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Party in a Hooptie


Saturday night, DICE Officers Stephen Kemp and William Thrasher were patrolling Downtown Columbus when they came upon a car full of people in the south parking lot near the Princess Theater.  When they shined flash lights on the car, two black males tried to quickly get out of the back seat of the car.  A third black male  and an older white female were still in the front seat of the car when the officers walked up.  He was putting his pants on and she was naked from the waist down.  [There was an open box of condoms on the center console and several used condoms inside the car. – JD]

The woman, Trina Annette Dilbeck, was told to put her shorts on and get out of the car.  She responded, “Y’all motherf#*&#*s can’t tell me what to do!”  Kemp told Dilbeck that she was under arrest for Disorderly Conduct.  While he was getting Dilbeck out of the car, Kemp saw her drop something into the floor next to her purse.  Upon inspection, he found that it was marijuana.  Kemp placed Dilbeck under arrest for Possession of Marijuana.

As he attempted to put her in handcuffs, Dilbeck started to fight back, pulling away from the officer.  She continued to fight across the 20 foot space between the car and a waiting patrol car, losing her shoes (Knock-off Crocs) in the process.  Dilbeck was placed in the rear of the patrol car while the males were questioned and searched. [One of the males failed to mention that he had a used condom in his rear pocket, resulting in Officer Kemp getting a very unpleasant handfull when he checked that pocket. – JD]

[While the men were searched and checked for warrants, Dilbeck put on quite a show.  Through the half open window, she hurled insults and threats at the officers  (Several officers had shown up as back-up) and this reporter.  Dilbeck screamed (in her 4 pack-a-day voice), “Y’all are dead! Y’all done signed yer death warrants!  You motherf#*&#*s done f#*&ed up now.  Every one of you motherf#*&#*s are gonna die!  Imma have a 500 man gang come from Texas!  We live on a 500 acre ranch in East Texas!  They gonna wipe this whole f#*&in’ town off the map!  You motherf#*&#*s done f#*&ed up!”  At one point, Dilbeck started kicking and headbutting the door of the patrol car and it seemed as though the officers were going to have to Tase her.  Officer Thrasher stepped over to the car with his hand on his Taser.  Dilbeck responded with, “I wish you would f#*&in’ Tase me!”, but she was quick to quiet down – JD]

After a search and warrant check, the young men were released.  Trina Annette Dilbeck was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Possession of Marijuana and taken to the Lowndes Detention Center.





    Dilbsck, WOW!! three at once,talk about cougars sex drive.bottle up that blood and sell it. Or that’s some of that hawaii 1975 good smoke. WWHHHEEEWWW!!

  2. Columbus Resident

    Uh, why weren’t these men charged with something too? If having sex in a parked car in the middle of town isn’t illegal, it should be. They sound like the type that deserve to be in jail, to have that little respect.

  3. Thump

    Too bad they didn’t publish the names of the young men…wouldn’t their mommas be so proud they practice safe sex..HAHAHAHAHA Used condom in pocket? What was he saving it for? The men needed to be charged also ….being stupid?

  4. Jwow

    granted dilbeck acted a fool but she wasn’t having sex with herself… how is it that only the female ends up in jail?

  5. Chico

    Hahahaha!!! “In her 4 pack a day voice!” CLASSIC! They better be glad she didn’t try to bite with those neon teeth.

  6. bran bran

    OMG i dont know what else to say that is soooooooo funny those 500 men from texas those must be some of her other clients!!!! haha

  7. bo

    no…you got to know ,,when shes lying,,glad she only cum around onces in awhile,,, ill bet her vala victoryian mother would be pround ,,, check out ok.!!!!!! that a girl

  8. JJ

    Love how they even identified her Knock-off Crocs shoes LMAO….

    She continued to fight across the 20 foot space between the car and a waiting patrol car, losing her shoes (Knock-off Crocs) in the process.

  9. Willie

    This post was too funny. I busted my sides laughing. I love the Packet the reporters are tooooo funny.

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