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Sheriff Busts Strip Club

A raid of local businesses resulted in the arrest of four exotic dancers.

Montana, Ecstasy, Jenna and Danni were all working at The Pony on Highway 45 Alternate on Thursday night when they were arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure. The dancers, who wish to only be identified by their stage names, insist that they weren’t doing anything wrong.
The girls were arrested during a roundup conducted by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department and the Alcohol and Beverage Commission. The ABC commonly sends undercover minors to local bars and restaurants to ensure businesses aren’t illegally serving alcohol to anyone under 21.
“The sheriff’s department was the lead agency. We just assisted them,” said Kathy Waterbury of the ABC. The Pony was one of several businesses investigated by the LCSD that night.
According to witnesses, gentleman who were later learned to be plainclothes deputies accompanied two girls, both under 21, to The Pony Thursday evening. Everyone who enters the establishment must first stop at the door and show identification. If a patron is under 21, they are issued a wristband. If they are over 21, they receive a black X on their hand. Both young women received wristbands at the door. Once the group sat at a table near the stage, a waitress approached them to take their drink order. The waitress, who wished to remain anonymous, had only been working at the gentleman’s club for four days. According to a witness who wished to remain anonymous, Lowndes County Deputy Blake Prescott ordered beer for the table. When the waitress returned with the alcohol, Prescott paid for the beer but the minor grabbed the beverage. Montana, who acted as spokesperson for the group, says the girl’s wristband was “overlooked, which was a mistake.”
According to Montana, at least half a dozen girls had been on stage between the time the undercover group sat down and the time the beer arrived at their table. Each girl performs two songs and “has to take her top off by the end of the second song.”
Even though The Pony is classified as a “topless bar,” the girls are given strict dress code instructions. When each girl is hired she is made aware of a list of rules that she must follow. The Pony requires that every girl keep her shoes on at all times, bottoms must always be worn and her areolas must be covered. The girls are allowed to wear an outfit of their choosing and “most of us just wear what looks like a bikini top or a corset and matching skirt.” To make sure they are properly covered once they remove their top, the girls can either wear pasties or tassels, but as of late the girls have begun applying a “glitter glue that you can buy in the craft section at Wal-Mart.” The Crayola glue comes in an array of colors but most girls apply the gold or silver and insist “it’s not clear. You can’t see anything.” Once the glitter glue is applied, it hardens and can only be taken off with hot water. Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Ivan Bryan says the glitter glue is not considered proper covering. “Clear glitter glue is not covered.”
In addition to the dress code, the girls are not allowed to walk outside in their outfits because Montana says “that’s considered prostitution.” The girls are also never allowed to “give out our real names, take a number or give our number.” If any of the girls are caught breaking the rules they are fined by the club.
During Thursday night’s undercover operation Montana was on stage when she and the other girls began to realize “something was wrong.”
Montana states that she and several other girls were on stage performing what is called the “hot seat.” During the hot seat a male or female is brought on stage, sat in a chair, and several of the girls dance around him or her. During Saturday night’s hot seat a girl who was at The Pony celebrating her birthday was brought on stage and encouraged to “have fun.” Jenna, who had been on stage dancing when the deputies entered the door, was also one of the dancers on stage for the hot seat. Witnesses say she unzipped her corset, flashed the girl in the seat and promptly zipped her top back up. After the dance ended and the girls were getting off stage one of the other dancers told them to “hurry up and change clothes.” The girls rushed back to the dressing room and began to change into their “casual clothes” when the deputies “burst through the door.” Montana was in the process of changing and “had just unclamped my top” when she says a deputy “gave me a look and asked why I was undressed. I told him I was changing into my casual clothes and he said ‘No, put your top back on.’ ”
Ecstasy, who has worked at the club for four years, was in what is commonly referred to as a “Champagne Room” but what the girls refer to as the “Topless Room.” She was dancing for a customer when the deputies entered the room and she initially “thought it was a joke.” Ecstasy claims she had the glitter glue applied but Bryan says she was “completely nude. She was bottomless and topless.”
The girls were then told to hand over their ID, but the majority of the girls keep all of their belongings outside in their cars. When Montana asked Prescott if she could cover up before walking outside to retrieve her ID he allegedly responded with, “No, you can go out like that.” Montana claims she explained to him that that was illegal but that he refused to listen and made her walk outside in her stage clothes. “I know it’s illegal. How could he not? That’s just common sense.”
Out of over 20 girls working that evening, four were arrested and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure. The waitress who served the alcohol received a citation in the incident. Both the manager and owner of The Pony were issued citations for lewd conduct. Montana says the girls were all very quiet as they were cuffed and placed in the back of the waiting squad car.
She added “We weren’t in a position to fight. We weren’t in a position to argue.”
They were then taken to Lowndes County Adult Detention Center, booked and released later that morning. This is the first charge for indecent exposure for all four. Montana says that three out of the four women are mothers and “none of us can get arrested. We have kids.”
For most of the performers the adult entertainment business is their primary job, but Montana sees it as “a stepping stone,” adding, “The hours get to you.” The Pony opens at 4 p.m. and closes at 2 a.m., Sunday through Wednesday and closes at 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
The money, however, can be a draw for most of the girls. On a weekend night a dancer can make an “an average of 600 dollars.” Montana has a part time job during the day and works at The Pony “a couple times a week.” She says all of the girls are “independent contractors” and “make our own money.”
“If a guy is drunk or belligerent, I won’t even talk to him and I’ll avoid him on stage. Some girls can deal with the drunks and the touchy feely but if he gets out of line, he gets kicked out. Most girls don’t deal with it,” she said.
She further added that she is very well aware of the perception that comes with her job. “Before I started working here I heard dancers were nasty and everyone knows not to touch them. Now, though, I know differently. We’re all moms. I don’t go out and get drunk like most girls my age. I’m either working or taking care of my child. I only work every other weekend when they’re with their dad. If I do work during the week I feed my child, give them a bath, tuck them into bed and only go to work after they’re asleep. I can work as much as I want to but I only work a few shifts. We all do. We choose our kids over our job.”
Bryan says the detectives weren’t there to “pick on these girls. We were there to make sure no one was selling alcohol to minors.” In addition to The Pony, LCSD visited ten bars Thursday night with two other bars receiving citations. Over 60 gas stations, liquor stores, restaurants and bars have been investigated by the detectives and the ABC in the last six months. The detective says the sheriff’s office decided to do the most recent raid due in part to concerned parents.
“We’ve had complaints from parents about gas stations, restaurants and bars selling to minors. They don’t want these places selling to their children, and neither do we,” he said. The investigation focused on stores that illegally sell cigarettes to minors as well as alcohol. If any of the businesses sold to minors they were issued a citation. In addition to The Pony, Brauhaus Grill and The Bottom Dollar were also cited for selling alcohol to minors.



  1. Blake Prescott was a DB when he was young, looks like things haven’t changed too much in 10 years. I know of at least one case of vandalism that he committed in high school. I would think Lowndes County has more serious crimes that they should be concentrating on, then some sort of entrapment scheme so that maybe he can garner the religious vote when he decides to follow in his dads footsteps.

  2. are u serious?

    There were 3 officers out there… It was lead by a Narcotics agent. Another one assisted and the other one was a School Officer. And they used another agency to assist. (Did u even read the article??) It was a “detail” so they didn’t use officers already on duty unless it was to take them to jail. And if u are a mom of 3 u should be glad they are out there keeping establishment from selling ur kid or kids alcohol either now or in the future. Or maybe u were one of the ones dancing there…. And all these strippers claim to be moms… How embarrassing. Way to teach ur child morals and values!!! I hope the Pony keeps messing up until they are shut down for good!! Way to go LCSO and ABC. Way to do ur job unlike other Depts. But after seeing this comment… Obviously not everyone appreciates u… But they will be the very ones wanting one of u there when someone wrongs them!! I would never admit to being a mom of 3 while disrespecting the officers if I were u…. Makes u look rather… Silly….

  3. Drew, you have absolutely NO idea what the hell you are talking about! Blake is my brother and for your information, he was never involved in any vandalism in high school, he didn’t even graduate from New Hope! Get your facts straight before you start running off at the mouth! Ed Prescott is our grandfather and NOT our father. He was Sherrif for 16 years so, that shows local politics aren’t your specialty! It’s obvious you have no clue about anything. So, until you get your facts straight, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.

  4. whatever, father or grandfather, I’m sure they were both honorable men. Blake was a sophomore when I was senior, and I remember him and a friend of his vandalized my fathers truck at a football game because my sis drove it there and did something that pissed them off. I’m not really defending the strip club, but if you want something removed from your community there are better ways to do it. As for my attitude, I am a libertarian and don’t believe gov’t should have the large roll it does now in our lives. I will always take the stand that there are better things for our gov’t and law enforcement then trying to control behavior of consenting adults.

  5. Sorry bud, you’re once again mistaken. If you want believe in your little pea brain that he “vandalized ” your dads truck or whatever you claim he did, go ahead. You’re mistaken. It’s probably hard for you to acknowledge you are wrong but, you are. I remember you in school and,ha, you call Blake a DB? I find that very amusing myself. I dont think you want to go there….

  6. Johnny Phillip Morris

    I wonder if LCSO will show up at the DOG-HOG trials over at the Arena this Saturday.

    It’s a Mississippi family affair with admittance fees waived for kids. The Move Out Boys are movng in. Big money to be made on picking winners. No Bulldogs need apply.

    That Santa Catilina Lady over in the Prairie, who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to MSU to teach the young on the humane treatment of animals, must be sorry as hell she ever donated that money to those yokels over at the Cow College.

    But what can you expect, Mr. Owen, when we have Sheriff who sits behind a desk?

  7. Johnny Phillip Morris

    Mr. Krieger~

    Would you re-publish Roger’s story on the donation to MSU by the kind Lady from Santa Catalina Island.

  8. NeverAmazedAnyMore

    Glad to see my tax dollars are hard at work. NOT!!!! Guess they need the fines for all the gas wasted and repair costs for the deputy’s cruiser that was wrecked chasing a probation violator

  9. Bonnie Clementine

    Do these podunk police have nothing better to do?!? Really? Who gives a rats @$$ whether the girls had glittery glue nipple coverings or nipple pasties?? At that point, does it really matter?? I understand the concern of selling to minors, but do not lie to yourselves. The illegal distribution to minors is not what this was about. It’s about the religious right getting their panties in a wad over a damn strip club. Who cares if consenting adults go in to get a peep show?
    As for “are u serious?”:
    Only someone so ignorant would make assumptions about those dancers and their motherhood. Grow up and get with the times. Quit being so judgmental about women (PEOPLE, actual PERSONS) that you do not even know!! I have a bachelors degree and am a single mother of two. I would make more money stripping than I do at my respectable job now (that I must admit is dangerous and very stressful). It’s like what’s the point in working your tail off, when I could work every other weekend and get the same pay that I work 5 days a week, every week? And working every other weekend while my children are with their dad does not take time away from my kids. It actually gives me MORE time with them than my current job.

    UGHH!!! So sick of judgmental people worried about meddling with other people’s lives! If you are that upset with this strip club, then why don’t we just take away alcohol, tobacco, rock music, casinos– hell, even beaches (think string bikinis). Let’s just go full-on rampage!!! That about makes as much sense as harrassing dancers trying to earn a living!!!

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