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Republicans Gone Wild?


Ron Williams

—Larmour Allows Bogus NRA Endorsement Ad to Run in Commercial Dispatch

Jack Larmour, who is proudly proclaiming he is the “real Republican” in the District 39 Representative race against incumbent Jeff Smith, is surely not acting like one. The race for the seat was not thought to be all that close, but Larmour is not helping matters as he seemingly is trying to self destruct.

Many have heard how Larmour allowed the Commercial Dispatch to run a tampered or counterfeit NRA article, fraudulently “endorsing Jack Larmour for the Legislative Seat of District 39 here in Lowndes County”, and rating him an ‘A+’ in the article. Rather than correct the ad, which any honorable candidate for office would usually do when it was sent to him to proof by the Dispatch, he allowed it to run, knowing full well that it was bogus or erroneous. No word was said by Larmour after the Sunday Dispatch had the huge ‘mistake’ in the front section of the 3rd of July issue.

Not until the NRA caught the ‘error’ and contacted the Dispatch and Larmour was anything done about it. The Dispatch ran a short correction (in the Tuesday edition), but we heard not a word from Larmour on the mistake. His family later told the NRA that they were too busy to notice the mistake, though state law makes the candidate responsible for the content and conduct issued by his campaign.

Ironically, the only candidate in the race that is actually endorsed by the NRA is the incumbent, Jeff Smith (I meant to mention his endorsement last week but accidentally left it out. RW) And along with the NRA endorsement is the ‘A+’ rating issued by the organization. The NRA has re-affirmed Smith’s endorsement throughout this fiasco.

Could it be that the huge bogus endorsement from the (most desirable) NRA to Larmour caused him to sit quiet and enjoy the ‘mistake’ to his benefit? Thus I say is his campaign self destructing because of…..well, let the people figure out what is lacking there.

I do know that the entire ‘mess’ does not pass the smell test, from how the Dispatch handled the matter to Larmour seeming intent to enjoy the huge mistake as it enhanced, even if briefly, his struggling and fledgling campaign.

In the Wednesday edition of the Dispatch, yet another attempt was made to correct the mistake. The Dispatch ran this disclaimer:

“Due to a transcription error by a graphic artist and failure to see the mistake in the proofing process, an ad in Sunday’s Dispatch mistakenly stated that the National rifle Association (NRA) endorsed the candidacy of Jack Larmour. That is not the case. The organization gave Mr. Larmour an A rating and a positive response. The Dispatch regrets and apologizes for the error.”

The problem that I have with that disclaimer is this: The original Sunday Commercial Dispatch ad, which can be found in the 1st section, Page 6A, states ‘On behalf of NRA’s Political Victory Fund and our members in Mississippi House District 39, I am pleased to announce your A+ rating and endorsement for the 2011 Primary Election’ with ‘A+ rating and endorsement’ in bold black letters.

The corrected ad (found on Page 6A of Wednesday’s Dispatch) states, ‘I am pleased to announce your A rating for the 2011 Primary Election’. So, we, the informed, educated public, are supposed to believe that a ‘graphic artist’ working for the Dispatch is actually going to add a ‘+sign” and the words ‘and endorsement’ as a mistake in transcribing? Would this be an appropriate time to say, “I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night?”

Truth, honesty and integrity are the most important things when it comes to the person I want holding political office to represent my interest. I don’t care what party affiliation you are…that would be the least of my ‘wants’ when it comes to your qualifications.

Speaking of the race between Smith and Larmour, Republican Executive Committee Chairwoman Nan Lott contacted me Tuesday to ‘set the record straight’. She said that Beth Stuart had nothing to do with comments she made to and about Smith at the monthly committee meeting Monday night, June 27th. She said that she spoke with many people before that meeting (though I believe she was confusing my article with that of Sarah Fowler who also wrote an article where Sarah said that Stuart was seen speaking with Lott right before the meeting. I had simply been told by other attendees that Stuart likely had something to do with Lott’s comments. Lott says, though, that she did not.RW). “I don’t appreciate ya’ll conjuring up people in these stories” Lott told me during our conversation. (Again…not sure who we “conjured up”. Stuart was seen speaking with Lott, though it’s true that we don’t know for sure that she was helping plan an attack on Smith, I guess. RW) “What I said to Jeff Smith were my words and mine alone” said Lott.

I have to say…I’ve always liked Mrs. Lott and have always gotten along with her. Even when she sternly told me those things during our conversation, she was polite about it. I feel the same way about Beth Stuart. Though Stuart always seems ‘angry’ whenever the media ask her about specific things like her involvement with particular candidates and the possibility that she’ll be able to ‘endorse’ her candidates through CLOPAC. And, even if Mrs. Stuart recuses herself from voting to endorse one of her candidates, does anyone really believe that District 2 Supervisor incumbent Frank Ferguson has a prayer of being ‘endorsed’ by CLOPAC?

Ron Williams can be reached by email at Ronsings2you@aol.com



  1. True Independence

    This is absolutely despicable and atrocious. This Larmour guy needs to step down and try and save some face for the GOP.

  2. Joe

    I read this yesterday and could not believe it at first. In my 20 years of following politics in Lowndes County, I have never seen something this terrible from a candidate.

  3. Smitty

    I don’t know what is worse about this situation, the possibility that Larmour participated in this fraud, or the possibility he was incompetent to know this was wrong?

  4. Oliver

    We find out this on top of the lawsuit stuff from last week?! Where does this end? Where does this guy draw the line?!

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  6. LW

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with the GOP office in Jackson and see if they can investigate this for us? Oh, and I read the posts earlier about the possible lawsuit involvement with Larmour suing Weyerhauser and was wondering if anyone ever got a copy of it?

  7. Jo

    I still can’t believe this has happened. Is there no integrity in this Larmour guy? There is no plausible way for him to deny he had no knowledge of this unless there is a real question of his intellegence…

  8. Rainmaker

    I personally know the Larmour’s and have known then since I was little; and to tell you the truth, I am appalled to find out Jack was involved in something like this. Of course, I haven’t even lived in the state for the last few years so a lot can change in that time. But regardless, I can’t believe something like this happened. Such a disappointment. :(

  9. Packet reader

    I don’t have a dog in the race but from what I understand, THIS Jack Larmour is NOT the Jack Larmour suing Weyerhaeuser. Two different men. The age brackets don’t line up. But talk about mudslingin’! Welcome to politics, buddy.

    • Oliver

      Are you sure about that claim? When it was mentioned here last week, someone even gave a case number and said Jack Larmour’s name was on the lawsuit. Is there more than one Jack Larmour suing Weyerhauser?

    • Smitty

      How is it mudslinging to try and find out if this candidate is the one suing one of the largest employers in the area. Since you obviously know there is a lawsuit and who is involved in it. I don’t think there are too many Jack Larmours in the area, so exactly which one is it since you know?

      • SRG

        Smitty, Seems like packet reader might have some info he doesn’t want to come out into the light, because the silence is deafening as an answer to y’all’s questions.

  10. Tj

    Really guys??? You form all of your political opinions about a candidate based on Lowndes county’s version of the national inquirer… Give me a break. If you will kindly take notice the letter of acknowledgement of error in the commercial dispatch you will see that it was the Dispatch that made the error in putting the NRA endorsemet phrase into the ad, not Jack Larmour. One again I would really stress getting your information from other places than the “Packet/National Inquirer” when making decisions regarding our state’s future. What has Jeff Smith done for us anyway other than coauthor the meatpacking bill and try to put a tax on Christmas trees???!!!!

    • SRG

      That sounds awfully similar to the responses Art Neal and Leroy Brooks used to give about the Packet when it would expose their wrong doing. That’s not exactly who you want to be like if you didn’t know. And are you really challenging Smith’s voting record to try and take up for Larmour? He could bury you with all the bills he’s helped pass to help out this area and it still doesn’t change the fact Larmour is involved in this. I am sorry the Packet hurt your feelings like it used to do for Art and Leroy.

  11. Seminole

    Yes TJ, we do appreciate the fact the Packet took the time to present actual facts when the Commercial Dispatch tried to cover things up. We appreciate the fact the Packet got the NRA to comment and would love to hear from Larmour himself, but apparently only his wife can speak about it. I personally thank the Packet for bringing this stink to light. And do you really wNt to challenge Smith’s conservative voting record that brought us tort reform, 10000 jobs, and a law that requires us to have a balanced budget every year? Sounds like you just don’t like what the Packet said.

  12. tj

    Oh…don’t feel bad for my feelings. The fact of the matter is that: 1) Jeff Smith is a progressive with a liberal voting record. 2) How can you compare the likes of Leroy Brooks or Art Neal to a man you don’t even know. 3) The Commercial Dispatch retracted the original ad and even apologized. You can believe and speculate as you wish, but the facts show that the Commercial Dispatch openly stated that it was their mistake. End of story. Jack Larmour is a good man and if you took the time to do any research on him, you would see this. I’m sure your not so closed minded and sold on Jeff Smith to not consider other options. All I know is Jack Larmour has been a known conservative, successful business man, and all around good person his whole life. Jeff Smith on the other hand was Democrat for 20 years, Independent for 2 weeks, and then at the eleventh hour, when his political career was in jeopardy, decided he was Republican. And I’m sorry to bring up such sore subjects as Jeff’s voting record…Do I have to state again he tried to tax CHRISTMAS TREES and the millions he cost MS with the meat packing bill and the fact of him voting to allow abortion in ambulatory clinics and surgical centers??? Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by pointing these things out. And I can definitely be buried by all the “wonderful” bills he’s written… refer to above for examples.

  13. SRG

    Apparently you are the one who is a little on the close-minded side. The only research I can find on Jack Larmour is he was on the school board and placed third out of a 3-man race on re-election. It’s hard for me to be sold on someone with that little experience and someone who has his wife speak for him when involved in a situation like this, not to mention the fact the only excuse is “we didn’t read the whole thing.” I am glad you brought up Jeff Smith’s voting record so we can look at the facts. I’ll only name a few as to not shock you with too many facts. Let’s see: 1. He helped bring a BALANCED BUDGET into fruition where Mississippi can only spend 98% of the revenue it receives by law, 2. He authored and brought TORT REFORM to Mississippi against the wishes of the Democrats and trial lawyers, 3. He helped author and pass bills that brought 10,000 jobs to North Mississippi, 4. He has twice been named Mississippi Legislator of the year by the CONSERVATIVE COALITION, 5. He helped pass legislation to make sure firefighters and police officers were taken care of in retirement, 6. He has consistently received some of the highest ranks for a legislature from the Pro-Life America Network (he is even endorsed by them in his primary). You see, there is a difference in speculation and fact. Jeff was welcomed by the Republican party and has consistently been named one of the most conservative members of the legislature. You are really going out on a limb saying he has a liberal voting record. Heck, if I used your logic I would be saying Barack Obama is one of the most conservatives in the history of the U.S. Now, I could go on and on and on and on about his conservative voting record, but there is not enough space in the comment section and this story is not about Jeff. And I am sure you will just respond with your ridiculous ramblings like “Jeff Smith hates Christmas” or “Jeff Smith is Obama’s love child.” The people of Lowndes County and District 39 know when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes like Jack did and like you are trying to do as well. The point of this story is Larmour may be a good guy, but he is responsible for a part in fraud, plain and simple.

  14. Joe

    Looks like TJ’s been dippin into the sauce a little early on a Saturday. If not, I’ve got some fool’s gold I can sell him/her for these record gold prices if he/she really believes his/her comments!

  15. Tj

    Look I realize I’m the minority here and obviously in a losing battle. I will say it is pretty obvious whom some of you will vote for and whom I will vote for. I enjoy a good debate but with that said I will state that we should probably agree to disagree. And Joe… I’m not sure how to respond to your recent post simply because it doesn’t make sense. I will just encourage all of you to look deeper into what Jeff had and has not voted for. I believe that if you will tale the time to do some research, which most of you will not due to your mind being made up, you will better understand my stance on the upcoming primary race and who I would like to win it. Let’s try to keep this campaign clean and try not to sling mud on the candidates. It is a campaign between two republicans, or at least one republican and one democrat/independent/republican or… whatever he is. Good luck to both campaigns.

  16. SRG

    It’s just funny how TJ asks people not to sling mud and then tries to insult Smith. I guess all you can try and do is insult people when you don’t have the slightest bit of a good argument. I hope people do look at Smith’s 20 year conservative record because it speaks for itself. I don’t really understand this silly Real Republican argument since Larmour only qualified a few days before Smith. I guess that means my brother is more of an American since he is older than me. I guess that is the only argument Larmour has, so he has to run with it. I hope for good campaigns from both candidates myself. I hope Smith continues to be a true Southern Gent and I hope Larmour can avoid another fraud scandal. Best of Luck to both candidates.

  17. demo-north

    I can not get over how Mr. Larmour takes no responsiblity for allowing an article he “proof read”
    to be published, then some how, through his nephew, criticize Mr. Smith.

    Am I missing something, but I have yet to see any where, Mr. Smith has said one ugly word about
    Mr. Larmour. I am going to guess Mr. Larmour is so far behind, he needs to do something to jump
    start his failing campaign and/or Mr. Smith is enough of a gentleman or so far ahead, he does not
    normally say hateful things about people. Whatever the reason it is refreshing to see someone not
    being nasty and slinging( as one of the commenters called) “mud”.

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