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Drive-By Shooting Suspect Behind Bars

Jerome Mitchell is led to a waiting patrol car by Lt. Selvain McQueen.

Columbus Police Investigators captured 18 year old Jerome Mitchell, Jr. around 2:30pm this afternoon on Luxapalila Drive after a three day manhunt. Mitchell is wanted in connection with a drive-by shooting Sunday night that left four wounded in East Columbus. Mitchell is also suspected in a burglary of a home on 13th Avenue N. on Monday. Mitchell was free on bond on three separate burglary arrests as well as an aggravated assault charge in July of 2010. Mitchell is being held on a $1,000,000 bond set Wednesday afternoon by Judge Nicole Clinkscales on four counts of aggravated assault and a $50,000 bond on the one burglary charge.  At approximately 8:00 pm on Sunday evening, officers responded to a shots fired call at 121 Beech Street in East Columbus. According to the caller, she had been sitting on her front porch when two black males on a motorcycle drove past her house, stopping in front of 119 Beech Street. When the caller noticed that the passenger on the back of the bike was carrying a shotgun, she started running into her house. The passenger of the bike then fired a single shot and that’s when the caller claims she was hit. Her husband said that when he heard a loud “pop” he came outside to check on his wife and saw part of a motorcycle shield lying in the street and grabbed it so it wouldn’t get run over. Officer Fred Grammer then arrived on the scene and called for an ambulance for the injured woman. He then went down to 119 Beech to check on the persons in the house and then dispatched another ambulance for two injured parties in the house; one suffering from a buckshot to the head and another for a buckshot to the arm.  Officers then received a call that the two suspects were hiding in a culvert that runs between Beech and Taylor. [When I arrived on the scene, I drove over to Taylor where three Sheriff’s deputies were parked every hundred or so feet in case the two men emerged. Columbus Police Department K-9 Officer Wade Beard and his partner, Bowdy, were already searching the ditch but came up empty. SF] The 911 caller had told police that the shooter, the bike passenger, had been wearing an orange and black helmet and was now identified as Jerome Mitchell. Police then received information that the suspects had crossed HWY 82 and were now on Woolbright Street off of Airline Rd but after hours of searching for the suspects, police were unable to catch Mitchell or the driver of the motorcycle.

Jerome Mitchell, Jr.

Lowndes County E-911 operators dispatched Police to several calls that claimed to have information on Mitchell’s whereabouts throughout the day Monday and Tuesday, but none produced solid leads. Columbus Police questioned two black males standing by a dumpster near the Eveningside Apartments on 13th St N early Tuesday morning and discovered the young men in possession of stolen merchandise stored in a backpack from a Monday burglary on 13th Ave. N. One of the young men identified the owner f the backpack as Jerome Mitchell Jr.

Investigators learned that Mitchell was staying at a small home on the end of Luxipalila Drive off of Burns Circle yesterday afternoon. Columbus Police Investigators LT. Selvain McQueen, Terrance Dentry, George Harris and LC Cockrell parked at the entrance to Luxapalila Dr. and slowly approached the home from the south. Mitchell was apprehended with some moderate resistance. [Columbus Police have had several incidents with Mitchell and he has violently resisted and attempted escape from custody more than once-CK]

Jerome Mitchell, Jr. was arrested on April 11th, 2010 in connection with an auto burglary on Lehmburg Rd. He was charged with burglary of a car and false reporting of a crime and released on bond May 7th, 2010.

Mitchell was again arrested on May 27th, 2010 in connection with a burglary on Southdown Parkway. Witnesses said two black males had been casing out houses along Southdown Pkwy and had asked homeowners about yard work before they were seen running from 1209 Southdown Pkwy with long guns. An officer found a footprint in a back yard on the east side of Military Road, behind the house at 1408 17th Ave. North.  Police surrounded the house and knocked on the door and an elderly woman let them in.  Two young males, sweating heavily and matching the description of the thieves, were in the house.  They were detained and identified by one of the Southdown Pkwy witnesses. Arrested in connection with the burglary were Daryl Tywan Shinn, 18, 1405 15th Ave. North, and Jerome Grant Mitchell, 17, 1408 17th Ave. North. Police searched the house and the route from the victim’s house to the house where the pair were found but they did not find the missing guns.  The victim said the stolen weapons included a 12-gauge pump shotgun, a 20-gauge automatic shotgun, a 30-06 bolt-action rifle and a .22 rifle. Mitchell was charged with burglary of a home and was released on bond on July 1st, 2010.

Jerome Mitchell, Jr. after his capture Wednesday afternoon.

Mitchell was arrested again on July 26th, 2010, after he allegedly fired shots at a man on the 7000 block of Waterworks Rd in the parking lot of Maranatha Faith Center. Mitchell was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault w/a weapon and another outstanding burglary charge. He was released on bond on February 17th,2011.  [The Packet was present at the incident on Waterworks, and the victim in that incident(or his family) was apparently the target of Sunday night’s drive-by shooting on Beech St.] Jerome Mitchell, Jr. was very vocal as he was escorted by Lt. McQueen out of CPD headquarters Wednesday afternoon. Mitchell was also reportedly verbally abusive to Judge Clinkscales during his hearing this afternoon as he told her to “Do whatever the f@*$ you want. Send me to jail, I don’t care.”




  1. BJwithanOpinion

    He sure is young to be such a thug. He needs to be locked up for an indefinite amount of time before he actually kills someone, and by his actions, it is just a matter of time! Too bad someone did not tell him what prison life is like for a young buck like himself! It’ll be fun for some, but it won’t be a lot of fun for him….oh well, you’ve made your gangsta decisions, now bend over!



  3. TMystery


  4. Really?

    Okay, the people who think he did not do anything wrong or we do not know him. He stole guns and shot at people! He should be put down like the animal he is. There are plenty of jobs out there but most animals will not work for a living. I have security and will put down an animal trying to do the acts of crime like that thing did. Oh and I work so I get to choose where I live and what I drive and where I go unlike some animal being moved from one shelter to another.

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