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New Hope Teacher Accused of Sexual Relationship with Student

Lowndes County School District officials reportedly suspended Katherine Robbins, a popular math teacher at New Hope High School, with pay after an investigation determined she likely had improper relations with a 17 yr old male student according to a source close to the investigation. Robbins appeared with Columbus attorney Carrie Jourdan for a probable cause hearing in front of Circuit Court Judge Jim Kitchens late Tuesday afternoon. Judge Kitchens took no action on the hearing and placed all parties involved under a gag order, preventing them on commenting on the case. [ I was told by several lawyers that probable cause hearings are often called when law enforcement or educators are suspected of committing a felony. The burden of proof for these hearings is somewhat more stringent than in a normal case. The initial probable cause hearing often does not result in any action by judges, and the prosecuting party is sometimes asked to bring forth more evidence. If the additional evidence is sufficient, an arrest warrant would be issued shortly thereafter. -Ed] Robbins, a married mother of two, is allegedly being accused of having sex on multiple occasions with the 17 yr old student over the last two months. Robbins attorney, Carrie Jourdan, did not return phone calls made to her office by The Packet on Wednesday, but WCBI news reported Tuesday night that Robbins (whom WCBI did not identify by name) “denied any improprieties” .       The student, who is said to have a child of his own, and Robbins are believed to have exchanged text messages regarding the affair, and numerous witnesses told authorities that the boy bragged about the encounters. Multiple statements from students and witnesses outside the school reportedly corroborate the boy’s claims of an affair.        Lowndes County Sheriff’s investigators are reportedly gathering additional evidence to present in a second probable cause hearing. If arrested, Robbins would face a felony charge due to her supervisory position over the boy. The affair itself would not normally be a crime, as it was consensual and the boy was over 16 years old. In the state of Mississippi, as in most states, the position of power and responsibility of a teacher increases the seriousness of the crime. Robbins was suspended with pay until further action is taken by the school board. Sources said that the Lowndes County School Board would not have made the move to suspend Robbins unless sufficient evidence had been discovered.       The Lowndes County Sheriff’s department confirmed yesterday that the department is under a gag order regarding the case by order of the court. Lowndes County School Superintendent Mike Halford told The Packet he could not comment on the situation when asked last Wednesday, March 2nd. [I had called Superintendent Halford the previous Wednesday (Feb. 23rd) as well about the incident after hearing rumors around town, but he said he had no knowledge of any illicit behavior by any teacher at that time. Halford was quoted by WCBI Tuesday as saying he could not comment on the matter, because at this time it is a personnel matter-Ed]



  1. jtbaker1962

    What’s up with all these teachers giving it up to students? I mean, are pubescent teens that irresistable? I just don’t get it…. if you are gonna screw your student, don’t be dumb enough to text the boy about the encounters! Looks like ole Katy put the noose around her own neck with this one. Bet her husband is proud.

  2. Will

    This is what is teaching our Children! We got Druck Driver Principles, Druged Teachers, now Teachers having Sex with the Students! Come on Parents, IT’S TIME TO HOLD THESE PEOPLE UP TO STANDARDS OF A TEACHER! She should be Fired and sent to Jail! And her husband should be given full Rights to dress Her ASS!

  3. Franklin

    Lest I spoil anyone’s fun in rushing to judgement, there are a few things I think need to be pointed out before we slap that scarlet “A” on her blouse.

    -the only real evidence that exists are the text messages sent to the boy’s phone. While a teacher texting a student certainly raises suspicion, until we know the content, context and legitimacy of those messages, it is premature to speculate anything. If you can’t show it, you don’t know it.

    -the only other piece of evidence comes from the boy’s bragging to others. The article said that the witnesses only corroborated the boy’s claims…in other words, they confirmed that he bragged about it. No offense, but teenage boys tend to say a lot of things…just ask any teenage girl. I’m not saying the boy is lying, I’m saying he _could_ be.

    Whatever the outcome of this, I hope the rest of us will remember that this woman has children who have to go to school every day amidst whispers, pointing, muffled giggling, and locker room conversations behind their backs. Their lives are hard enough now. Do these kids a favor and don’t add to the gossip mills and smut-mongering that this situation has put into motion.

  4. Alejandro

    What blows me away is when you come across one of these occasional hot teachers (and Mrs. Robbins certainly appears to be so judging from the pics I’ve seen) that decides to get mixed up with boys and ruin their career and their family life. As if they couldn’t get enough attention from all the dawgs in the street…I just don’t get it.

  5. Josh

    Teachers at New Hope have been having sex with the students for years. I am surprised that so few have been caught.

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