An altercation at a local high school leaves two students expelled and a Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputy with a broken hand–and the entire thing was captured on video.
According to Lowndes County Detective Greg Wright, on Wednesday, August 25th, two male high school students who also happened to be brothers, were walking down a hallways at Caledonia High School when they were stopped by Assistant Principle, Andy Stevens. Stevens stopped the young men for a dress code violation of wearing hats inside the building. When Stevens asked them to remove their head wear the students allegedly refused and began to start a verbal altercation.
Upon hearing the commotion, Deputy Scott Glasgow approached the group. Upon his approach the two students tag teamed the officer and began fighting him.
As the three began to tussle, Stevens stepped in and pulled the younger brother off of Glasgow. By this time, the altercation had moved to the locker room and the older brother slammed the deputy into the lockers. Deputy Glasgow then managed to get the student to the ground, attempting to restrain him. When the two hit the ground, Glasgow’s hand was broken.
At this point, the younger brother broke free from Stevens, lunged towards Glasgow and attempted to strike him in the face. Stevens then stepped in again and managed to restrain the teenager. In the video Glasgow can be seen wrestling with the teenager for almost 17 minutes before Ben Kilgore arrived on scene to assist. Kilgore was called by a bystander. The video also clearly shows a gathered crowd of teachers, over 50 students and in several frames of the tape, the school’s security officer can be seen in the background. During the nearly 20 minute struggle, not a single person made an effort to help an obviously struggling Glasgow.
Superintendent Mike Halford commended the deputy and said that the school district is “incredibly pleased” with the job the Sheriff’s Department has been doing.
Lowndes County School District pays the LCSD $150,000 a year to have a deputy at New Hope, Caledonia and West Lowndes. The county also employs a North Atlantic Security officer who makes $14 an hour. However, NSA officers don’t have the power to arrest students. Halford says that reason is why they want deputies at each of the schools. “It’s all about the safety of our students.”
Greg Wright, Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Department, said “These two young juveniles showed little regard for authority and created this situation.” Wright also laments “This could have escalated into an incredibly dangerous situation” adding that at one point, “Deputy Glasgow felt the juvenile tug on his holster.”
Sheriff Butch Howard sent a letter to School Board Attorney Jeff Smith expressing his concerns with how the situation was handled. Howard says he sent the letter stating that he would “like a meeting with both the superintendent and the high school principle to discuss these concerns.”
Glasgow is back at work and according to Wright, “he showed great restraint, great restraint, and did what he had to do.”
Halford could not confirm the student’s expulsions, saying only that the district “will follow handbook policy.” Caledonia has a zero tolerance against violence.