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Second Avenue Shooting Leaves One Dead

Kalmesha Jackson

COLUMBUS—Marquez Carter, 23, is dead and Kalmesha Jackson, 23, is in jail facing murder charges following an early-morning Sunday shooting in Columbus.
According to Columbus police, the alleged murder took place in Jackson’s Chevrolet Malibu parked in the driveway of a residence at 1320 2nd Ave., N. just two blocks from the police Department. Police reports say the shooting occurred about 4 a.m. in Jackson’s car where Jackson, Carter, and a third person, Rishad Reed, 23, were “playing” with a handgun. Jackson reportedly pulled the trigger and Carter, in the passenger seat, was shot in the back of the head. Preliminary reports indicate Jackson was in the driver’s seat and Reed was in the back seat. Police say Reed reportedly fled the scene because outstanding contempt of court warrants were pending against him.

Paramedics work on Carter in the back of an ambulance. Carter died shortly after at Baptist Memorial Hospital

Police immediately responded to a call from residents inside the 2nd Ave. house where Jackson was arrested. No bond or court date has been set for Jackson. Jackson first told the police that the deadly shot came from a green Tahoe SUV with three black males which sped off toward Military Rd.
Police found a 9 millimeter handgun nearby as well as a billfold which evidently belonged to Carter. Unresolved shooting incidents were facing Carter in Lowndes County Circuit Court from his arrest in March 2010 on five counts of aggravated assault. Carter fired shots at a woman and her baby outside a convenience store and also shot at three people,wounding one, in a nightclub parking lot.
Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant pronounced Carter dead just
before 6 a.m. Sunday at Baptist Memorial-Golden Triangle Hospital.
Marquez was a 2007 graduate of Columbus High School, where he played football. He also attended Shelton State Community College. “He loved life and his family,” said his sister, Kalmisha Carter. “He was respectful, and loved by many people. He will be truly missed by all of us.”

Marquez Carter

He leaves behind his wife, Sandreika Michell Carter; daughter, Kaniya Carter; son, Marquez Carter Jr.; mother, Beatrice Chandler; father Charles Salter; brothers, Tony Carter and Ergin Carter; sister, Kalmisha Carter; grandma, Jennie Whitfield; aunt, Jackie Brown; and uncles, Erk, Pat and Wayne. He is also survived by his two favorite cousins, Vonta Carter and Demonta Brown.
Carter’s funeral will be Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. at Greater Mt. Zion Church. Visitation is Friday from 3-8 p.m. at Carter’s Funeral Home.

Officers search the vehicle while Jackson is questioned on the front porch

A friend of the family, Deloris Gregory said. “Marquez was a very loving and respectful young man. I was a neighbor and friend for the last 20 years and never heard a bad word come out of his mouth. He will be truly missed as a friend and neighbor.”
This is the second murder that Jackson has been closely associated with in the past six months.
Jackson’s ex-boyfriend, Edmund Mosley was gunned down in the doorway of his apartment on July 19th of last year. Masley and his current girlfriend, Katrina Hicks, told officers that they had been in an argument with Jackson shortly before the shooting.
Rishad Reed, after having fled the scene, turned himself in at the Columbus Police Department Monday evening.

The incident is still under investigation.



  1. So let’s get this straight….he had been involved in shootings prior to this, and someone in her life had been gunned down previously. Coincidence or destiny?

  2. Eric, everybody goes through trials, tribulations in life. Noone is perfect but the father. We as individuals are so quick to point out, ridicule, judge others for their shortcomings as if we don’t have any. Let God be the judge!

  3. Man Man Man I hate that for my boy and that woman was right he wasnt the type a person that bother people, he was the sweetest person in the world had much respect for people, unless u bothering him he dont play that shit!!!thatsareal!!!n~~~!

  4. @ Ellen Culpepper judging is what some ppl try to do ,, but who are you to say that Eric Ford has not killed anyone, so you are say that Marquez killed some one so what are you doing judging and my cousin has not killed noone , he was murder and thats it If you dont have anything nice to say yet you dont know him so please keep all your negitive comments to your self

  5. Ellen the bible says “judge not for I am not judged” as I stated before instead of the media always pointing out the bad in people lets take a stand and give families ( individuals) respect. Marquez “coola” was a human just like anyone else this young man’ s family is grieving as well as the accused. Both families lost something that will never be returned so in the meantime Ellen and Eric regardless whether u both are sinless or not every saint has a past and every sinner has a future and there is only ONE man that decides a person’s fate! And his name is neither Ellen nor Eric but JESUS is his name @ Tina just give ur cares to God and don’t allow urself to be stressed with how people wanna talk about coola’s past. The life he lived was his the life we live is ours, God has the last and final say so not anyone else

  6. Blah blah get a life you’ve probably never even read the bible. You are like Most so called Christians who use scripture out of context to their advantage and ms tina this is not directed at you. I did not “judge”anybody. Ms Shannon is judging Eric for voicing his opinion and the comment was to her.

  7. Ms Ellen not going there with you but I was brought up in the church and I know the Bible. I wasn’t judging him I was simple saying let God be the judge of the deceased and the accused. And that we as humans are always quick to point out the bad in a person instead of giving the family their respect to grieve. Just because a person has a past doesn’t necessarily me they are a bad person. God does have the final say so and that goes for Everybody!

  8. jewel stwert

    If it looks like a duck and sound like a duck then what is it a duck in other words if she was involved in one murder and turn around and 6 months later shes in another one the she is either doin it or setting it up she deserve the death chair thats two lives she have taken and two families she has hurt and if ppl let her play them like she crazy to get off easy then yall need some new officals to investigate shes considered a very dangerious woman that shoudnt b around anyone but dead people.

  9. jewel stwert

    And to the third young man if you knew that she was gonna do it you should have had the balls to report it or stop it no one should go through this situation and die cause u wanna b a man but ur a chump. old courtwarrants or not u make urself look guilty by running away. But if the law dont get justice the good lord will and to the families of carter and mosley keep praying and the lord will c u through.

  10. You know what can you just let the man get buried its hard enough to deal with this situation what about his children who gotta wonder where their father at and when and why he wont come home to them at night no matter what you guys say he was a loving cousin a wonderful father and a respectful well known friend who finshed high school and was attending college what about the female whos involved in two murders in six months tell the good police officials about a green suv that killed her boyfriend killed marquez now she the one who need the critisizing and therial investigation true he had a rough background but dont we all no man is sinless thats why god sent his only begotten son to die for all our sins i just pray that coola got it right with the lord before he left us you show me a man without sin or skeletons in his closet and ill pay for it because right now you all are sinning just by judging him judge not and thou shalt not be judged remember that people wo sin

  11. bob taylor

    It really pisses me off how she just was playing with the gun and she is 23 years so she should know better stupid people in the world! He has kids and a wife this really is sad

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