The Packet » Investigation Discovery investigating unsolved murders in Columbus
Investigation Discovery investigating unsolved murders in Columbus

Investigation Discovery investigating unsolved murders in Columbus

The Investigation Discovery film crew

A production team from the Investigation Discovery Network arrived in Columbus Tuesday to begin filming for a new criminal profiling show.

Australian based Beyond Productions & noted American author M. William Phelps met with Columbus Police to begin an investigation into the unsolved 1990’s murder of five elderly citizens.

Columbus Police Chief Joseph St. John and lead investigator Lt. Selvain McQueen discussed the case with Phelps.

The show will try and create a profile of the suspected killer utilizing world renown criminal profiler John Kelly in hopes the public will then be able to help identify the killer.

The show is expected to air in late 2011-early 2012.

The Investigation Discovery crew with Chief Joe St. John, Terrie Songer and Lt. Selvain McQueen and


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  1. Jennifer Lyons Burleson - 06/17/2011

    wow.. depending on how far back they go they can get quit a series just from Columbus… not that it’s a good thing but so much unknow..

  2. Pam Baker Jackson - 06/17/2011

    Wonder if they will interview the same people from when it was on tv before!

  3. Leigh Ann Wallace - 06/17/2011

    It’s the land of unsolved killings. Not just those 5

  4. Benji - 06/17/2011

    I think they will never find the person that killed those people. And I think they don’t want to find them. It is like everything else in Columbus, MS. No one cares.

  5. Bethe Patrick Ross Williams - 06/17/2011

    Lots of other unsolved murders that need investigating also; for instance, Dr. Smith at the Country Club and Lindsey Sams in Florida. What about the hair dresser whose murder was never solved? LOTS of questions!

  6. Jean Turner - 06/17/2011

    You got that right and why they can’t solve some of them is disbelief!!

  7. Leigh Ann Wallace - 06/17/2011

    The right people don’t want it to happen. I remember watching a show when I was a kid and they said something about investigating a murder and I said that was dumb killers never get caught and my mom explained to me that they do in other towns.

  8. Jean Turner - 06/17/2011

    Yeah and I always thought they knew who killed Fran!!

  9. Johnny Phillip Morris - 06/19/2011

    There was no “weed” involved. Case closed!

  10. Johnny Phillip Morris - 06/19/2011

    I wish that the Discovery ID team would interview Byron DeLay Beckwith’s son now living up in Aberdeen.

    Since Mr. Beckwith died during the appeals process, that case is still open.

    Isn’t it ironic that the Hinds Country DA that successfully prosecuted–triple jeopardy–Beckwith, sits in prison for taking a bribe to influence a court decision. And wouldn’t we like to know what Dickie Scruggs’ intermediary–Trent Lott– promised Bobby De Laughter and Ed Peters. And where all that million dollar bribe money went to?

    And for those who would argue with the “triple jeopardy” description, “jeopardy” begins for a defendant when the prosecuting attorney presents the government’s charges to the jury!

  11. Johnny Phillip Morris - 06/19/2011

    Btw,the imprisoned Dickie Scruggs’ cronie, Paul Minor, and the Harrison County judges-Teel and Whitfield– were re-sentenced to prison terms by Judge Wingate.

    Inquiring minds want to know how Trent Lott wriggled out of this imbroglio.

    He must know where a lot of bodies lie buried.

  12. Johnny Phillip Morris - 06/27/2011

    Yeah and I always thought they knew who killed Fran!!

    Yeah , and Shine Pullen was “whacked” at about the same time.

    I somehow thought that the armed robbery (circa 1985) of gold bullion from that barber that worked at the mall was connected. I was sitting in that barbershop when Sheriff Louis Harper was having a “manicure” and the barber was talking about the gold bullion that his wife had inherited from her French ancestors–her parents were heirs to a textile(chenille) manufacturing family business back in Europe. he had merried her while a soldier in WW2 France.

    Harper was “all ears” during the comments by the barber. I thought then that the barber was setting himself up for a hit. Shortly thereafter, the barber and his wife were assaulted in their home and looted of the gold. The professional robbers threatened the barber and his wife with death and claimed that a co-conspirators was set to kidnap their grandchild if they did not give up the gold. He hinted that he knew who was involved, but he feared for his grandchild’s life.

    I wonder if there is a police report that is available for this kidnapping/armed robbery.

    So, don’t go to local enforcement if you have knowledge of criminal activity in Lowndes county. Or for the State of Mississippi , for that matter.

  13. Johnny Phillip Morris - 06/27/2011

    Anyone remember the barber’s name. He suffered from emphysema having breathed in all that secondhand smoke at the Smoke Shop all those years before moving to the Mall. He was not a “smoker.”

  14. Johnny Phillip Morris - 06/27/2011

    Having knowledge of a criminal offense and not reporting it is, in itself, a punishable offense.

    Remember that there is only one thing to say to the police: ” I have nothing to say.”

  15. alwayssuspiciousoftheSheriff - 01/27/2012

    I was always suspicious of the crooked Sheriff who in better words Stole from the Kitty for his daily Kitty. If he was bold enough to steal from city funds, who’s to say he wouldn’t murder the elderly in order to rob them to fund his sex kitten? Who better to cover a crime than one who knows them inside and out? Has he ever been thoroughly investigated?

  16. Sara - 03/10/2012

    I went to college at the W for a semester in the late 90s. I was not aware of these murders at the time, but I do recall a ridiculous amount of cars being broken into on campus, sometimes as many as 9 in one night. There was a lot of talk about it being the work of gang members being initiated. Guess how else gang members can be initiated? I may be way off, but it’s just a thought. Small towns are not immune to gang activity. I myself live in a small town in Tennessee that has a surprising amount of gang activity.

  17. JohnnyPhillipMorris - 06/25/2012

    The Smoke Shop Barber’s name was Mr. Terry.

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