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Metro-Narcotics Agents Recover $14,000 Worth of Cocaine

The five ounces of cocaine discovered in the Yukon

Steven Jennings

Steven Jennings

Antonio Brooks

Metro-Narcotics agents discovered approximately $14,000 worth of cocaine last Friday when they pulled over a vehicle in the parking lot of Sandfield One Stop. The agents stopped the GMC Yukon LX and, once they removed the occupants, began to search the vehicle. Agents found approximately five ounces of cocaine in the center console as well as scales and other drug related paraphernalia.

Antonio Rashad Brooks, 25, of 396 Swedenburg Circle and Steven Douglas Jennings, 41, of 163 Swedenburg Circle were arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.




    • Lance

      Yes joe we have combined the Sherif dept. and the police dept. units to form a metro unit it’s been this way for about 5 years. It’s time to get out from under those rocks people!

  1. milkman

    Get all dope off the streets so we ain’t afraid to come outside. That’s what the problem is these thugs won’t work today all they know is to sell dope rob folks and steal. The Bible says and idle mind is the devils work shop. I believe that to be true. If they had a job and worked hard all day making an honest living, then they would be too tired to run the streets selling dope and breaking into houses robbing people. Lock them up and throw away they key.

    • sheka

      anyways he had a job…just was at the wrong place at the wrong time..he was just catching a ride..Steven D Jennings is innocent bay…lock ya self up and throw away the key..that whats wrong people accusing innocent black men of crimes..and taking away their freedom.if it were one of your loved ones would u say the same thing about them no…i dont think so if your so much of a Godly person pray for em..instead of trying to destroy them..the bible also says dont judge, and treat other the way u want to be treated. u wouldnt want some one to post something like that if it were u.

  2. tee tee

    people shouldnt be scared to come out their house for drugs they should be scared of these d**n murders and how the hell can they get a job and once they get out of jail they still consider a convited felony????locking dem up and throwing away the key aint sloving s**t cause once they get the dope they puttin it right back on the streets and everybody wouldnt know drug dealers if it wasnt for snitches im not sayin selling drugs is postive but at the same time what the hell they suppose to do when the white man do a background check???? everybody have they way of making money selling cds clothes and etc is just like hustling its not a 9 to 5 and i dont think its right a drug dealer gets damn near life for drugs when a murder gets off with bout 4yrs where the hell they do that at#ONLY IN MISSISSIPPI…

  3. If you combine two units from different agencies it’s called a “metro” unit. If you combine three or more it’s typically called a task force. Has nothing to do with the size of the city.

    • sheka

      mann..yaull folks making me mad with these comments..yaull need to say “try to find out who doing all the unsolved murders”..instead focusing on throwing away the next black man..when will racism stop!!!

  4. Kayla

    What neighborhood do you live in? Because in the neighborhood I live in I don’t see anyone afraid to come outside. You watch too many movies if you ask me! Before you jump to conclusions and say they need to lock them up and throw away the key, you should really think logically. Haley Barbour pardoned murderers and I didn’t see you posting a comment about anyone’s safety then. It amazes me how people can be so judgemental about the next person’s way to make a living when they’re probably sitting back not even trying to work and about to inherit a fortune. You should cut it out! I salute any man that’s trying to make a living and provide for his family.

  5. joe blow

    To tee tee. You are probably the most dumb person I have ever read a reply from. You make all black people look bad with your poor grammar, punctuation and spelling. Try going to school and get an education before even considering putting a reply in the Packet again. You sounded like you were in the first grade. Every thing you wrote were complete run on sentences. I bet you were your pants off your butt too. young folks need to grow up and try to do something productive in life. i hqate to go in stores and see you with your ass all showing. nobody wants to look at your underwear. you are just disgusting and shameless. Get your GED or something while you are out of prison because I and everybody that read your reply knows that it won’t be long before you are in there. I know this is harsh but I hope it helps you make good decisions.

  6. Top of the Class

    Thanks Joe Blow for that inspiring message. I too agree with you. Folks get tired of these thugs that sleep all day and stay out all night taking people’s stuff that they have worked hard for. Put all them in jail and let them keep the county clean by picking up trash on the highway in their stripes. it is ridiculous how these thugs have no respect for the elderly as well as themselves. My parents taught me to respect the elders no matter what color they are and I am 48 years old and I still adhere to that today. By adhere TEE TEE, it means “stick” and I didn’t think you could comprehend that

    • sheka

      how about yuh volunteer and help clean up..always tryna put the black man to work…come on people!!!life’s to short to be putting down one another.

  7. Chairman

    Let’s not bash too hard in here. What these youngsters need is a church to belong too. THey are lost just wanting to belong to something and that is why they choose gangs and thugs to hang with. What child says that I want to be a thug when I grow up. People get in church and get involved. You will be suprised at how much better your life will be. You will be respected more in the community and you will be suprised at how people will be more willing to help you. Take off those stupid dreads and get a clean cut look. People are scared of you with that shaggy look and that is why its so hard for you “dread” people to get a job. I can’t blame employers for not hiring you. They don’t want that kind of representation for their company. So clean up, pull your pants up and get involved in church and stay out of jail and the graveyard. You will thank me later.

  8. Toodie

    To Joe Blow “I bet you were your pants off your butt too” It’s “wear” jackass. You also need to capitalize after periods and start a new sentence.

  9. milkman

    To the chairman. I agree with you on the church subject. I do know a lot of these youngster listen to that god awful rap music. Rappers such as Lil Boosie and Webber highly promote the act of selling drugs by rapping about while they drive their fancy cars and are gathered by beautiful woman. The thing is that’s TV and those are paid actors. That’s what these kids don’t understand. I make it my business to ask a child once a week what they want to be when they grow up. The response is almost always the same. Either a sports celeberty or a music producer. Well kids I have bad news for ya, not everyone can be that. Someone has to be the one to buy the tickets and cds. Set a goal for yourselves and do it, but make it a sensable goal.I have one more thing to add PULL YOUR DAMN PANTS UP !!!!

  10. John Duke

    The problem with some of these theories about not being able to do anthing positive being a convicted felon is that they weren’t doing anything positive before becoming a convicted felon. One thing I always hate about this town is that everything is looked as being black or white. A lot of our problems as it relates to drugs has very little to do with race. It’s all about the profit to be made from it. Socially we have created a culture over the last decde or so where it’s more honorable to be a drug dealer than to work at McDonalds or Walmart. That applies to both the white and black communities because I have worked in both. Our youth see their friends who work at one of the above businesses as being a chump or a geek and the drug dealer is seen as “cool” or someone they want to be or hang out with. I believe the entertainment industry,both music and TV/movies, has been a huge influence in creating this mentality amoung young people. Until we change our mentality and culture as a people, this story will be a broken record that plays over and over and over.

  11. sheka

    My baby steven d. jennings had nothin to do with it..and u said thugs dont wanna work..he aint no thug and had a good job boo..just caught a ride with a friend and ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time..he had nun to do with it…stop going by the packet, they only know 25% of the true story anyway.thats wats wrong with society accusing young black men of crimes when their innocent and throwing away their freedom.i wish u people could see how that feel to sit in jail when u know your innocent.
    signed Mz.Steven D. Jennings

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