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Two Down, One to Go

Just before 4:00 pm Monday afternoon, Columbus Police Officers Lance Luckey and Kelvin Lee were driving south on 22nd Street when they saw four young black males walking eastward on Pine Street. One of the males was carrying a brown paper bag that looked to hold a bottle of beer, so the officers stopped to talk to the young men. The four were identified as Dimario Barry, 22, Raymond Davies, 18, Devion Bankhead, 19, (holding the beer) and his brother Joshua Jackson, 17. The four were told to sit together on the ground and Jackson started to back away from Lee. He was told again to sit down, but instead started running from the scene. Lee managed to grab Jackson’s shirt, but it ripped, freeing the teenager to run again. Lee grabbed him again and both fell to the ground. [Lee received minor injuries to his left knee and right hand in the fall. – JD]

Jackson pulled free yet again and bolted as soon as he was back on his feet. Luckey gave chase, following the teen south on 22nd Street to a house near the intersection of 8th Avenue South. Jackson entered the house and Luckey was stopped at the door by the homeowner. By the time the officer was granted permission to search the premises, Jackson had already left through the back door and made his escape.
While Luckey chased the fleeing teen, Officer Vincent Samuel arrived on Pine Street to back up Lee. The three remaining subjects were handcuffed to keep them from getting any bright ideas about running. After a short questioning, the three were brought to their feet, one at a time. Bankhead would be charged with Possession of Alcohol by a Minor and it looked as though Barry and Davies would be let go.
After the three were on their feet (still in handcuffs), Samuel found a small bag of marijuana on the ground where they had been seated. When asked about the drug, all three denied knowing anything about it. They were informed that if no one took responsibility for the bag, they would all be charged with Possession of Marijuana. This started a rise of protests from Barry and Bankhead.

 The two swore that the drugs belonged to Davies (who stood silent the entire time). They begged the officers: “I swear on my baby that ain’t mine!” “I swear on my mama that ain’t mine!” They pleaded with Davies: “Come on man! Tell them it’s yours!” “For real man. Be a real n****. Tell the truth.” Davies stayed quiet and the officers started putting the three in seperate vehicles. Davies was put into Samuel’s patrol car and Bankhead was put into Lee’s car.
While Barry was still standing with the officers, Bankhead started screaming inside the car. “My arms! My arms are burning!” When asked what was wrong, he claimed the handcuffs were too tight and were pinching his wrists. Samuel pulled Bankhead from the car and with Lee, loosened the cuffs slightly. Bankhead screamed and cried the entire time. “Aaahh!! My hands are numb! You making it worse! Aaahh! Please, man! Come one!”
As Samuel and Lee finished readjusting the restraints, Officer Luckey arrived back on scene, carrying Jackson’s torn shirt in his hand. While the officers updated each other on the situation with the three on scene and the runner, Bankhead came to a decision. [A very poor decision. – JD]

 Devion Bankhead found an opening and sprinted east on Pine Street with two very determined officers on his heels. Luckey and Samuel gave chase while Lee stayed with the two prisoners still in custody and called for additional units. [The teen lucked out. Luckey attempted to use his Taser, but the weapon misfired. – JD] Bankhead followed the street as it curved north, then cut through a lot to get back to 22nd Street. [I had followed the pursuit, but at this point I ran back to my truck and headed north on 22nd Street in time to see Bankhead dash across traffic. – JD] Bankhead ran into a yard across the street, temporarily losing his pursuers. A witness pointed Luckey and Samuel in the right direction. The runner was hiding in a stand of trees between the yard and the railroad tracks that run parallel to 22nd Street. [As the officers cut through the yard, I parked on Bell Avenue and ran down the tracks with Donnie Elkin, who had just arrived on scene. – JD] Elkin spotted Bankhead’s red shirt through the brush and headed into the thicket as he called to the officers entering from the opposite direction. They found Bankhead, face down in the dirt. [Attempting his best impersonation of a log – JD] The officers snatched the exhausted runner from the ground and led him back to a waiting patrol car. He was constantly(and emphatically) reminded along the way of what poor decision-making skills he showed when he decided to flee. Whereas he was previously facing misdemeanor charges, he had just added a Felony – Escaping charge.

 When Bankhead and his badged entourage arrived back at the original scene, Davies had come clean, accepting responsibility for the marijuana found earlier. Barry was released and the officers transported their remaining criminals to the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center.
A warrant was later filed for Joshua Jackson and is expected to be served in the near future.
Luckey and Lee are the CPD’s acting Warrant Team. The detail was established over a month ago and the dynamic duo have been hard at work ever since. Several subjects have attempted to get away from the team, but the escape success rate is very low.


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