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Columbus Woman Arrested after Helping Convict Boyfriend Escape

Jenna Rhea

Twenty-three year-old Virginia Mary, “Jenna” Rhea of Columbus was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Bogalusa, LA. after she and her inmate boyfriend allegedly assaulted officers and evaded capture last Friday afternoon in Picayune.

Johnny Hall Jr., 30, was incarcerated at the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility in Pearl River County. He was serving a 17-year sentence for three counts of burglary. Hall’s father passed away last week and, as is customary, the inmate was allowed to attend the funeral, handcuffed and shackled under guard supervision.
Rhea drove to Picayune that Thursday evening and stayed with Hall’s mother before Friday’s wake.
As Hall was being escorted out of the Picayune Funeral Home by two correctional officers, Rhea reportedly pulled her black Honda Accord up next to Hall and the officers. Witnesses say Rhea got of the car and made a gesture as if to give Hall a hug goodbye. Instead, she allegedly assaulted the two officers and Hall jumped in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Rhea then jumped in the driver’s side of the car and the pair sped off.
Sources claim that prior to Friday’s wake, the modern day Bonnie and Clyde had been communicating via a cell phone that Hall had managed to smuggle into the jail.

Johnny Hall

Before they were apprehended, Hall and Rhea were also suspected of robbing an Exxon gas station on the Texas-Arkansas state line last Saturday. A store employees stated a man walked into the store around midnight, displayed a gun and demanded cash. Authorities positively identified Hall as the robber on the store surveillance camera.
Both Hall and Rhea are being held by the Bogalusa, Louisiana Police Department and will be extradited back to Mississippi. Rhea faces charges of aiding an escape and Hall could face an additional five year sentence if convicted of escape.



    • Star

      Are you serious or was that a joke? SHE looks like an average person but he has numerous tats ON HIS FACE—how is that a comparison to normal, everyday people?

  1. Atkins

    This is sad they cant tell the same story all the way. i am praying for her and her family cant beleave this happened.

  2. whitney

    No one knows what really happened but I do know this girl, better than most, she is a wonderful person. Prayers would help a lot more than discouraging words.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    With all the body tattoos, you could give this guy a badge and a gun and he’s look like a cop.

  4. This is a very sad story. I am not a face book user and I wish my children weren’t use it. I think this is the most dangerous thing that has happen on the enternet. You have to not have a life to put your whole history on a site that everyone can see. Crazy !

  5. Allie k. Edmonson.

    No excuse for the rudeness. Johnny hall is a very crazy person! Jenna is a very good person and this is something that is out of character! I’m praying for you Jenna and her family. I love you very much!

  6. Skew2

    Jenna and the Bandit:

    What we do know:
    1. Johnny forced her to find him, contact him, and plan to destroy her life.
    2. Johnny was able to force her to drive her Carl Hogan Honda 210 miles to Picayune.
    3. Johnny forced her to bring a gun.
    4. Johnny forced her to spend the night with his mother.
    5. Johnny forced her to drive her car next to the church door.
    6. Johnny forced her to body-block the deputies while he jumped in her car.
    7. Johnny forced her to jump in the driver’s seat and take off with deputy hanging off the car.
    8. Johnny forced her drive like Bonnie and Clyde escaping into Louisiana. Did they drive through Gibsland, La where Bonnie and Clyde met their end?
    9. Johnny forced her to help him rob a gas station in Texarkana (same place as in “Smoky and the Bandit”).
    10. Finally, after they realized the police thought they were not even worth wasting their time looking for them, Johnny forced her to return the where it all began in Picayune. They thought would not recognize them there, right?
    The Future:
    We can only guess:
    1. When Jenna goes to criminal training school (prison), is Johnny going to force her to get matching tattoos?
    2. Question: How did Johnny get in touch with Jenna in the first place????? He had never been to Columbus or Starkville.

    • whitney

      your comment is educated… if you read an article… not if you were jenna in that car… you don’t know what she did or didn’t do and it’s pointless to make these accusations without had being there in 1st person.

    • Star

      wow!!!! lmmao!!!!
      I was really trying to get into the story and the comments but you put it to a straight halt with that comment. You are so wrong. smh but STILL kml!!! Sorry yall….that was funnier than sh*t to read all of that then come down to SN’s hilarious yet simple comment. still smh, still kml…

  7. CAK

    Regardless of how good of a person you are, having terrible people in your life will encourage you to do terrible things. I hope this is a good wake up call for other girls with boyfriends similar to this man. Doing things out of love doesn’t always make those things right.

  8. ctownreppin

    wow. i know jenna, and i have known something was going on but wasnt sure what. this is INSANE!!! she isnt like this at all! but i guess she has to pay for it. and him “forcing” her to do this is b.s. if that was the case any smart human would contact the jail he was held in and inform them.

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