were covering something up.
According to Marlon Kyles, “My brother ain’t done nothing wrong. They shot him! He ain’t got a gun or anything! That’s Archie over there. My brother knows not to mess with Archie. Everybody knows Archie.”
Several family members agreed with Marlon. One woman said, “That baby don’t do nothing wrong! We got a bunch of these kids out here, and Marvin’s the best of them!”

The marijuana that was in Kyles' Blazer

After his wounds were seen to, Kyles’ injuries were deemed non-life threatening. He was arrested at the hospital and charged with two felonies, Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer and Possession of Marijuana – More Than One Ounce. Additionally, he was charged with a misdemeanor for Excessive or Unreasonable Noise.
Wednesday morning, Kyles was issued a $50,000 bond for the assault charge and a $409 bond for the noise charge.



  1. Thump

    One woman said, “That baby don’t do nothing wrong! We got a bunch of these kids out here, and Marvin’s the best of them!”

    Lord help us if he’s the best of them !

  2. Wait

    If he is such a good boy why did he have illegal drugs in his vehicle. Well Mr. Good Boy has help people (Thrasher/Kemp) catch others oops. Keep your head up and Thanks Mr. Good Boy

    • Thump

      They all become snitches to make deals on getting their butts out of trouble. Its a fact…rat on your friends to save your skin

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