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Homeless Man Arrested at Walmart

Sircloumb gets a kiss goodbye from man's best friend

Sunday afternoon, about 1:00 pm, off-duty Columbus Police Officer Lance Luckey stopped in the Walmart parking lot to speak with Courtney Sircloumb of Kansas. Sircloumb stood near the Murphy Oil building, holding a sign that read “JESUS SAVES”. Luckey informed the man that, because he was on private property, it was unlawful for him do so.

The wad of cash found in Sircloumb's pocket.

After a short discussion, Sircloumb got loud and hostile and was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. Searching Sircloumb, Luckey found a stash of money on the man (along with a condom, a hard pack of L&M (Ligget and Myers) cigarettes, a disposable lighter and a Chick-fil-A gift card.).
Officer Joseph Strevel responded to the scene to transport Sircloumb to the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.

Off-duty Officer Lance Luckey arrests Sircloumb in front of Wal-Mart on Sunday



  1. SG

    Man for Columbus to resort to arresting homeless people is horrible. This town is just a pot hole on society.

    • tmb

      Good job Columbus PD!!!! We do not need anymore “drifters” in our town taking advantage of people!!!

      • Melody

        Yes, let’s just start arresting people for being homeless. No more ‘drifters’ ‘taking advantage of people,’ accepting spare change, wielding dangerous weapons like a scrap of cardboard. ‘Jesus Saves’?! Yes, that scheme is a work of pure evil genius. Good thing there’s no other crime in Columbus, and police can keep madmen like this out of sight.

  2. Joe

    That’s just CRAZY..
    So.. he’s Homeless.. had a LITTLE MONEY..
    .. NOW.. the County will charge him a fine
    LARGER than his pocket Change making him
    Homeless & Broke..
    So what will he have to do to get food ???
    Knowing this county the officials divided the mans belongings & money up before they clocked out for the night.

  3. That’s just CRAZY..
    So.. he’s Homeless.. had a LITTLE MONEY..
    .. NOW.. the County will charge him a fine
    LARGER than his pocket Change making him
    Homeless & Broke..
    So what will he have to do to get food ???
    Knowing this county the officials divided the mans belongings & money up before they clocked out for the night.

  4. Why did this happen? He was holding a sign that said Jesus Saves… so we run to arrest him or kick him off of private property and the wad of cash he had looked like about $35.00? Something not right here.

  5. What a JOKE… BARNEY done caught him a real criminal… I say before you arrest him run a check on him is he a BAD man??? This is an insult to Columbus. Guy might have needed a ride over to mental health to check his stability. No matter what I would look at this as pure foolishness from an officer that is overating his neusense value big time… Does Andy know about this???

    • Tommy

      Ok, first of all for all you animal lovers, the freaking dog was probably taken better care of at the humane society than that fool ever took of it!! yes I called him a fool! When an officer politely asks you to move on because you are breaking a law then that is exactly what you should do! I know he was polite because i was there!! instead of doing what he was asked to do he started actin like a fool hollering that he was being persecuted! All the while using foul language! Officer Luckey never used foul language with this man! And for those of you who are oh so heart broken over the fact that he was sooooo mistreated, where were you? All of you who think why doesnt someone help him? I didnt see a single person out there offering him “help” like a place to stay or even a ride to the salvation army as one of you suggested! You see its easy to say what needs to be done but nobody wants to get off their lazy butt and do anything about it!!!!! Why is it that its always the police who get the blame? i will tell you why, because all you finger pointers dont want to make things better you just want to sit around any point your crooked
      little fingers! As you know by now i am very close to this officer, i used a fake name but i dont even care now! That officer is my husband and i dare any of you to walk a day in his shoes or any officer for that matter!!!!! He takes his job very seriously, to the point that he would do whatever it took to protect all you freakin finger pointing, insult throwing, mean people and your families if you or them were in harms way. You all seem to forget who comes to the rescue when you call 911!!!! And by the way, we had just left church when this happened and all he did was go over to talk to the guy to see where he was from and just talk. The guy got smart and he was politely told well, you do know that what you are doing is illegal. To which he was asked, “what are you gonna do about it!” so next time you need to know the story before you start all your cop bashing!

  6. Jessie

    Hmmm…are you sure he wasn’t arrested because he held a sign that JESUS SAVES?

    I mean come on…don’t they have the drug dealers in the hood to get off the streets that sell drugs to our kids…One good reason why I don’t live in Columbus anymore

  7. Hmmm…are you sure he wasn’t arrested because he held a sign that JESUS SAVES?

    I mean come on…don’t they have the drug dealers in the hood to get off the streets that sell drugs to our kids…One good reason why I don’t live in Columbus anymore

  8. Sharon

    This is crazy, the man should not have been arrested. He does not have to money to get out. Someone should really give that officer hell.

  9. Common Sense

    You people are idiots. Regardless of your short-sighted opinions, Sircloumb was unlawfully posted on private property. If he had moved on and not argued with the officer, he wouldn’t have gotten arrested.

    None of you would even care about this story if his sign was different. If his cardboard displayed a pro-abortion or ‘The end is nigh’ sentiment, you’d be applauding Lance Luckey for cleaning up the unchristian scum of Columbus. You’re just riled up because Sircloumb agrees with your religious views.

    To sum it up: Sircloumb was arrested because he was breaking the law. Then he tried to argue his way out of it instead of complying with an order from an officer.

    I guess what I’m saying is this:

    Stuff it, Lance Luckey is a hell of a cop.

  10. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Stuff it, Lance Luckey is a hell of a cop.~

    And the LCSO Kill Team that whacked John Montgomery must be Top Guns in your book, too?

  11. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Just another event in the Friendly City to add to that list that places Mississippi at the bottom of everything that is good.

    Okay Birney, which is it, Roses or Thorns for “Columbus’ Finest?”

  12. He did get out of jail and got his dog back from the humane society! This is sad and Columbus really needs to think before they do such foolish things! I saw him at wal mart right before he got arrested and he was not doing anything wrong!!

  13. The journalism and police work go hand in hand. So glad we do not live there any longer. We see homeless people all the time around here. They are not a danger. Just easy prey for egomaniacs that want to feel superior.

  14. Robert

    Obviously there is no compassion for this poor wayward soul.
    He probably has mental health issues and he’s looking for a few crumbs to fill his empty stomach. if you go to any major city these days there are lots of homeless people everywhere.
    They wander the streets with their belongings in shopping carts and panhandle for money at intersections and in front of stores everywhere. To my knowledge very few are arrested. But NO not in the “Friendly Crime City”. The poor homeless are arrested and taken to jail while the thugs continue to run wild breaking into houses, robbing, stealing and murdering innocent victims. What has become of the so called Friendly City? What a joke. I’m happy I don’t live there anymore. Trust me when I say living in any large city anywhere would be safer than living in “The Friendly Crime City”

  15. Thump

    At least he will sleep in a warm room and get a hot meal…from there they will try and get him help.Someone that has mental health issues can be a danger to persons that come in contact with him…would you like to be accosted on the street by him?

  16. Robert

    I see homeless people all the time in the city where I live. Most of them are harmless and yes some of them are crazy and can become violent but just because someone is homeless with mental health problems doesn’t necessarily mean that they are or will become dangerous. That’s a very ignorant assumption to make. And yes at least he did get a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.

  17. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    And yes at least he did get a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.~

    The Salvation Army does the same without handcuffs and body cavity searches;you might have to listen a sermon, though.

  18. Star

    I think it is awful that he was arrested but at the same time, he did break the law. I know if I were in the cop’s shoes I would’ve tried to help more before actually arresting him (which he might’ve done). As far as a hot meal and a warm place for him to sleep… yall must’ve never been arrested before. I’m nt aware of any detention center that serves hot meals and it’s almost as cold inside as it is outside so….I would have worded that a little more like: atleast he got some food and got out of that cold wind. OAN: what the heck did they do with the dog? That’s one thing that I can say homeless people do is take care of animals to the best of thier ability. It’s a shame that we can’t take care of the homeless like they take care of strays…One last thing: I don’t think that cop really cared WHAT was on that sign…

  19. Robert

    Absolutely Star It should have been worded as you said,
    “at least he got some food and got out of the cold wind”

  20. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    What ever happened to “do unto others” in our personal and professional lives and even
    in our US foreign policy?

    I wonder how many CPD staff served at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq?

  21. OldLawyer

    This man broke no law. A business establishment conveys an “invitation” to be on their property that can be revoked, but nothing in this article suggests that any complaint for criminal trespass had been made by the oil company. This cop had NO “reasonable suspicion” to approach this man for an investigatory stop. This article suggests that the cop provoked the response from the homeless man. I support law enforcement when they do their duty, but I hate cowboys that flaunt their badge and gun. I hope some practicing lawyer steps forward and offers this man the defense he has and then files a Section 1983 action against this cowboy officer.

  22. Dawnca

    What the heck!? If the owner of the said “private” property didn’t call the police what’s the problem? If I were being harassed then I would probably get upset. I too, “stash” my money, cigs, lighter and a condom (if Im feeling lucky)on my person as well. What happened here is a waste of our tax dollars!

    I support my local law enforcement and pray that they are safe, but this is going too far!

    PS What happened to the dog? And KUDOS to Mr. Sircloumb for practicing SAFE SEX!

  23. Thump

    Finally someone that says what needs to be said…I salute you for standing up to these fools and my thanks to your husband for doing his job (on or off duty) and being a gentleman while doing it!!!!

  24. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Off duty cops gone wild. The victim was dead at the scene after his car was riddled with over 60 rounds. The victim was unarmed, although a handgun was “found” “after” police searched the car.

    There is no report that the off duty cops were going home after attending Mass.


  25. Tommy aka Tammy

    You people really need to learn to get your facts straight before you start shootin off at the mouth! It don’t matter what his card board sign said, that had nothing to do with it! If yall don’t want it to be illegal to stand on the street corner and beg then go talk to your great mayor and get a law passed that allows it. Then there will be people on every corner in Columbus beggin! Then all of you same people will be callin 911 because someone came up to your car while you were at a red light! I can already see it! All you cop bashers callin the cops for help! Too bad they won’t just stand back and laugh. Like I said earlier they take their job too serious for that. They would come and say, don’t be ridiculous, he’s just homeless and crazy! He’s not gonna hurt anything! Let’s see how you like it then.

  26. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Sheriff Andy would’ve taken the homless man home to Aunt Bea’s for a hearty meal.

    Think of the compassion that Sheriff Andy showed for the homless and downtrodden compared to the hard-nose tactics that CPD and LCSO have shown, including the shooting of those suffering from mental illness.

    And who did Arledge appoint as head deputy of the LCSO… one of the members of the kill team that put four bullets into the chest of John Montgomery.


  27. Off shirt cop

    First of all there is something wrong. It’s you people that speak before gitting the whole story. First it is against the law in Columbus Miss. To satnd on the streets, public or privet begging for money and other goods. Thanks to the, mayor and city council. Its called a vagrant. So if you want that changed go to the council meetings and stop calling 911 when someone ask you for money in Columbus. This happens every day in Columbus. Second the man did not go to jail for being homeless in witch he is NOT, he was arrested due to his vulgar mouth and causing a scene for nothing. Third he had more $ 200.00 in cash on him. Fourth the man has serious drug problem and has been using good hearted people’s money to git his drugs. Lastly I do go to church and love the Lord. If it wasn’t for him holding this sign stating “Jesus Saves” let’s just face it none of you people would have had any thing to say about it.

  28. tammy

    JPM, you really need to get your head out of the sand buddy. One day you are gonna realize just how stupid your comments on this matter really are! Andy and Barney are fake, kinda like you! And even in there fake world the drunk low life went to jail!

  29. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    And even in there fake world the drunk low life went to jail!~

    But Andy had compassion and NO TATTOOS and never looked upon the downtrodden as “low life.”

  30. Off duity cop

    Mr. Morris your a spineless coward. You only have the guts to bully someone on a blog and not in person. You are just plain sorry to gripe about the Officers that work hard to serve and protect you and your family. Someone has to do it since you obisvely dont have what it takes to be a cop. C.P.D. Is a darn good department with officers that still strive to serve and protect the great people of columbus and even the skanks like you Mr.Morris.

  31. Tommy aka Tammy

    Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have called him a low life. Maybe the more accurate word to use would be “lazy”. Too lazy to get off his butt and get a job! I will tell you why he doesn’t get a job, because he makes more money sitting in that corner taking your hard earned money! The funny thing to me is people were more concerned about that dog than they were him. That to me is what makes this such a screwed up country. And by the way, Mr. Johnny Phillip Morris, I don’t know what tattoo covered police officer you are referring to, but if you can show me one tattoo on Officer Luckey I will give you my next paycheck!

    • Star

      lmao! Keep on, JPM. There’s nothing worse in this situation than continuously bad mouthing the officer over and over knowing his wife is here defending him. You have said quite enough dude really. We get your point.
      I do appreciate you giving us more information on this story, Tammy because all we mostly have to go by is what’s written in these articles. Again, I do agree he should’ve been arrested since he was breaking the law but my main concern is his well-being during and after the fact. For example: if he really needed mental help. Also, I’m glad that you did notice that calling him a lowlife was wrong. There are MANY homeless people and a lot a people who formally served our country which is VERY disturbing but still is enough to make notice of how hard it is for some to find a job. I myself have been looking for over two years and have only found this one bs job with no benefits, minimal pay and no paid time off. It is really awful and has made me feel like I was coming to my breaking point a many of times. Most people do what they can until they can find a job whether it be begging for change, dealing dope, selling your body, etc. So I said that to say this: Please do not judge him until you know the whole story just as some of us did about this article. We spoke before knowing all the facts. That man could be an ex-marine for all we know and it’s no telling why he was so upset. Hell, if I were living on the streets in this cold weather around all of these hateful a*s people-I’d be hella irritated too! Ijs.
      And again, I do agree that that man’s sign had nothing to do with the situation. If his sign would’ve been so disturbing, someone would’ve called it in before your husband even had a chance to talk with him. In the end we should all appreciate an officer’s effort; every officer that is. You have no idea (just as I don’t) what they go through on a daily basis. Also I am going to say a prayer (and I hope yall do too) for the homeless, wishing them well in their future trying to succeed at the hardest times in their lives and for the people that put their lives at risk on a daily basis to make sure that WE are protected.

  32. Danny Bedwell

    A few things,…if he had $200 in his pocket, he was not a vagrant. Unless of course, you think the act of asking people for money is vagrancy. If thats the case, pastors and politicians are vagrants as well. If he was arrested for the unauthorized use of words,… please read the first amendment. If he was arrested for failure to obey a police officer, please understand that he does NOT have to obey a police officer, he only has to obey the Law. If a police officer told him to get on all fours and bark at the moon, does he have to do it? Of course not, he only has to obey the law. If he was arrested for simple trespas, did the owner of the property file a complaint? I’m sorry, but this stinks to high heaven….

  33. James

    If it were girl scouts and thier parents bothering every customer to buy extremely overpriced cookies would this over zealous officer done anything?!

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