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LINK Helps Land Another Industrial Giant

Governor Haley Barbour announced Wednesday that Mississippi lawmakers will enter into a special session this Friday with the hopes of bringing almost 2,000 jobs to Mississippi.
In a press release sent out Wednesday afternoon, Governor Barbour said he will “ask legislators to consider a $75 million package to bring Calisolar to Columbus with a private capital investment of at least $600 million and 951 direct full-time jobs with an average annual salary of $45,000 plus benefits.”
Calisolar is a solar energy company that manufactures silicone. The company’s location in Industrial Park in Columbus beat out a projected site in Ontario, Ohio. The Calisolar plant will produce the silicone for use in solar cells.
The House of Representative weighs and means committee will meet Thursday afternoon at the same time as the Senate Finance Committee. The special session will begin at 10 am Friday morning. Senator Terry Brown, who is on the finance committee, says the regional impact for “Not just Lowndes County but the Golden Triangle will be a big positive impact. Anytime we can add jobs, and that many jobs, it’s a big positive impact for our area.”
The proposed plant will be located in Industrial Park alongside SeverStal, Paccar, KiOR, American Eurocopter and Aurora Flight Science. Brown says the 951 employees could be earning “$40,000 to $60,000 a year.” A construction date has not been set for the project but Brown estimates it will take “16-18 months and create 1,500 construction.”
LINK Director Joe Max Higgins, says that this is the fifth special session in eight years regarding industry coming to Lowndes County. He further adds, that this project would not have happened without the support of community leaders. “Our board of supervisors, our elected officials, both state and local, the Industrial Authority, The Trust. I can’t overemphasize how many people touch these projects. If we didn’t have the support from these groups, we wouldn’t have the means to do these things.”
In addition to the new multi-million dollar facility coming to Columbus, lawmakers will also consider a $100 million package for HCL CleanTech which will base their headquarters out of Olive Branch. HCL CleanTech will also have plants in Booneville, Hattiesburg and Natchez.
Gov. Barbour touted the State of Mississippi industrial’s accomplishments by stating “Calisolar and LCL CleanTech are examples of how Mississippi has become a top site for high-tech, high-skilled manufacturing. I hope the Special Session will be short and productive as we continue the business of creating new, high-paying jobs for Mississippians.”



  1. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    But is Max putting us into perpetual debt, acting as Mississippi’s LINK-appointed venture capitalist?

    Who will pay the bills when these industries fail? I suspect–the MPC subscriber-financed Mississippi Power/Chip Pickering lignite experimental gasification facility down in Kemper County being the prime example–, that Mississipians will be on the hook for billions of dollars.

    There’s got to be some reason that these venture capitalists are flocking to our state which is at the bottom of everything that is good and at the top in everything that is bad. And why would high-tech industries flee to a state with the worst educational system in all the 50 states? How many locals have been hired at the Talley Defense(sic)plant in south Lowndes county?

    Do Mississippians really beieve that we are so special and “exceptional” that we are somehow immune to the coming economic Deluge?

    Could the lure to our state be those easily-bribed elected and appointed “leaders” down in Jackson? Or is it all that fossil water for the taking down in the Tuscaloosa sands. Maybe its the “promised” lax environmental laws that land developer Leland Speed’s MDA boasts of to potential corporate interests. Come dump on us, we need the jobs! And all that blue-limestone for the toxic waste dumping.

    The California House assembly has recently passed legislation to restrict the use of “conflict minerals” being used in manufacturing processes in that state. I suspect this may be another reason for their flight from Silicon Valley to Mississippi.

    But Mississippi is only a temporary station, as China is cornering the market on these minerals, forcing US industry to flee to China in order to gain access to these “precious” minerals from Africa.

    And as Chinese businessmen are signing mineral contracts in Africa, General “Chip” Ward leads AFRICOM special ops on the ground while Secretary Ray Mabus’s US Navy paves the way, cruise missile-blasting away the peoples of Africa for that NATO bridgehead in Libya.

    Save Libya AND us from Mabus, indeed!

  2. Johnny Phillip Morris

    Does anybody smell a rat? Governor Boss Hogg and the MDA’s Leland Speed promising CHEAP LAND for jobs…

    And just watch the Bentz/Posey/Chip Pickering’s Kemper County boondoggle go down in flames and the Mississippi Power Company just walk away when all this shale gas goes on line.
    …The company had already shifted some work to China last year in a cost-cutting move, then closed its Devens factory in March and eliminated 800 jobs.

    Evergreen’s bankruptcy comes just four years after the Patrick administration gave the firm millions in grants, loans and cheap land in exchange for promises of “green” jobs.


  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Breaking News!

    Jeff Clark at the Dispatch says, “The Emperor(John Correnti)Has No Clothes!

    Didn’t we all know that, and suspect that the reason Swoope left was because he smelled an oligarchial rat?

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    If you follow the money, the stink of “crony capitalism” will lead to Obama’s West Wing gang of Bolsheviks and their partners in crime, the lobbyists Breaux, Lott, Pickering,Barbour, etal.

    Thank you very much, Spectator!

    Btw, what was Will Colom and family be doing, flying over to Houston(in Wil’s plane) with Boss Hogg Barbour to meet with the CIA’s capo di tuttio capi, George H.W. Bush? Surely, there was more to the discussion than Bab’s short skirt?


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