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Controversy Surrounds Fox Arrest

CPD Officer Michael Harlow escorts Fox to a waiting patrol car

A disturbance at a local hotel lead to the arrest of Sugi Fox late Christmas afternoon. Fox was arrested just after 5 p.m. Sunday evening after pulling into the driveway of a Southside residence to escape police.
Columbus Police Department Officers Rebecca Lomax and Michael Harlow responded to the Budget Inn on Main St. after the clerk called E-911 complaining of a disturbance. According to the clerk, Fox rented a motel room and then refused to pay. When Lomax arrived on scene, she passed a 2004 black Dodge Dakota and recognized the driver as thirty-year-old Sugi Fox of 1801 Third Ave. S.
She and Harlow pursued the pickup, with Officer Joseph Streval close behind. Lomax was in hot pursuit of Fox on 23 Ave. S. when he turned right onto Bell Ave. and then immediately turned right again, pulling his pickup into the closest driveway at 2315 Bell Ave.
Fox jumped out of the truck and instantly locked the door. When approached by Lomax, he asked her if they could go inside the residence and talk. When Lomax refused, Fox told her “You know me, just take me to jail, you know me.” Lomax asked Fox if she could search the vehicle and he initially granted her permission but then changed his mind and refused.
Officers Harlow and Streval then arrived at the home and when the three cornered Fox, he began to wrestle with the officers and appeared to throw something in the bushes.

The contents of Fox's pockets

Harlow and Lomax managed to cuff Fox, linking two sets of handcuffs together to accommodate Fox’s size. The two then patted him down, removing the contents of his pockets. Police recovered a wallet, two cell phones, two lighters, a pack of Newport cigarettes, a Nutty Butty and a Honey Bun.
Officer Harlow repeatedly asked Fox “What did you throw in the bushes? Sugi, What did you throw in the bushes?,” but Fox did not respond. Harlow then walked him to the waiting patrol car and Fox gave the officer the key to the parked Dakota that he had been keeping in the palm of his hand. Once in the back of the police cruiser, Fox began yelling at the officers complaining repeatedly that his handcuffs were too tight. Streval and Harlow both adjusted the cuffs several times.
All three officers felt that Fox was acting suspicious and called Metro-Narcotics agent Archie Williams to the scene so that he and his drug dog Cartouche could search the area.
Once Williams arrived, he spoke with the detained subject and was granted permission to search the vehicle. Williams and the dog searched the area and the parked Dakota. While Cartouche did not find anything in the bushes, he did alert on the right driver’s side door, signaling to officers that there may be drugs in the vehicle.

Officers Michael Harlowe and Joseph Strevel and Narcotics Agent Archie Williams search through the backpack found in the Dodge Dakota.

Harlow and Streval searched the inside of the vehicle and recovered a backpack containing a loaded Jimenez JA-NINE, a compact 9mm.
While the officers were searching the vehicle, CPD Investigator Amanda Burell called Lomax and questioned her about the situation. Burell informed Lomax that Fox was a convicted felon and to charge him with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and hold him in the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center until Tuesday. In addition to the firearms charge, Fox was also charged with resisting arrest, failure to obey a police officer, driving with a suspended licence, making an improper turn and failure to signal.

The gun found on Sugi Fox

Fox was charged, booked and held in LCADC. However, controversy erupted Tuesday morning when it was discovered that Fox was in fact not a convicted felon and the charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon was dropped.
When questioned about improperly charging Fox and holding him for over 24 hours, Chief Selvain McQueen said that an internal investigation has been launched. According to McQueen, “we are looking into the situation as we speak.”
Fox has a long history with the CPD and the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department, having been arrested 14 times since 1999 and charged with 47 different counts including murder, attempted robbery, aggravated assault with a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and simple assault with injuries.
However, Fox has never been convicted of a felony. Fox was charged with the 2000 murder of Calvin Ellis but the case was “no billed” when presented to the grand jury. Also charged in the murder was Fox’s brother, Kito Hill but he received a “no bill” as well and the case has been marked inactive. [“No billed” means a grand jury votes not to return an indictment. SF]
If Packet readers will recall, Hill was arrested in Southside Columbus on Nov. 7 of this year for attempted murder in Michigan. Their younger brother Vanquez Fox was arrested on that same scene for carrying a concealed weapon. In early Dec., Sugi Fox’s younger brother Lavento Fox was found not guilty of kidnaping from an incident in Aug. 2010.
Sugi Fox bonded out Tuesday afternoon from the other charges stemming from Sunday’s arrest. All are misdemeanors charges.



  1. He needs to be in jail and not let out. So do his brothers. Just think of all the crimes they have committed that they HAVEN’T been caught for!!

  2. taz

    All those Fox boys are ignorant and dont give a damn about any other human being that have life.. the cpd police department neeed to lock their butt up and throw away the key

  3. Truth be told I went to school with him. I remember that he was always clowning around and never took kindly to authority. No one is perfect, but I did wonder what happened to him as he disappeared our junior year (1999) I guess this unfortunately says a lot. I hope it doesn’t take a near death experience to grow up.

  4. Ivgot2beme

    The behavior will only continue to worsen as long as the community tolerates it! It is the responsibility of the community to be in the courtroom to express to the judge how the Fox boys and people like them threatens the quality of life here. And how we, the community has entrusted you, to protect the community at large from such anti-social acts.

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