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Fight at Local School Ends with an Injured Deputy and Teenager Brothers Expelled

An altercation at a local high school leaves two students expelled and a Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputy with a broken hand–and the entire thing was captured on video.
According to Lowndes County Detective Greg Wright, on Wednesday, August 25th, two male high school students who also happened to be brothers, were walking down a hallways at Caledonia High School when they were stopped by Assistant Principle, Andy Stevens. Stevens stopped the young men for a dress code violation of wearing hats inside the building. When Stevens asked them to remove their head wear the students allegedly refused and began to start a verbal altercation.
Upon hearing the commotion, Deputy Scott Glasgow approached the group. Upon his approach the two students tag teamed the officer and began fighting him.
As the three began to tussle, Stevens stepped in and pulled the younger brother off of Glasgow. By this time, the altercation had moved to the locker room and the older brother slammed the deputy into the lockers. Deputy Glasgow then managed to get the student to the ground, attempting to restrain him. When the two hit the ground, Glasgow’s hand was broken.
At this point, the younger brother broke free from Stevens, lunged towards Glasgow and attempted to strike him in the face. Stevens then stepped in again and managed to restrain the teenager. In the video Glasgow can be seen wrestling with the teenager for almost 17 minutes before Ben Kilgore arrived on scene to assist. Kilgore was called by a bystander. The video also clearly shows a gathered crowd of teachers, over 50 students and in several frames of the tape, the school’s security officer can be seen in the background. During the nearly 20 minute struggle, not a single person made an effort to help an obviously struggling Glasgow.
Superintendent Mike Halford commended the deputy and said that the school district is “incredibly pleased” with the job the Sheriff’s Department has been doing.
Lowndes County School District pays the LCSD $150,000 a year to have a deputy at New Hope, Caledonia and West Lowndes. The county also employs a North Atlantic Security officer who makes $14 an hour. However, NSA officers don’t have the power to arrest students. Halford says that reason is why they want deputies at each of the schools. “It’s all about the safety of our students.”
Greg Wright, Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Department, said “These two young juveniles showed little regard for authority and created this situation.” Wright also laments “This could have escalated into an incredibly dangerous situation” adding that at one point, “Deputy Glasgow felt the juvenile tug on his holster.”
Sheriff Butch Howard sent a letter to School Board Attorney Jeff Smith expressing his concerns with how the situation was handled. Howard says he sent the letter stating that he would “like a meeting with both the superintendent and the high school principle to discuss these concerns.”
Glasgow is back at work and according to Wright, “he showed great restraint, great restraint, and did what he had to do.”
Halford could not confirm the student’s expulsions, saying only that the district “will follow handbook policy.” Caledonia has a zero tolerance against violence.



  1. Concerned parent

    Why are the security officers there? That officer should be fired…………and the school system should rethink its contract with that company!!!! If one of the students had gotten the deputy’s gun, the deputy and possibly some of the students could have been shot and killed or injured!!

  2. It’s not safe for children or teachers in school any more. Violence isn’t the way to handle a problem. Immaturity, video games or lack of parenting? What makes teens want to handle situations with their fists?

    • Javi

      From experiance,its a act of fright..those r my lil brothers and have been through way to much for thier age..considering that there other brother was found shot to death down the street, I think that takes a big toll on the way they choose to handle situations, they watch out for eachother in good or bad, I dont think they went the right way about the situation,but they r still my little brothers and I love them to death,they r not bad kids…….

    • David

      Cynthia you are entitled to your opinion, but what your speaking is ignorance. Instead of believing the media you should find out what happened from the students. If you believe everything you read in the paper you are immature .

  3. Ann

    FIRE NSA. They may not be able to make arrest, that is fine, but why are they not able to help break up a fight? What is the point of having them other than moving saw horses blocking streets during school in and out. That is so wrong for him to stand there and “watch”. It took a bystander to call Ben? A bystander? Where were the teachers? Coaches? Secretary’s? The coach to help w/ the fight and the teachers and secretary to call the law. The ball dropped in so many areas on this one!!!!! Glad the deputy didn’t get hurt worse that he did, also the Assistant Principal. I hope the boys were kicked out for good. I’m just glad a deputy was on duty. $150,000 a year? 😮

    • Ann

      Forgot to add, when my ex daughter in law worked there at CHS with NSA she stepped in on fights, she did it w/o thought just to help breaks up things before it turned violet. So I do know they can help to keep control of situations.

    • Raindancer

      I don’t believe it was NAS fault but more of the security guard working. They where trained at least 2-3 years ago by the police department for defensive techniques and my husband worked at the school a few times off and on when he worked for NAS. I do believe that they are allowed to step in and help break up fights and try to keep the people separated until an officer arrives. It is easy once you get a person to put them in a position to calm them down and keep them from trying to continue to fight. So all in all, I say if not fire the guard, send then to another location that is not school related and give them a probation period at the least.

  4. It’s not only sad that the guard didn’t step in to help, but it should be grounds for termination. I hope the students also get some serious charges for assault on the deputy. This makes me LIVID!!

    • David

      Why would you hope bad for someone? You must not be a christian. As for the security guard, He was sent home because it was 2 min before the bell, when i arrived to school to get my books for a project i had. he was already home and the officer was just trying to prove himself so his testosterone had bested him. he apologized to me upon arrival to the detention center

  5. Raindancer

    My husband used to work for NSA, but I can’t remember the policy on handling situations. I remember though that they are trained by the police department for defensive maneuvers and are able to stop fights. I agree, that security officer that was working there should be fired for not helping. I know if that where me or would have been my husband, there would have been no thinking of stepping in and helping break up the fight. I hate that the deputy had his hand broken and I wish him as quick of a recovery as possible. Also I hope those boys spend some time and juvie and get their butts beat a few times and learn a lesson. Sounds like they have no care for authority. :/

  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    So let’s end so-called tax-funded “formal education” at the seventh grade level! It works for the Mennonites.

    Leave social studies/history education to families and friends. It works for the Mennonites.

    And use the computer for something other than porno and games of solitaire. It works for the Mennonites.

    • Willie Simpson

      JPM you obviously don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground. How are you going to mace someone when you have both hands tied up defending yourself? SOOOOOO get a it’s not a simple as you think! Get a life !


    Why did it take Ben Kilgore so long to arrive on the scene if they are doing such a good job? It is my understanding that there is an officer situated in the high school office? Where was he when this situation was taking place?

    Why were these students not handcuffed and carried off to jail? Why was the altercation allowed to continue for so long?

    We have got to have more security (alert security) to protect our students.

    If staff is not allowed to carry protection why can’t they at least have handcuffs to restrain these students until the officers finally do arrive.

    I thought there was another officer Lacey, where was he when this was taking place…were either one of them even on school grounds?


      Do the Lowndes County deputies receive the full amount of the grant money for the job that they are doing at the schools? Can’t help but wonder if some of the funds are being used for other things than what it was intended for.

      I still don’t understand why it took Officer Kilgore that long to reach the scene….there must have not been any county officer’s on the school grounds. If the taxpayers are paying them to be at the schools then they should be at the schools anytime students are present. Not just an empty desk in the principals office.

      The schools need cameras posted in all entry ways, classrooms, offices etc.

      They say the security officer was on the scene. I wish I could watch that video because an eyewitness told me there was no security officer in the video. This was just a political statement made to make some members of the administration look good….for whatever reason. Our children’s safety should not be political.

      We have got to protect our children. It should be a top priority and when we get new administration we will get and have more security. Our children are worth the investment and the new administration agrees.

  8. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    How are you going to mace(sic) someone when you have both hands tied up defending yourself? ~

    The non-lethal Mace should’ve have been used way before the point at which the officer was “on the ground tussling” with the students.

    If I were a school administrator, I’d have Mace or the equivalent on my body for self protection.

  9. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Assuming that 9/11 was not an “inside job,” Archie Bunker’s solution to skyjackings would’ve ended that practice and we would not be in these perpetual wars.

    You may laugh, but Archie’s solution is just the poorman’s version of MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction).


  10. I wonder why the Commercial Dispatch or WCBI News didn’t cover this story. Thumbs up to The Columbus Packet and WTVA News!
    Praying for a speedy recovery for the deputy.

  11. I wonder why the Commercial Dispatch or WCBI News didn’t cover this story. Thumbs up to The Columbus Packet and WTVA News!
    Praying for a speedy recovery for the deputy.

  12. Johnny Phillip Morris

    If staff is not allowed to carry protection why can’t they at least have handcuffs to restrain these students until the officers finally do arrive.MS_CITIZEN

    Restraint? Nothing short of a face full of Mace and a spinning back-kick to the groin would stop the two Urbanbillies.

  13. Johnny Phillip Morris

    The big elephant in the hallway that no one is talking about is that the two delinquents were Hispanics living in a single Mom household.

    The possibility that these two were connected to Hispanic gang activity could explain why the students did not intervene.

  14. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The schools need cameras posted in all entry ways, classrooms, offices etc. ~

    That is the ONLY longterm solution and the least expensive;and video is better than “eyewitness” testimony in court.

    So, for those folks that rant about “invasion of privacy,” get over it! Your “privacy” ends whenyou enter the PUBLIC domain.


      That is so true Mr. Morris. I am in total agreement. It appears that folks don’t want to speak up about this issue.

      Cameras are cheap, it would decrease the amount of manpower needed to patrol the public school grounds.

      With the new administration I am hoping that is on the top of his agenda.

      The reason the story wasn’t covered locally as much is due to misinformation being released into the public. I do think apologies are in order to the security personnel that was totally innocent and publicly attacked.

      In this weeks Packet there was a “correction” on page two. Nobody had found that important enough to acknowledge.

      It is too easy to accuse and pass the blame these days. The weak outnumber the strong as it would appear. If you are wrong say you are wrong…the world be forgiving and a much better place to live and raise a family.

      Thank you,

  15. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Check this out. Great potential for adapting the MDOT traffic control system cameras to control street crime, property theft, burglaries and robberies and with video evidence to trump unreliable “eyewitness testimony.”


  16. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Of course there will always be the legal beagle and the legal eagle and the ACLU lawsuits that’ll follow, challenging the Consitutionality of public surveillance systems, claiming “invasion of privacy.” The same cabal that claim that a mother’s killing of her unborn is a “private matter” sanctioned by the SCOTUS and codified into law by Roe V. Wade.

  17. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Anyone that has ever been a fan of A&E’s The First 48 Hours have seen the utility of private and public surveillance cameras in high crime areas. Folks living in lawless “Hole-In-the -Wall” places–remember that place in Jane Fonda’s Cat Ballou which was a sanctuary for thieves and a place for budding crooks where the law feared to tread–have been at the mercy of gangs of serial burglars who have looted farms and homes for over a year in Lowndes county with impunity. The latest being the historic Rufus Richards Home invasion in Crawford that was looted of antique furniture and copper wire stripped from refrigeration euipment. An in-place, public surveillance camera system might have tracked the looted property through Crawford as it made its way to a “safe haven” or to the scrapyard.

    As the economy worsens, and that is a certainty,” and the scrap metal thieves run out of scrap metal, more home invasions will occur as the serial burglars target them. Folks may not fire on a fleeing scrap iron thief, but breaking down doors in a well-armed community will become deadly for the perpetrators. Maybe that’ll get the attention of the LCSO criminal investigation department?


  18. John Doe

    You only believe what the media feeds you . I saw the video, the teens were not wearing their hats nor did they engage the violence. Officer glascow had pushed one of the teens against the locker and told him if he did not get the hat he would slam them on their F’ faces.

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