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List of Local Political Candidates

Lowndes County

Here is the final list of qualifiers for public office for Lowndes County, MS for 2011 election

Supervisor District One:
Harry Sanders – Republican (Incumbent)
Willie Petty – Democrat
Joey Pounders – Independent

Supervisor District Two:
Bill Brigham – Republican

Supervisor District Three:
John E. Holliman – Republican
Mike Smith – Independent

Supervisor District Four:
Jeffery A. Smith – Democrat (Incumbent)

Supervisor District Five:
Leroy Brooks – Democrat (Incumbent)
Roger Larsen – Independent

Justice Court Judge District One:
Chris Hemphill – Republican (Incumbent)

Justice Court Judge District Two:
Ron Cooke – Republican
Ted Richards – Independent

Justice Court Judge District Three:
Peggy G. Phillips – Democrat (Incumbent)

Constable District One:
Willie H. ‘Hoot’ West – Democrat (Incumbent)
Wayne Crowson – Republican

Constable District Two:
Joe Ables – Democrat (Incumbent)

Constable District Three:
Willie ‘Sonny’ Sanders – Democrat (Incumbent)

Circuit Clerk:
Mahala N. (Haley) Salazar – Independent
Justin Shelton – Republican

Chancery Clerk:
Lisa Younger Neese – Democrat (Incumbent)
Susan Robinson – Republican

Greg Merchant – Republican (Incumbent)

District Attorney:
Forrest Allgood – Democrat (Incumbent)
Steve Wallace – Republican

Mike Arledge – Republican
Bo Harris – Republican
Selvain McQueen – Democrat

Superintendent Of Education:
Cliff Reynolds – Democrat
Lynn Wright – Republican
Edna McGill-Republican
Rusty Greene – Independent
Roger Hill – Independent

Tax Assessor/Collector:
Greg D. Andrews – Democrat (Incumbent)

County Prosecuting Attorney:
Chuck Easley – Democrat
Allison Pritchard Kizer – Republican

Clay County

Eddie Scott – Democrat

Chancery Clerk
Amy Gray Berry – Democrat

Circuit Clerk
Robert D. “Bob” Harrell – Democrat

Tax Assessor/Collector
Becky Coe – Republican
Linda F. Hannah – Democrat
Paige Dendy Lamkin – Democrat

Alvin Carter Jr. – Democrat

County Attorney
Angela Turner Lairy – Democrat

Supervisor District 1
Lynn D. Horton – Democrat

Supervisor District 2
Luke Lummus – Democrat

Supervisor District 3
Paxton Austin – Republican
RB Davis – Democrat
William Les Pollard – Democrat

Supervisor District 4
Shelton Deanes – Democrat
Chad McComic – Republican
Willie E. Pierce – Democrat

Supervisor District 5
James “Rock” Crawford – Independent
Floyd T. McKee – Democrat

Justice Court Judge District 1
Thomas E. Hampton – Democrat

Justice Court Judge District 2
Joe M. Taggart – Democrat

Constable District 1
Sherman Ivy – Democrat

Constable District 2
Lewis Stafford – Democrat

Superintendent of Clay County Schools
Mae W. Brewer – Democrat

Oktibbeha County

Supervisor District 1
Carl E Clardy – Democrat
John Prate Montgomery Jr – Republican
Ed Whitehurst Jr – Republican
Alander Neal – Democrat

Supervisor District 2
Orlando K Trainer – Democrat
Bubba (Robert) Gray – Republican

Supervisor District 3
Marvell Howard – Democrat
Dennis “Denny” Daniels – Republican

Supervisor District 4
Daniel B Jackson – Democrat
Bricklee Miller – Republican

Supervisor District 5
John L Young – Democrat
Joe L Williams – Democrat

Justice Court Judge District 1
William Anton “Tony” Boykin – Democrat

Justice Court Judge District 2
W Bernard Crump -Democrat

Justice Court Judge District 3
James “Jim” Mills – Democrat
Buddy Johnson – Republican
Randall McClelland – Independent

Constable District 1
Curtis White – Democrat
Shank Phelps – Republican
Tom Roberson – Republican

Constable District 2
Curtis D Randle – Democrat
Tim Cook – Republican

Constable District 3
James Lindsey – Democrat

County Superintendent of Education
James Covington Jr – Democrat

Tom L. Gregory – Democrat

County Attorney
Roy E Carpenter Jr – Republican

Dolph Bryan – Democrat
Charles “Charlie” Sanders – Democrat
Steve C Gladney – Democrat
Jessie “Bone” Oden – Democrat
Rudy Johnson – Republican

Michael R Hunt – Democrat
Billy L Miller – Republican

Circuit Clerk
Debra Prisock Wood – Democrat
Teresa Davis-Roberson – Democrat

Chancery Clerk
Monica W Banks – Democrat

Tax Assessor / Collector
Deborah “Debbie” Carrithers – Democrat
Velisia “Lisa” Wynn – Democrat
Allen Morgan – Republican



  1. Raindancer

    As long as Harris or Arledge get Chief, I am happy. I really, REALLY hope McQueen doesn’t get it. That man is beyond a pervert and makes me uncomfortable. :/

  2. Laura Poe

    There are also some things about Mike Arledge’s campaign that are questionable. For instance he is only in his early 50’s and he claims to have be a veteran of the military, a retired Mississippi highway patrol man, 7 years as justice court judge, and he says he was a sheriffs deputy. From what I understand one must serve 25 years to be considered retired from Mississippi Highway patrol. It just doesn’t add up. Although Bo Harris has never held an elected office he did serve with the Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks division. So he does have experience serving the community and enforcing laws. I’ve heard it said that Mike is clearly more qualified, but if he’s embellishing his qualifications to give himself an edge do we really want someone in office who doesn’t tell the whole truth?

  3. Clark

    For your information, the Mississippi Highway Patrol has a 20 year retirement system. Also, did it ever occur to you that Mike could have served in the National Guard while being a full time State Trooper. He served as a Deputy Sheriff after retiring from the Highway Patrol and before being elected to the office of Justice Court Judge. To answer your question; Yes, he does have the experience and he is definitely more qualified to be the Sheriff of Lowndes County.

  4. Laura Poe

    Well a veteran is classified as someone with 181 days of active service in the military. Being in the national guard is not considered active duty unless you are technically serving. Although I think it is commendable I don’t see how it adds up. If Mike didn’t serve those 181 days of ACTIVE duty he would not be considered a veteran. However, like I said it is commendable and I thank him for being in the National Guard. It still doesn’t add up. I’ve heard several people question him on this and I’ve never heard an answer.

  5. Johnny Phillip Morris

    How long will it take all these triple- dippers to drain the nation and state coffers of Ben Bernanke’s fiat money when they begin to collect those “bennies.”

    We’re broke and those jobs lost to NAFTA and CAFTA are NEVER coming back.

  6. Johnny Phillip Morris

    Btw, did anyone see that “Save Us From Mabus” bumbersticker on Colonel Khaddafi’s Volkswagen as he left Tripoli?

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