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KiOR Installs $5 Million, 700,000 lb. Converter

The new $5 million converter

A new piece of equipment arrived at the KiOR Inc. site on the Island in Columbus on Thursday. The renewable crude oil converter is over 200 feet tall and weighed in at over 700,000 lbs. The $5 million converter was brought in by barge and took four trailers and two industrial cranes to move.

According to the company, the converter will be an integral part of KiOR’s biofuel production process, which, in its whole, will take biomass feedstock (woodchips) and turn it into renewable crude oil, which the company processes into gasoline and diesel blendstocks that can be used in vehicles on the road today.

The converter is part of a recirculating catalyst system. The upper section is the stripper section where the catalyst is separated from the product vapor stream; the lower section is the regenerator where the catalyst is regenerated by burning off the coke. The crude oil produced can be further processed for various uses.

The converter is one of 160 pieces of equipment that will be installed on the the Island, at the 22 acre KiOR plant.

The woodchips will be acquired form Weyerhaeuser’s timber supply sites and they plan to use Southern yellow pine wood. The company plans to be producing oil by mid -2012.

KiOR has developed a proprietary technology platform to convert sustainable, low-cost, non-food biomass into a hydrocarbon-based renewable crude oil. Using standard refining equipment, the company processes its renewable crude into gasoline and diesel blendstocks that can utilize the existing transportation fuel infrastructure for use in vehicles on the road today.

To produce oil, which can be made into fuel, KiOR uses a process called Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology combined with its proprietary catalyst systems to reduce the time it takes to produce oil “from millions of years to a matter of seconds,” according to their website. Their Biomass Fluid Catalytic Cracking (BFCC)  technology has been used to reduce the cost of producing biofuel . The gasoline and diesel blendstocks that are produced can be combined with existing fossil-based fuels and used in modern vehicles.

KiOR plans to open four more plants in Mississippi, creating over 500 new jobs state-wide.



  1. Johnny Phillip Morris

    I was unable to find the thread with the discussion on initiative # 31(eminent domain).

    Poster True Independent picked up his marbles and left the building in the middle of the debate with promises to send me information on the workings of our corrupt legislature and judicial court system. I never got them;however, the revelations coming out in the Scruggs/Ed Peters/DeLaughter scandal pretty much corroborate what most informed Mississippians already had suspected had been going on behind the closed doors and smoke-filled rooms at the Capitol and in Boss Hogg Barbour’s suite at the Governor’s mansion.

    An expert on eminent domain will speak at Ole Miss on this very important subject for Mississippi landowners, particularly those in the Golden Triangle area who are in the crosshairs of the Mississippi Development authority. His appearance is not being publicized.


  2. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    Is Max Higgins giving away the store?

    Boss Hogg’s lobbying role in creating the Kemper facility and how he and MPC insider executives personally profits from the plant approval is not being addressed by Bernie and Sarah. Why?

    Rest In Peace Jake Horton.

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The Commercial-Dispatch is reporting that Semi-South is KAPUT, too.

    The devil is in the MDA secret details.

    Fish’em out, Ron!

  4. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    I linked Amy McCullough’s October 23rd post on the coming Silicor debaucle under the KIOR byline, because the dropping of the other shoe(KIOR)is destined to follow. KIOR, like Silicor, is a MDA/Oligarchial SCAM in the making!

    Obviously, you are having problem with reader comprehension…unable to see the forest for all the trees? A product of Mississippi’s New South educational system, I suspect?

  5. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    MDA gets another well-earned kick to the groin but with taxpayers forced to bail out losses for another privately held industry SCAM. These good ole Mississippi boys that went to Harvard are driving this State into insolvency.


  6. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    …Twin Creeks never sold one panel. By March 2012, the company announced it had changed its business model and would be making solar manufacturing equipment called Hyperion that it planned to sell to solar manufacturers overseas. Instead of a manufacturing plant, the Twin Creeks website called the Senatobia facility a “living laboratory for R&D.” Last month the company’s CEO told The Atlantic magazine the company is “about to ship product to customers.”

    “About to ship product to customers.” Do those words sound familiar?

    “Will KIOR become just another “living laboratory for R&D” by the River?

    And the biggest shoe yet to fall is playing out down in Kemper County. Mississippi’s MPC is NOT South Africa’s Sasol.

  7. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The Dispatch is reporting what appears to be just another bio-fuels “energy grass” SCAM up in North Carolina.

    God forbid that those Pasedena Texans at KIOR ever hear of this.

    We’ve already got our precious Johnson Grass rhizomes holding the Prairie together, thank you very much;however, eroded county road beds are now evident in the Prairie where the Road Supervisors have, for the past three years, mounted a ROUNDUP herbicide spraying War On Johnson Grass that has resulted in destroying all the Johnson grass that has always grown on the roadbed shoulders. These silty-clay soils are floating down the rolling hills into the creeks and stream and into ultimately flowing into the Tenn-Tom.

    And the US Soil Conservation Service doesn’t have a clue! Maybe if our State Auditor Pickering were to look into the claims documents of these county road supervisors that are engaged in using ROUNDUP herbicide, he’d find “irregularities,” which would also explain why there are unaccounted for water losses–most likely the drawing of potable water from the fire hydrants– in the county’s community water inventories that cannot be attributed to underground pipe leakage.

    Maybe Ron could do a report on this?

  8. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    While PC commissoners Bentz and Posey fiddle, Kemper County burns.

    And just think, Chip Pickering boasted that bringing this MPC boondoggle to Kemper County was the “crowning achievement” of his thirteen-years in Congress.

    The truth is that Chip’s “bedding” Beth at his lover’s nest on DC’s C-Street, and formulating the Congressional legislation–allegedly written by the legal staff of MPC’s parent company in Atlanta– to repeal the 1934 PUHCA will be the crown of thorns that he must wear for those thirteen-years in Congress. Upon his retirement after those thirteen years, he once boasted that his reported income for that last year in Congress was over $1,000,000. Not the first Mississippi politician to sell out to the highest bidder, though.


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