The tension in the air was palpable Tuesday night as voters and politicians alike gathered at Lowndes County Courthouse anxiously awaiting election results.

Two county wide races that seem to have drawn the most attention this election season- the bid for Sheriff and Superintendent- delivered the nail-biting results they promised.
Republicans Mike Arledge and Bo Harris emerged from the highly watched Sheriff’s race, edging out opponents Barry Goode and Joey Brackin. However, neither candidate garnered over 50 percent of the vote which means Arledge and Harris will face each other in the upcoming run-off on August 23rd.
With 4,317 votes, Arledge received 49.66 percent of the votes, less than a percentage point short of the 50 percent he needed to win Tuesday night’s primary. Harris received 3,135 votes, or 36.06 percent. Barry Goode won 818 votes with Joey Brackin following with 413 votes.
There will also be a run-off in the Superintendent’s race between Lynn Wright and Edna McGill. Wright received 2,305 votes, 43.86 percent, while McGill received 1,561 votes or 29.71 percent. Fellow republican opponent Sam Allison trailed with 1,375 votes.
On the Democratic ticket for Sheriff, Selvain McQueen prevailed over opponents Anthony Nelson, John Pevey and Sherman Vaughn. McQueen, who is currently the interim chief of the Columbus Police Department, received 3,034 votes to Nelson’s 1,791 or 54.8 percent to 32 percent respectively. Pevey received 415 votes and Vaughn received 275. McQueen will face either Arledge or Harris in November.
The most noticeable upset of the evening was when Republican Bill Brigham defeated Incumbent Frank Ferguson in the race for Supervisor District Two. Brigham beat out Ferguson with 1,404 votes or, 59.97 percent, to Ferguson’s 936 votes, 39.98 percent.
In the race for County Prosecuter, Republican Allison Pritchard Kizer beat opponent Shane Tompkins by nearly 3,000 votes. Kizer scored 5,774 votes to Tompkins 2,816 or 67 to 33 percent respectively.
In a district wide race, current District Attorney Forrest Allgood prevailed over opponent William Bambach in Clay, Noxubee and Oktibbeha County. In Lowndes County however, Allgood’s home county, he lost by 125 votes. Bambach recieved 2,733 votes or 51 percent to Allgood’s 2,608 which equaled 49 percent. Overall, Allgood came out of the primary with 12,696 votes to Bambach’s 6,875.
In another closely watched district race, House of Representative District 39 incumbent Jeff Smith defeated opponent Jack Larmour with 61 percent of the vote, scoring 3,448 votes to Larmour’s 2,243.
In Northern District race for Public Service Commissioner, Columbus native Boyce Adams beat Marvin Cox, obtaining 85 percent of the vote in Lowndes County. Adams received 6,840 votes to Cox’s 1,191. Adams will face Democratic Incumbent Brandon Presley in November.
In other local races, District 1 Supervisor Harry Sanders beat opponent Phillip Atkins 1,562 to 837.
District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith edged out his opponents Anthony Sanders and Howard Smart with Smith obtaining 1,265 votes to Sander’s 147 and Smart’s 971.
District 5 Supervisor Leroy Brooks beat out Kenneth McFarland 1,019 to 493.
Justice Court Judge Peggy Phillips won in her race against opponent Monique Montgomery with 2,057 votes to Montgomery’s 1,149.
The Republican run-off for Sheriff and Superintendent is August 23rd.