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Teens Speak Out on Northside Shooting

Brandon Perry in his Southside homeTuesday afternoon.

Brandon Perry,17, was released from jail Saturday morning after being charged with one count of aggravated assault for allegedly shooting Javorose Yarborough, also 17.
The early Thursday morning alleged shooting sent Columbus police scouring the Northside area for hours, particularly Sanderson Plumbing where Perry was believed to be hiding.

According to Columbus Police Department’s Public Information Officer Terrie Songer, the incident stemmed over a girl. Songer says the boys got into a verbal altercation at Skate Zone the night before.
However, both teens, and Yarborough’s mother, disagree on the events that occurred that morning.
Perry says that he was on Mill Street on Thursday morning to pick up a friend. The teen was driving his mother’s maroon Expedition and had just picked up one friend up at Sandfield One Stop located at Main St. and MLK Dr. before driving over to Mill Street.

Officer Fred Grammer and Investigator George Harris at the scene of the shooting.

Once at Mill Street, Perry says he saw Yarborough and approached him. Perry had heard the other teen “wanted to get at me”, which Perry interpreted as Yarborough wanting to fight him.
Perry says he and Yarborough began to engage in a verbal altercation and Perry suggested they “go to the street” saying, “I ain’t about to fight in someone’s yard I don’t know.”
Perry said that Yarborough then pulled out a gun from the waistband of his jeans .
The gun appeared to be “a semi automatic with a long clip”, matching the description of a Mac-11.
According to Perry, Yarborough pointed the gun at him but Perry believed the gun was only for show, having heard that the gun did not work. Perry said that a friend of Yarborough’s, a man identified by both teens as Myron Sewell, also pulled out a weapon. Perry then went to his Expedition to also retrieve his gun saying, “I didn’t know what else to do. I wasn’t on that level.” Perry said that although he had the handgun, a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver, he had no intent on firing the gun and said, “I was just flashin’ it, just in case.”

Officer Andre Adams, gundrawn, walking along the route Yarborough and Sewell alledgely took inside Sanderson Plumbing property

Perry says this is when Yarborough fired his weapon into the air and he did the same. Perry said Yarborough and Myron both ran away toward Shady Street and Perry went “straight home”.
“I wasn’t nowhere to be found over that way. I jumped on Waterworks and came right to Southside. I know I didn’t shoot him, I know I didn’t.”
When asked why he was carrying a gun, Perry responded that he carried the .38 “for protection”.
“People around here are kinda crazy. With the murders and all, I need it for protection. But I ain’t ever been in no trouble like this.”
E-911 received multiple calls reporting “men in blue hoodies were walking down the street with guns” although it is unclear if those calls were made before or after the two exchanged gunfire.
Officer Rebecca Lomax was the first to respond to the scene and within moments, the area was swarming with officers looking for the teens. Columbus Police Officers Fred Grammer, Joseph Streval, Kenneth Brewer, Barry Goode and Investigator George Harris were at the railroad tracks at the west side entrance of Sanderson Plumbing when they saw two men running down the tracks. The pair then went running down the tracks, scaled the barbed wire fence that borders Sanderson Plumbing and disappeared from officers’ view.
At this time Yarborough said he and Myron ran inside Sanderson Plumbing. Before the two fled the police, Yarborough says he and Myron were on Mill Street visiting a friend. He says Perry and his friends approached him andYarborough asked “Y’all came to jump me or something?” Yarborough then agreed with Perry’s story, saying the two walked into the street.

Workers from Sanderson Plumbing wait out the lockdown

The teens’ stories differ from that point on. Yarborough claims that it was Perry who first brandished a gun and he denied having a weapon. He said Perry shot into the air and then “shot towards me” He then collaborated Perry’s story and agreed that Perry got into a maroon Expedition and fled the scene.
Yarborough denies that he or Myron had a weapon but does admit to “sometimes” carrying a 9mm.
According to Yarborough, he and Myron left the house at Mill Street and began walking towards Shady Street. Yarborough claimed the two were walking along the railroad tracks when they saw Perry coming. Yarborough said he asked Perry “Why you followin’ me?” and Perry responded by allegedly shooting him in the hand.
[The section of railroad tracks where the shooting allegedly took place is an isolated area; surrounded by woods on one side and Sanderson Plumbing on the other it is approximately 100 yards from the road. Yarborough denied seeing Perry’s vehicle any where near the alleged shooting saying that Perry “must have followed him” even though he admits moments earlier Perry fled the Mill Street location in his vehicle. SF] Yarborough said he and Myron “took off running into Sanderson”, down a worn path they frequently use to “cross into Northside”. Yarborough said he and Myron split up once they were inside the building. Yarborough says he emerged once he heard sirens, saying “I peeped my head out the door, seen the police and told them that I had been shot.”
[When officers dispatched over the radio “I’ve got one running-he’s disappeared into Sanderson” I left my position at the west gate and headed to the front entrance of Sanderson via 22nd St N. I was behind Officer Barry Goode and we pulled over by the fence that borders the Sanderson Plumbing property on 22nd. As we got out of our vehicles and approached the fence we could see two black males, both wearing blue hoodies, running through the woods. The two males then separated and moments later Sgt. John Duke could be heard saying “I’ve got one shot-not by me.” Javorose Yarborough was lying on the ground and told police he had been shot by Brandon Perry. It was my understanding, as appeared to be the belief of officers on scene, that Brandon Perry was the other individual inside the building, not Myron Sewell. It was also believed that the person inside Sanderson was armed with a gun. SF] Yarborough said he exited the building almost immediately but to his knowledge, Myron stayed in the building the entire time, waiting to leave “after the police left.”
Yarborough was transported to BMH-GT where he was treated and released.

Perry being escorted into the Police Department moments after being apprehended

Lowndes County Sheriff Deputies joined the CPD were on scene at Sanderson Plumbing and the officers set a perimeter around the building that was kept up well into the afternoon. They did not allow anyone to enter or exit while they scoured the building for any sign of the allegedly armed man. When the search dog failed to alert anyone’s presence inside the building, Chief Selvain McQueen sent officers to Perry’s residence at 1419 6th St. S. where he was apprehended.
When interviewed by The Packet, both Yarborough and his mother, Tasha Phinizee, say “justice will be done.”
According to Yarborough and Phinizee, shots were fired into their home in mid-September and they believe the shooter is related to Perry. No arrests have been made in the shooting but Yarborough said, “The game been played on me long enough. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t like me, it’s just part of life but the game’s been played on me long enough. I’m tired of seein’ my momma cry. The pain weren’t worth it all, in situations like this…it doesn’t help anything.”
Perry denies any involvement with Yarborough before Thursday’s incident but said he had “seen him around.” Both teens were enrolled at Columbus High but because of the school’s zero tolerance policy, both were expelled. Perry was expelled because of Thursday’s incident while Yarborough was expelled prior because of his role in the burglary of a home before Christmas.
Yarborough says he hopes to return to the school in April. Perry is planning on getting his G.E.D. and has plans to go to LSU in the Fall and to major in engineering. Of the shooting Yarborough says, “I just feel lucky, I just feel blessed, no hard feelings. But if you ever cross me again, I’m gonna do what I gotta do.”
The incident is still currently under investigation.



  1. What is wrong with these kids today? We have to do better as parents! I have a 17 and 18 year old and they seem to think they are bulletproof just like this young man. A GUN IS NOT THE ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEMS!! I know these streets are dangerous, that’s why I try to keep mine out of it, but you can’t follow them around like they are 9 or 10 years old. You children have to learn how to be more responsible. Get a diploma and change your surroundings. Go off to college, enlist in the service, do something that might just save your life!!!!

  2. Columbus is …, maybe we can get then involved in the community. Make them feel like role models and maybe they will feel good enough about life to actually do something positive in life and in our community.

  3. twinkey

    one of the teens is my nephew,, who is a great kid!! he will not harm anyone unless he feels his life is in danger!! and this is what happen here i do agree these teens need to have a better way of settling things a gun is not the answer!! as far as columbus it is off the chain now it wasn’t like this when i was a teen living there!! come on columbus we can do better!!!

  4. Willie

    Parents need to own up to their responsibility when comes to raising kids. If you don’t know if your child has a gun or not you really need to get to know your kid or kids. Parents let kids tell them how they are going to be raised instead of it being the other way around. Our kids are screaming for our attention we are too busy trying to be their friends instead of their parents.Life is short it will be too late if something tragic happens them who will be the blame.

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